Save your friends & family money and earn store credit by becoming a JAC Ambassador!

It's super simple to get started and comes with many benefits, including discounts for your friends & family and a way to earn store credit for yourself. Keep reading to find out more.


As a JAC Ambassador your friends & family can get 10% off their first order using your very own unique discount code & link.

Meaning they can enjoy the products you know and love while continuing their quit-smoking or vaping journey.


When your friends, family, work colleagues or anyone else you know uses your unique discount code or link and place their first order with us, you get 20% of their order value to use as store credit!*

* Order Value must be £10+. They must be a new JAC customer


How Do I Get Started?


Click the Sign Up button above or below, fill out the form and that's it! You will then see your unique link and discount code, amongst other handy tools to get sharing. The further you cast your link/code, the more chance people will click and buy.

How Can I Share My JAC Discount Link / Code


There are few ways that you can share your unique JAC Link or Discount Code, here are some tips for sharing.

Get Social

Why not share on your social media accounts? Try and get personal by sharing why you like JAC along with images of what you use and how your special code can help them get started for less.

Community Groups 

Does your village/town have a Facebook or other social media page? Are you part of any hobby or special interest groups? Talk about JAC and watch your referrals roll in!

Share with Your Friends & Family

Drop your friends a WhatsApp or iMessage with your link or discount code and tell them why they should try JAC Vapour.

How Do You Know When I Refer a Friend


Whenever your unique link is clicked or your discount code is used, the sale is automatically attributed back to you.

Using Your Unique Link:

When your friend or family click on your unique link, they will have 30 days to make a qualifying purchase for the sale to be registered to you.

Using Your Unique Discount Code:

If they use your unique discount code, once they have made a qualifying purchase, the sale will be instantly registered to you.

Vaping Cost Calculators

While your friends are going to appreciate that you are saving them money already, they will love you even more when you use our handy Vape Cost Calculator to show them just how much they will save my quitting smoking and swapping over to vaping.

Check it out below.