JAC and the TPD: What we're doing

Published by Matt Brown on 15th Sep 2016

You may have noticed we've talked a lot about the TPD recently. It came in to law in May 2016 and as a responsible company, we are required by law to ensure that we're compliant. We’d like to make sure that our customers understand what's going on and how the new laws might affect the products you currently buy.

Some vapers may not notice much of a difference, for others, there will be some adjustments to be made.

At JAC Vapour, our commitment to creating our own hardware and e-liquids means that we are defined as a ‘producer’, which brings with it even further requirements for us to meet.

We won't go over all of the product restrictions related to the TPD again here. Instead, we want to tell you exactly what we'll be doing to make sure that we're complying with the new laws.


From Nov 20th 2016, we will begin removing non-compliant products from sale. This will also include products which don't make sense to take forward past May 2017 because of the financial implication of the testing and notification process.

We’ve begun phasing out our 20ml range of standard e-liquids, and winding down the availability of legacy products such as our Vgo2 batteries and tanks. We'll be communicating with customers ahead of Nov 20th to make sure you have the opportunity to stock up on any products which will be discontinued.

From May 20th 2017, any remaining non-compliant products and obsolete products will no longer be available to purchase.


While we have always tested our e-liquids at source, as well as conducting independent batch testing in UK labs, once the TPD is fully in effect all products on the market will be legally required to be tested to the same minimum standard.

We also have begun the process of full analysis of the tanks and coils which we sell, testing their emissions and the ‘dose’ of nicotine each device produces.


Now that the TPD has begun to take effect, we're also required to submit a notification for new products we wish to bring to market in advance. This means that while we are working on some great new hardware and e-liquids all the time, you may not see these appear in store for a little while yet.


Thankfully, certain product types are exempt from the TPD, so we're able to debut new batteries and devices in the same way we always have. It's primarily tanks, coils and e-liquids which contain nicotine (not DIY flavourings or 0mg e-liquid), which are affected.


If you use 24mg nicotine products or tanks over 2ml in size, you’re going to be disappointed as both are banned. Similarly, if you like to stock up on 20ml or 30m bottles of e-liquid, this is no longer going to be an option in future, sadly.