How to choose the right vape tank

Choosing the right tank for you doesn’t have to be difficult – in fact we’ve made it super-simple for new users to pick one and get going, but there are couple of things you might not know.

Mouth to Lung vs Direct Lung

Many tanks are built to work well with a single vaping style, and cater to Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung vaping specifically. So, the first thing you’ll need to do is work out what kind of performance you’re looking for.

  • Mouth to Lung – A more restricted vape, which is natural starting point for new users as it closely mimics the sensation of smoking.
  • Direct Lung – A looser, airier draw, like sucking on a wide straw. Many users progress to DL vaping when they’re looking for more vapour, or a sub-ohm setup.

Thankfully, with our S17 and S22 tanks, you can change your vaping style simply by popping in a different coil.

Adjustable Airflow

Airflow is a key component of your vaping experience. Too tight and the vape will feel thin, hot and restricted, too loose and it may feel too airy to satisfy. Choosing a tank that allows for adjustment means you can easily tailor the experience to suit you.

Size matters

The size of your tank is less of a concern now than in the past, due to the 2ml limit brought in by the TPD, but choosing a tank that will fit your device well is a consideration.

Popular mods are often 22mm or 25mm in diameter, so picking a suitable tank will help it look its best.

Which tank is best for me?

You can remove the headache by choosing a tank that covers all the bases. Our S17 and S22 tanks are suited for both Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung vaping (simply insert the coil of your choice), offer adjustable airflow and are designed to fit a wide range of devices.

S17 Topfill Tank (17mm)
S17 Topfill TanksOur S17 Topfill tank (can be filled from the top without having to be removed from the battery), is a slim, stylish tank that comes supplied with our S17 Starter kit. Supports MTL and DL coils and offers adjustable airflow.

Buy a S17 Topfill Tank now

S22 Topfill Tank (22mm)
S22 Topfill TanksThe S17’s bigger brother, the S22 works with the same range of MTL and DL S-Coils, and offers adjustable airflow. Available in a selection of great colours. At 22mm it’s suitable for use with a wide range of mods and batteries.

Buy a S22 Topfill Tank now

S25 Topfill Tank (Coming Soon)

We’ll be expanding our lineup soon, with and even wider S25 tank. More details will be available soon.