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When are Menthol Cigarettes Being Banned in the UK?

On 20 May 2020, menthol cigarettes were banned in the UK and throughout Europe. This means that you will no longer be able to buy menthol cigarettes, menthol flavoured tobacco or menthol filter capsules anywhere within the United Kingdom or European Union.

Pure Menthol Pure Menthol

Why are Menthol Cigarettes Being Banned?

The ban on menthol cigarettes and tobacco products is the latest step in a wider strategy to try and reduce tobacco use. It follows previous action to ban the sale of smaller bags of rolling tobacco and packs of 10 cigarettes.

According to Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), there is evidence that menthol flavoured cigarettes and tobacco can make it easier for young people to begin smoking, as the menthol flavour and ‘cooling’ properties help to mask the irritation tobacco smoke can have on the throat and airways

Unfortunately, this affects a large selection of the adult smoking population who may now be wondering what their options are.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve outlined some options below but if you would like a personalised recommendation based on your favourite menthol cigarette brand, please get in touch and we can advise you We can also help with the best device options for you and take any confusion out of the switch.

What Are My Options?

The good news for existing smokers is that you can recreate your favourite menthol cigarettes by switching to vaping, as menthol flavoured e-liquids are not subject to the ban. By doing so you can also reduce your harm as e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking (*PHE 2019)

E-cigarettes or vapes have helped thousands of menthol smokers to convert easily from smoking to vaping. Using menthol flavoured vaping goods provide the menthol nicotine hit that you crave.

SMOKING Tobacco Menthol SMOKING Tobacco Menthol
Standard Mint E Liquid Standard Mint E Liquid

Why Choose a Menthol E Liquid or Menthol pod?

Menthol e liquids are some of the most popular choices among new vapers. Menthol flavouring itself produces a similar throat hit to that of smoking, in fact many of our customers who used to smoke menthol cigarettes have never moved to any other flavours as they found the transition so easy and find great satisfaction in the flavour profile they knew and enjoyed.

As menthol flavouring naturally provides a throat hit at even low nicotine strengths, it can be particularly appealing to those seeking to step down the strength of the e-liquid they are using, or switch to zero nicotine e-liquid completely.

Standout Features

  • Small Size


    Whether you prefer an icy kick or a minty menthol, the rounded inhale and exhale of this flavour profile is second to none.

  • Big Battery Icon


    Menthol flavours are great for delivering a natural throat hit - even when vaping nicotine-free.

  • Beginner Friendly


    If you're used to smoking menthol tobacco, switching to a menthol e-liquid or menthol pod is the best way to continue to enjoy the flavour you know.

Which Menthol E Liquid is Best for Me?

Here at JAC Vapour we have a number of menthol e liquids to choose from which run from sweet through to a blow-the-cobwebs away menthol blast. We have something for your personal preference, our e-liquids ‘do what they say on the tin’ – and our recipes have been curated to ensure maximum enjoyment. All of our e liquids are made in the UK to the highest standards and regulations.

Accessories Accessories

Pure Menthol

Our Pure Menthol e liquid is our bestselling e-liquid across the business for a reason. Selling thousands a month, this premium e liquid could be the perfect menthol. A sharp, rounded menthol flavour that's great on its own, or as a mixer with any number of other flavours.


Looking for something a little more relaxed? Our Standard Menthol e liquid blends in a little bit of minty sweetness to create a balanced flavour.


Our Standard Mint flavour is far more minty than menthol, offering a less intense experience with a lovely true mint taste

Classic Menthol

JAC Originals Classic Menthol is as it sounds, this menthol has little sweetness but packs a menthol punch.

Ice Menthol

When nothing else but the most intense menthol flavour will do, look no further than Ice Menthol. This is the strongest menthol flavour we offer. Leaves an icy taste in your mouth.

SMOKING Tobacco Menthol

The perfect transition from ‘smoking to vaping’ menthol e-liquid. Experience a truly realistic menthol tobacco vape. Made using nic salts this liquid provides a fast-acting, truly effective satisfaction. The flavour and sensation is as close to a real menthol cigarette that e liquid technology offers.

This flavour is also available in a Pod. A pod is the easiest way to start your vaping journey, with a simple ‘click in’ and vape mechanism.

The Menthol Ban

Which E Liquid Nicotine Strength?

It's really important when switching to vaping to try to select the correct nicotine strength in order to achieve a similar level of performance and nicotine hit to what you are used to. Take a look at this handy chart which will help you choose the right e liquid nicotine strength for you.

SMOKING Tobacco Menthol SMOKING Tobacco Menthol
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