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PT3 VC JOC 1.8Ohm coil
Packet of PT3 coils
Pack of 5 replacement coils
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Beta PT3 VC JOC - 1.8Ohm

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  • Description

    We've just added an updated version of this coil, which offers improved wicking and coil build. Pick up a pack today.

    Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour PT3 VC JOC - 1.8Ohm coils. Wicked with Japanese Organic Cotton for superior flavour and vapour production. These coils are vertical coils and if you are used to the normal JOC coils, they do perform slightly differently.

    If you experience any gurgling or leaking, just flick the coil to clear it. This can happen with newer coils as they bed in, but once you get the hang of it these are very reliable, long-lasting coils which offer fantastic performance.

    Currently we have a limited supply of these to see what users think, so please take the time to feedback if you like or dislike them

    Voltage range: 3.6V-4.8V or you can run this coil at 10W-16W if using a VW device like a box mod.

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Customer Reviews for the Beta PT3 VC JOC - 1.8Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Excellent Coils, Smooth Vape - by Graham, 3 January 2018
    I think these are real step forward from the PT3 JOC wick coils that I've been using for the past couple of years in a Kanger Mega Aero tank. They give a smoother vape and a thicker cloud, albeit you do need to 'up' the power a bit. I'm on my 5th pack of these now and would be reluctant to go back to the old style PT3 coils. Picking up on other reviews, I have had a few dud coils along the way, but not noticeably more than with the PT3 coils or the S coils that I use in the S22. Overall they seem to be an improved coil for the Kanger tank and I'm sure any teething issues will be resolved once these go into full production. Full credit to JacV for producing a new coil for another manufacturer's tank and not just focusing on their own S tanks...................JAC Vapour Ltd: we should have a new build soon (next few weeks). Thanks for the feedback, we have had a few issues, but hopefully the next build will sort them.
  • Poor, But I guess that's why they are in beta ! - by Leigh, 4 December 2017
    Not good at all, These do not draw properly. The vape seems week and no flavour at all. Changing the settings on my vape does'nt make any differnece. - Would not but these again..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: We have a new version coming soon that should improve these a lot, thanks for the feedback.
  • A step backwards - by Gerald, 28 October 2017
    Not satisfactory. They don't last very long, don't draw smoothly even with max airflow open on tank, don't give much flavour and then there's the dreaded gurgling. Going back to using to PT3 VI JOC good flavour, decent life and no hassle.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the feedback and we have a new version coming soon that should fix the issues.
  • Not great! - by CHRIS, 19 October 2017
    Not impressed sorry. Flavour and vape is far less than the 1.8 JOC wicks I've been using. Also very leaky and I find I have to use a higher wattage with them. I'll be sticking to the original JOC wicks in future..........JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for the feedback and we will be making adjustments to these to improve them on the next Beta batch, if you require a refund or need stuff replaced please contact customer service.
  • excellent CS, hope final version is improved - by Wispa, 10 October 2017
    1 star for the product (but top stars for Jac Vapour's excellent customer service). Tried these with the Mini Protank and couldn't get any flavour at all. Was like sucking through a straw. Even with menthol there was nothing. Tried lengthening the post as advised by CS to ensure the coil had good contact with the battery but only "marginally" improved the flavour but only ever so slightly. I was on my 2nd coil before I contacted CS because I never could get any flavour, hit, or resistance with both coils, regardless of what power I used on my ego twist. Reading the latest review about the wick being packed too tightly, I think this may be my experience also. Hoping the end product is much improved..........................................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for the feedback and we understand we have had some issues as you can see (in previous reviews) with the density of the wick, we are addressing this along with a connector adjustment. If you need refunded please let CS know and they'll make arrangements.
  • Not fit for purpose - by Clifford, 8 October 2017
    Having previously reviewed these I have since tried using another couple and followed all your advice and tips and must admit defeat, they don’t last and even when inserting a pin to loosen the wick they don’t draw very well.
    As I have a further 2 packs of these can I return them for an exchange. Much prefer the JOC Cloud wick 1.8 dual coil.............................JAC Vapour Ltd: yes you can return for a refund and then order the standard JOC, juts contact customer service.
  • Good cloud of vape but liquid not flowing through coil very well as if running dry. - by Michael, 3 October 2017
    Not impressed at all.Bought a couple of packs & tried 4 different coils from different packs.Seemed to work ok at first but after a few puffs they seem to run very dry as if the liquid isn't flowing through the coil.I saturated the coils as your video & even left them soaking overnight but still got the same problem so I'm a bit disappointed.Obviously they are new & are beta so hopefully this issue can be ironed out.Just curious to see if anyone else had the same problem or am I doing something wrong?.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi Michael we are aware of the issue and thanks for the feedback, it appears in our beta batch some of the wicks are packed too tightly, you can fix it by taking a pin and piercing a few holes in the cotton, basically pushing a pin in through each side of the wicking holes a couple of times, this loosens it up a bit. If you want to return any or get any replaced free of charge then you can do so by contacting customer service as well. This will be fixed in the next run. Thanks for the feedback
  • very good - by Fenn, 29 September 2017
    Glad I tried these, I am suing with an old series e and it is a very good coil. lots of taste and thicker clouds, will buy
  • easily the best coil - by Ham, 29 September 2017
    far better than the normal joc coils I order. I did have an issue with my tank not connecting using them though, it showed no tank, I contacted customer service and they managed to fix the issue (the connector is not quite long enough, so you need to adjust it slightly. Once I did this, the results were amazing. I realise this is a beta product, so there will be issues, hence my feedback, but assuming this issue is ironed out this is a 5* product. I was considering moving from my trusty geni, but I'll stick with it for now...................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and feedback, we have had a few reports of your issue, and we will adjust the connector for the main run.
  • Good but don’t last. - by Clifford, 26 September 2017
    Because of the problems I was having with the JOC Cloud wick 1.8 ohm dual coil, I upon your recommendation tried these, however despite following the video I have not really found these an improvement, in 5 days I’ve used 3 of these and find these don’t last very long. So I shall probably revert to the Cloud ones, although some of these can be dud if you get a good one it can last over a week. However I still have 2 packs left I shall persevere and see what happens, but if there’s no improvement I shan’t get any more of these...............JAC Vapour Ltd: I'll get CS to contact you to see why they are not lasting long, they should last longer than the normal JOC, and my test samples do, so I'd like to know if yours are burning out or leaking or juts stopping working, Thanks for the review, and hopefully your feedback will allow us to improve the beta product. CS will also get the failed coils replaced.

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