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PT3 VC JOC 1.2Ohm coil
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A PT3 VC JOC 1.2Ohm coil
Pack with 5 replacement coils
Pack of 5 coils

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Beta PT3 VC JOC - 1.2Ohm

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  • Description

    We've just added an updated version of this coil, which offers improved wicking and coil build. Pick up a pack today.

    Pack of 5 replacement JAC Vapour VC PT3 - 1.2Ohm coils. These coils are vertical coils and if you are used to the normal JOC they will perform slightly differently.

    If you experience any gurgling or leaking, just flick the coil to clear it. This tends to happen with newer coils as they bed in, but once you get the hang of it, it's quick and the coil is a very reliable and long lasting option which offers excellent performance. Check out the video on the listing for tips on use.

    Currently we have a limited supply of these to see what users think, so please take the time to feedback if you like or dislike them

    Voltage range: 3.1V-3.9V / 10W-16W if using a box mod or device with variable wattage.

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Customer Reviews for the Beta PT3 VC JOC - 1.2Ohm (JAC Vapour) 5 Pack

  • Good to begin with, don't last very long. - by Guto , 31 October 2017
    Initially gave a satisfying draw with some flavour, but after a couple of days felt clogged and had to be changed. Will stick to Kanger 1.5-1.8s...........................JAC Vapour Ltd: yes they need adjustment, we have a second batch being produced that should fix the longevity issues and we'll let everybody know that wants to continue with the beta when the new batch is ready. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Awful ! No comparison to the old ones - by Ali, 15 October 2017
    Sorry guys, but these are just awful. On placing my last order, I sought clarification that these were a direct replacement for the old ones as they looked so different, and was assured they were .. which they are ! I was also advised they were much better. So, considering that they were cheaper than the japanese cotton ones we have always previously used I purchased 6 boxes (both me and my partner use them with the E series Aero). After using up the last of the old ones, we started on these and what a big disappoinment. No taste/flavour coming through whatsoever and subsequently no satisfaction at all. Two that leaked all over the battery connection, two that just wouldn't connect with the battery at all and in 6 days we have used 10 ! After reviewing many of JacVapour products this is the first time I have left less than 4 or 5 stars, but a one is all I can give these. Even having 4 boxes left I have just ordered a fresh supply of the old ones and can't wait for a quality vape again ! So sorry to be leaving such a negative review .. it is no reflection on the fantastic service that JacVapour provide or any of their other products that we have been using exclusively for well over a year now.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: These products are a Beta and we knew there would be issues with them, they are run in Beta so we can get the feedback to improve them, the next batch will have the wicking/burnout issue sorted, and the connector issue sorted as well. If you wish to return and get a refund, juts contact CS and they'll sort it out.
  • Best coil i have used - by nigel, 15 October 2017
    These coils are far better than the old joc coils, more taste ,more vapour,i have had 1 coil in for nearly 2 weeks now still going strong but i only use it about 5 times a day Series B-Tilt.
    First use was fine for about 5 minutes then it started gargling tried the flick (that never works for me) so stripped it dried it everything works fine now so much smoother than old coils,only problem i have with it is liquid getting into mouthpiece thats why 4 stars otherwise 5 stars, about 6 times since using them only a small amount but i can taste it in my mouth if i clean mouthpiece & top of tank where mouthpiece fits its fine after that perhaps i dont use it enough it is stood more than it is used but overall happy with the coils.Jac Vapour Fenn on these reviews says he uses these coils in the old series- E i have one of those but cant get them to work in mine are they not designed for the Series-E protank THX................JAC Vapour Ltd: they should work in the protank 3, potentially the connector is a bit short, and it needs pulled out a bit (copper pin on the bottom of coil) so it makes a proper connection, we'll adjust this in this next batch as seems the variation in tank is more than we thought, so it works fine on some and then not others. Thanks for the feedback
  • Initially impressed - but..... - by Tracey, 5 October 2017
    i bought these to go with my mega aero tanker by Kanger- on first use had a rather lovely vape from first thing in the morning to Mid afternoon - I noticed when I'd left my device for a couple of hours the vape was gurgling and tasted wrong - tried flicking and vaping but to no avail- finally changed the coil to try again - unfortunately the same thing has happened really disappointed as I don't want a one day coil - it's a real shame as the initial vape with my Kanger mega tank tasted great - but it looks too hit and miss for me currently to commit to buy long term ( I've bought 4 packs ! Argh....) .................JAC Vapour Ltd: If you wish to return or get any replaced you can, the wick has been packed too tighly on a lot of them, it can be fixed by pricking the wick holes with a pin or needle press the needle right into the cotton through each wick hole, then prime well and they should work properly after that.
  • Good coils - by Nicola, 2 October 2017
    Great coils,very smooth and great taste , I've only given it a 4 star because out of 5 coils 3 of them was dud , getting that burnt taste after about an hour ,and last one lasted a day , so I bit hit and miss..................JAC Vapour Ltd: It appears we have packed the cotton a bit tight and some are not wicking correctly, if you have any duds CS will replace them free of charge, thanks very much for the feedback.
  • A good upgrade! - by Chris, 13 September 2017
    I've now used two of these beta coils - The first was the 1.2 - This one was a bit of a dud...I always make sure my coils are well and truly primed before use, but this one tasted burnt if I went over 13 watts and I had to change after about four days (I normally get about a week from the normal JOC coils). Hopefully, this was a one-off issue.
    I'm now using a 1.8 which is working like a champ! Instant vapour (and lots of it), with no popping or gurgling!
    I think these are a definite improvement! ...............JAC Vapour Ltd: the 1.2 should last as long, so maybe it was a dud, I am running the 1.2 ohm at 18 watts with high VG and no issues out of the ones I've tried. Thanks for the feedback though and let us know if there are any other issues, any duds can be replaced free of charge.
  • easily the best coil - by Ham, 13 September 2017
    far better than the normal joc coils I order. I did have an issue with my tank not connecting using them though, it showed no tank, I contacted customer service and they managed to fix the issue (the connector is not quite long enough, so you need to adjust it slightly. Once I did this, the results were amazing. I realise this is a beta product, so there will be issues, hence my feedback, but assuming this issue is ironed out this is a 5* product. I was considering moving from my trusty geni, but I'll stick with it for now...................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and feedback, we have had a few reports of your issue, and we will adjust the connector for the main run.
  • definteily a lot better - by Andrew, 8 September 2017
    these way out perform the old ones, and seem to last a lot longer, really good coil (using in the e tank at 18 watts with high VG). With the old JOC they were great but sometimes I would get a few duds in one pack, jac always replaced these, but it's still a bit hit and miss. time will tell if these are consistent but so far it looks very promising.
  • very good - by Fenn, 1 September 2017
    Glad I tried these, I am suing with an old series e and it is a very good coil. lots of taste and thicker clouds, will buy more.
  • way better - by Andrew, 30 August 2017
    Have been using the geni with the JOC for a while now, and these completely transform the tank. I'm only on my first one, but these are noticeably better when compared to the old JOC coil. It is worth watching the demo vid on the listing though as mine did need a quick flick, other than that, they preform perfectly. I was worried I would have to give up my 4.8ml pre-tpd gene, but now I am good to go. Also if like me you plan on carrying on using the gene, I see JAC still have all the spare parts for it, it's hidden away, but you can build a full tank from the parts if you want a bigger tank than the piddly 2ml TPD has left us with

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