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10ml Raw Honey E Liquid Flavour Shot

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    Our Raw Honey flavouring is a very rich, aromatic flavouring, which is best enjoyed as a mixer, but can be used on it's own if your a honey fanatic. A few drops add a little natural sweetness and scent to your mix.

    Our picNIC Easy Mix DIY e-liquid range includes quick mix bundle kits, bottles of flavour concentrates, nicotine bases in a variety of PG/VG ratios and mixing accessories. Making your own eliquid has never been easier.

    Manufactured using food grade flavourings. Do not vape flavouring on its own. Please mix with your base liquid of choice before use. This bottle contains e-liquid flavouring only, and does not contain nicotine.

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Customer Reviews for the 10ml Raw Honey E Liquid Flavour Shot

  • Great flavour, don't use too much of it though - by David, 8 July 2017
    I used it on its own as well as mixed in with other flavours (tobacco & vanilla). I have to say it's my favourite favour now, even on its own. Of course, you shouldn't be adding too much of it, but if you lie liquids with a subtle hint of flavour, this one's great........................JAC Vapour: Thanks for the review, and you are correct this is a mixer flavour, one to add a few drops of, as neat it'll overpower everything, aniseed is similar, as is whisky, pretty much un-vapeable straight, but added to other flavours, they bring out enhanced notes and depths.
  • Use Sparingly - by Christopher, 7 November 2016
    Very strong but very real honey taste/smell. Literally just a couple of drops is all that is required in a 10ml mix. Goes well with lemon or lime.
  • Difficult ! - by BioVaper, 1 July 2016
    This concentrate has the pungent smell of dirty socks. My first thought when I smelt it... Dirty feet... When my partner arrived home: Post- extreme workout stench. This flavour should carry a warning!

    However, not everything is negative. For the seasoned mixer, it has potential to provide at EXTREMELY small doses a raw honey hint. And the clue here is *hint*.

    This flavour should never, EVER be used in liberal quantities and certainly not as a sweetener of a fruity flavour as I did (Strawberry honey).

    This is an extremely powerful ingredient that should be tamed by heavier, more pleasant combinations. Perhaps creamier bases?. It should be strongly categorized as a secondary (even tertiary ingredient) of any given mix.

    Veredict: Lots of potential in tiny quantities when used in very well designed/complex recipes. Not an easy flavour to work with.
  • Pleasant and sweet - by Richard, 30 March 2016
    I love honey and mead and all that jazz, so I was really looking forward to trying this though I was cautious after reading the previous reviews. So I added a couple of drops to my raspberry and I love it. The smell is amazing, and the taste is subtle and sweet. I'd say experiment adding this to various flavours, I've run out of Desert Ship but I can see it going well with tobacco flavours. A couple of drops is all you need and whatever you put it in will essentially just be a carrier but its a nice taste/smell so long as you like honey.
  • Just a hint! - by Birgitte, 29 March 2016
    It smells like honey should and I like the raw taste of it. I have only used two-three drops with apple (a full 10 ml bottle) and I really liked it. Will try it out later with strawberry as I'm sure that will be a good match as well. The only downside to me is that the smell of honey "never" leaves the house and it's quite heavy...............JAC Vapour: we agree with you on this, this is more of a mixer, like coconut, it adds a note of something else, and depth to a flavour, but is very over powering if used solely, we will be introducing more flavours along these lines like biscuit. Thanks very much for the review.
  • terrible - by Avi, 17 March 2016
    sorry jac vapour...this is the worst one i have ever tried. maybe i will try to mix it with something. vaping it on its own is bad bad bad
  • Not Good - by Lee, 15 March 2016
    I bought the honey flavouring just o add a few drops to try and mellow out some concoctions of my own making but I'm afraid to say this is awful. It tasted and smelt like an unlucky old peoples home, even in the smallest quantity. My partner who doesn't vape but has worked in care homes remarked on its familiar aroma.... I'm trying desperately not to use a profanity whilst describing this truly awful flavouring, suffice to say I had to clean out my tanks and replace my filters.......YUK..............JAC Vapour: I'm sorry to hear you don't like it, I agree it's unpleasant on it's own, this is one of these flavours you only add a hint of, not even a ml I'd say, just a few drops otherwise it takes on a weird taste, successful honey liquids mixes are subtle and this is strong honey, we tried to emphasis this with the name. A few drops of this with a fruit concoction or even on a tobacco or menthol is nice, thank you for the review, and from refraining from profanity. If others agree with you we'll rework, so hopefully we'll get a bit more feedback on this.

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