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150ml Quick Mix Bundle

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  • Description

    Select the base blend and strength you'd like using the menus below. You can select up to 3 different blends/strengths per order (you'll receive 4x 10ml bottles per selection)

    To mix 50ml of e-liquid, simply pour 10ml of flavouring and 4x 10ml of base into one of the free 50ml mixing bottles and shake…easy. This bundle can be purchased as base liquid only, or add up to 3 flavour concentrates to mix up 150ml of e-liquid. Using this kit, making up 10ml of premium, UK Made e-liquid costs just £2.19 - a complete bargain for a small amount of quick and easy mixing.

    Choose from 4 different PG/VG blends - including a pure VG and vapourless Clear Steam mixes. Combine with our picNIC flavour concentrates to mix your perfect e-liquid. Why not get adventurous and create something truly unique by mixing two or more flavours together?

    Each bottle of picNIC base liquid is made using pharmaceutical grade ingredients. They should be mixed with your desired flavour concentrate before use, as base liquid on its own is almost flavourless. The base strength listed is the strength prior to mixing, so after adding your flavouring to the base the strength of resulting liquid will be slightly less according to the percentage of flavouring added

    picNIC bases are also available in our starter kits, supplied with a 2 flavour concentrates and the supplies you need to start mixing your own e-liquids.

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Availability: In stock

From: £11.29

To: £35.98

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Price as configured: £11.29

Customer Reviews for the 150ml Quick Mix Bundle

  • Stock issues AGAIN - by Tim, 13 June 2019
    The product itself is great - been using it a while now and is better and more reasonably priced than premix alternatives (5 stars) BUT ... like so many others reviewing in recent months, JAC's stock control is woeful. Once again today you are nil stock on v. high PG base. The odd occasion is just about acceptable, but I now EXPECT you to be nil stock when I go to place an order. Get it sorted JAC, you're losing all your goodwill. On a side note - as the TPD allows for up to 2% nicotine, why not produce a base that results in 2% when mixed with flavour? The old 2.4% more or less achieved this.
  • Great - by James, 28 May 2019
    Great - by far the best value option. 150ml for about 36 GBP. Better value than the 50ml option. Works out at about £2.4 per 10ml which is a bargain - and thats with Heisenberger flavour.
    Wish the EU allowed larger orders, this stupid 10ml rule means that I waste a lot of plastic - but well done jacvapour on letting me deselect the mixing bottles, I always do - I just squirt this straight into the tank!
  • Great DIY probably the best on the market. - by Dave the Rave, the vaping genius , 28 May 2018
    Having mixed my own liquid before, and having been a fan ever since buying there mods, I thought I’d try out there shortfills DIY quicks, I went for pineapple and coconut flavour, I was pleasantly surprised. Taste is good and the Nic Salts great. Mixing was easy as I always pull the nibs off and pour them in that way, no mess no spills. Only one niggle is the lack of being able to add more than 2 flavours I like 3 or floor to get some good flavours like coconut, pineapple, and champagne and mint. But in all fairness the price is cheap and overall is good and using Nic Salts gives it a less harshe throat hit...……………..JAC Vapour ltd: If you are confident with mixing qtys, you can order the flavours and bases in packs to get exactly what you want. It's in the this section: hopefully that helps and thanks very much for the review.
  • Great stuff! - by Alan, 31 January 2018
    I love the simplicity and flexibility of this great product. Well done Jac V. My one quibble is due to the fact I use my own 120 ml bottles, I now have a huge hoard of unused 50 ml ones! Would it be possible, in the future, to have an option to select not to have the 3 mixing bottles to avoid this issue? ..............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, and yes I'll pass your idea to the team, I am sure they can add an option. Also if you are on lower strengths, check out the picnic deconstructed, it's the same product in a different format and can add more savings on 1, 2, 3, 4.5 and 5mg strengths.
  • Quality choice with value for money. - by Chris.J, 2 January 2018
    I have tried various other cheaper range liquids from different companies, but this keeps the quality in the taste and vape better then the rest and is now my go to deal/offer. The selection is great and I tend to pick up a set of regular flavors and another set of try out flavors to expand my taste, which can be hit or miss. They have expanded the range flavors over time, so you have a good selection to pick and you can also choose your pg/vg ratio. They come well packaged in 10ml bottle sets and can be annoying to have to mix up in to the 50ml due to the squeezing and wanting not to waste any liquid from the small bottles, wondering if you got every drop out. But the price for quality imo is worth every penny once all is said and done. If you're a regular vapour with a limited amount of money but want a quality vape this is worth trying out.
  • Fantastic Value - by Martyn, 30 November 2017
    These work out at amazing value and taste great once you work out what flavours you like (Aniseed is my fave). The mixing system is simple. The only complaint I have is that the smaller bottles are a pain to squeeze empty - Feels like I have carpal tunnel after I have mixed all three 50ml bottles :-) But frankly that is a minor thing that doesn't detract from the sheer value.
  • Worth it. - by Wayne, 20 September 2017
    Nice cheap way of buying my favourite flavoured e-liquid.
    The mixing is so simple thanks to the 50ml bottles provided, just squeeze in 4 bottles of Base and 1 of flavour, give it a shake and it's done.
    The nozzles provided for the 50ml bottles do have a tendency to drip so some of the e-liquid ends up on the outside of the bottle but it's a small price to pay for paying a small price!
  • Excellent stuff. - by Colin, 2 June 2017
    Excellent value for money, 150 ml for £32.98 = under £2,20/10ml, quality excellent - mix of 2 spearmint and 1 menthol for flavours. Glass of red in one hand and an excellent vape in the other, so good it should be illegal! Thanks JACVap!..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: We'll be adding lots more flavours to this range soon, so I hope you enjoy.
  • One almost very happy mixer! - by Gary, 26 May 2017
    Well i lost my favourite mint flavour, so decided after advise from customer services to try menthol, being a mint addict for 5 years, got on ok with it and decided to give picNIC a go... well i am glad i did, easy to mix and being able to 'make' larger quantities is a massive bonus, going to do a bit of experimenting now with different flavour mixes and see what i can come up with. Very happy.
    One complaint, got the 150mm Quick mix bundle, it would have been nice to have some instructions with it, yes it is easy but as my first time mixing i didn't have a clue! i had to come on here to find out what to do, only complaint with it though.
    That said any chance of the old mint back please? in any form will do...........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, unfortunately the old mint won't be back, but I do suggest the spearmint in picnic, it's not the same but very good, it's sort a polo come wrigglys gum cross if that makes sense. Also I know this is completely off brief, but I too was a mint user and ended up with Kalahari ice, it's a melon based mint/menthol and really nice and worth a try, I would never have thought this would work, but it's really refreshing with melon (I do not like melon normally) and a few other things that make it a sort of fruit fresh sweet mint, but not over powering.
  • A very good system. - by Kate, 11 May 2017
    Like other reviewers I was a bit apprehensive about the new mixing system but decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did as it's so easy as there's no measuring to be done and no syringing the liquid into the bottles. A lot less messy and much quicker. Also not too expensive either. The only concern I have is with the amount of little bottles and cardboard boxes that have to be disposed of. OK the boxes go into the compost bin so no problem there but I always feel guilty about all the small plastic many each time you do a mix. Can this type of plastic be recycled or does it have to go in the bin? It would be good to know... JAC Vapour - Unfortunately the plastic used in the e-liquid bottles cannot be recycled at present.

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