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Kanger PT3 V2 - 1.8Ohm

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    • Pack of 5 replacement Kanger V2 PT3 - 1.8Ohm coils.
    • Voltage range: 3.6V-4.8V

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Customer Reviews for the PT3 V2 - 1.8Ohm (Kanger) 5 Pack

  • Definitely won’t buy these ones again - by Tracy, 29 December 2017
    Awful, burnt taste very quickly, on some immediately.
  • I'd recommend the rewound JOC version instead. - by DarthVaper, 11 September 2017
    I've bought around 15-20 of these (or the V1 equivalent) and both types don't seem to last long before they taste burnt. I'm not a heavy vaper, but the best ones last a week and the worst only lasted a couple of hours which suggests a manufacturing quality issue to me.

    By comparison, I recently swapped to the PT3 V1 JOC - 1.8OHM and I've only got through two in two months. I doubt this is completely due to the JOC wick - the description of the JOC version says that they've been rewound, so I suspect whoever has done the rewind has done a much better job than whoever did the original..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: We rewick the JOC ourselves and while we do it we correct errors in the coil, but it's mainly due to the wick replacement. The V2 is actually a terrible coil, but some people still like it, hence we stock it. Kanger made a mess of V2, as it's not setup to wick efficiently, hence we stuck with the V1, and we decided to improve it ourselves with the JOC version, if a coil can't wick correctly then they burnout quicker, hence the improved performance in the JOC, and the organic cotton makes a massive difference,. The V1 JOC still have issues as it's done by hand, it's costly and can produce errors, hence we redesigned the JOC based on our S-coil, which can be mass produced, and that's what the PT3 VC JOC is, it's currently in Beta and definitely worth a go if you like the JOC, imo it out performs everything, if you use the 1.2ohm version you'll get clean taste loads of vapour and it'll last considerably longer than any of the Kanger designed coils, even our rewicked JOC.

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