SERIES-B DNA 75W box mod with S-22 tank bundle
The SERIES-B DNA 75W S-22 box mod bundle
Display of the Evolv DNA 75 chip
The SERIES-B DNA 75W box mod
Being held
Side view of the vape box mod
Bottom up view of the Evolv DNA display
Side view of the e cigarette DNA mod
IMR battery
View from the bottom up of the box mod
Another side view
Being held in a hand
The top of the box mod
A S-22 vape tank
S-22 e cig tank with coil
The four separate parts of the tank

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SERIES-B DNA 75W S22 Bundle

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  • Description
    Designed and engineered in the UKDesigned in the UK by our in-house engineers.
    6 month warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Elite performanceEvolv's DNA75W chip ensures efficient, premium performance.

    Not just a pretty face; this is probably the most intelligent and compact box mod on the market today.

    Now you can upgrade the included S22 Tank for topfill. Simply add the optional topfill accessory using the menus below.

    You can utilise the bazillions of features in its little brain (Evolv’s industry leading DNA75 chip set) to customise to your exact vaping needs, or you can use straight out the box if you're looking for a premium, durable, high performing (and mega-stylish) device.

    We’ve paired the SERIES-B DNA 75w with our critically acclaimed new S22. Packing a flavour punch that you’ve never had before, this flexible sub-ohm tank is also a reliable Mouth To Lung performer.

    We designed both in-house, here at JAC, so we're very confident you'll love them!

    • High quality, durable construction and advanced safety features make for a supremely reliable device
    • Evolv's DNA75 chip means unparalleled performance.
    • Whether you're in it for the clouds, or just looking for a trusty daily carry, this is the device for you.
    • The SERIES-B DNA also features Temperature Control, which requires compatible coils but allows you to set the exact temperature of your vape to get your perfect draw every time.
    • You can customise how the device operates using Evolv’s Escribe software.
    • To take advantage of all the great features of the SERIES-B DNA 75W, a suitable IMR 18650 battery with a max. continuous amperage of 20A or more is required.


    Features of the SERIES-B DNA 75W:

    • Stylish and compact design
    • The smallest DNA75 mod around
    • Dimensions – 88mm x 22mm x 35mm
    • Dual layer finish for better durability
    • Up to 75W of power
    • Max temperature of 600F
    • Spring-loaded positive connector
    • Variable wattage and temperature control modes
    • USB on-board charging and pass-thru
    • Electroplated magnetic battery cover
    • 0.91” OLED display
    • Advanced safety features
    • Loads of customisation possible via Evolv's EScribe software
    • 6 month UK-held warranty
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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £79.99

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-B DNA 75W S22 Bundle

  • Impressive - by Kevin, 11 January 2018
    I’ve been a user of JV’s stuff for many years, but took a sabbatical after three tilts suffered the same problem of the lower battery contact snapping off.
    I ended up on a Smok Quad coil on an Innokin mod which performs really well. However, two 18650’s, a tank almost as big as the mod and a thirst like a Bentley made me want to go back to something more sensible. (The fact that my jacket pockets were beginning to look as though I’d been carrying bricks around was another factor).

    After some research, I plumped for the DNA kit and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived;
    The mod is pretty much a work of art. Very well put together, sturdy and elegant and - with my big hands - very discrete too.

    The tank too, is very well put together. The top fill works well - particularly the unscrewing of the tip - and there are no signs of leaks.

    The coils ....... the coils took some getting used to.

    Because I didn’t have my brain plugged in, I set the mod to 50W and - choke, cough, splutter - inhaled something akin to a bonfire, along with a warning on the mod that the ohms weren’t matching the Wattage.

    Down to 30 and the warning disappeared but anything other than a gentle waft of breath resulted in burning too.

    Cue today, and the plugging in of the brain, and I sussed that if it took 50W to fire a quad-coil, then one of these gentle things would need at least a quarter of that.

    I have now reduced the wattage to 15 and can take a decent haul on it without any risk of third degree burns to the lungs. I’ll pop a new coil in tonight, as I suspect that the constant immolation of the original means that it is performing somewhat below par.

    My only gripe with the whole set up is that, as others have mentioned, the fire switch/button is no such thing. It’s actually an area of airspace. If your digit goes anywhere near it, the mod will fire.

    Other than that, I am hugely impressed with the kit and am looking forward to bottles of e-liquid lasting more than five minutes. .............................JAC Vapour Ltd: I find running the MTL at 17 watts is best, and you can push it a bit higher, to be sure it's best to prime by dropping a couple of drops down into the top of coil, I normally bung in 3 drops and then 2 on each of the side wick holes, if it floods a bit you can juts flick it out, but it makes sure everything's wicking nicely and you can push the tank a bit harder if that's what you want. We've got some new more performance orientated coils coming for the tank as well, flavour chase MTL coil and some interesting DL stuff as well. Thanks for the review, and glad you returned from the dark side : )
  • First class! - by Jennifer, 4 January 2018
    I couldn’t recommend this highly enough! After using a cheaper vapour (which stopped working after a few months of use) the difference in quality is remarkable.

    The interface allows you to keep a track of your battery life and also allows you to adjust the strength.

    After smoking for 13 years and having never successfully stopped before, I am now one month cigarette free using this vapouriser.

    If you are thinking of stopping smoking or even cutting back, this is the product for you!
  • Too many moving parts - by Andrei, 6 October 2017
    Quite a powerful kit and I like that you can control the power of the coil. The device however, suffers from the same problems as the series B-Tilt.
    1. They still haven't addressed the issue of the paint peeling off from all over the device
    2. Same badly designed interface between the tank, coil and battery. The screw connecting the top and bottom parts of the tank locked itself again and now I can't get the tank opened to top it up with e-liquid. The top of the tank features a freely rotating air inflow adjuster ring leaving just 1mm from the fixed core which I can grip to unscrew the tank. Seriously - nobody noticed this when this design was being tested...? ..............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, I don't really follow the problem you're having though, the tank has at least a 4 mm grip for the core, I use it all the time and have never seen it stick, but maybe I am misunderstanding the issue, or it's not the S22 tank you are speaking about. The device coating is covered by warranty and we do have a Steel version coming for those that need harder wearing finishes, if you contact CS they will help with the issues.
  • Great mod .....almost perfect. - by Ross, 8 September 2017
    This is one Sexy mod! its feels really nice to hold and use, the DNA chip work really well with lots of features (99% that i probably will never use!). the buttons have a really nice solid response to them and feel like they'll last a long time.
    I've been using the MTL coils and they are really smooth and seem to last forever. I only have 2 complaints with this unit, the tank is tiny and it feels like i'm constantly filling it (I'm not sure if this is down to the eu law with tank size or because its bottom filled). this means i'm getting frequent dry hits because its not the easiest to tell how full it is and you can only fill it half way or it overflows, it would be great if this could modified to a top fill tank with a larger glass. my only other issue is with the finish, when new it looks absolutly incredible and has a slight rubberised feel, but unfortunatly it doesn't seem to last and chips away very easily. which just makes the whole thing look a bit tatty. I'd wish Jacvapour starts selling protective covers if it the coating is this brittle. although then i guess it wouldn't look as sexy.

    all in all, its still a fantastic mod.... almost perfect!..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: The finish is guaranteed in the warranty so if you feel it is not holding up under normal wear and tear you can contact us and we'll replace. There is also an upgrade coming for the tank, it will widen the window and add topfill, you not have to re-buy the whole tank as it will be offered as a standalone upgrade as well as a full tank, we are also introducing a 510 mouth tip adapter and a few different tF style mouth tips. They are due to arrive at the end of this month, or very early oct. Thanks for the review.
  • Good Device, outstanding build quality - by Craig, 26 July 2017
    Another stylish device from JacVapour with great features and outstanding build quality. I still use my Series S for its portability and convenience but this is a great upgrade. I still vape MTL and with the S-22 stainless tank it looks and vapes very well. The display is brilliant!
  • Mixed Feelings - by Viv, 23 July 2017
    Having seen quite a few reviews about the negatives highlighted for the S22 tank(small window, lack of top fill) and the noted updates thats due in about a month now, with the price for the bundle(with tank) being the same as without the tank, decided to get this regardless. I've had the Series-B tilt with the aero v2 tank so far. It had no issues for me with MTL. the mod needed an upgrade after about 2 years of use. Something I'm seeing with this S-22 tank that I havent seen noted much which I'm hoping helps others is the amount of screeching noise from the tank when you vape. Its like a loud whistle every time you take a drag. I tried various things to see if this would go away like adjust air flow, remove and refit the coil, nothing seems to help. If you take the drag ultra slow to the point where the coil heats up very fast, its still louder than the aero tanks or any of the other ones I've used before.

    Not sure if this is because of the huge mouth tip maybe. While JacVapor do mention this tank can be used for MTL or DL, the size of the mouth tip makes it almost default to DL. I really wanted to switch to Temp Control, so got the coils for temp control and those coils are only compatible with this tank. So I'm not able to just continue using the Aero v2 tank as well unless I let go of temp control or find coils compatible for that.

    Kind of makes this mod to me a bit wasteful now as I'm not sure if I'm going to continue using it or just let go of temp control vaping and go back to the aero tank itself. The air flow noise is certainly being a deal breaker for me with this tank compared to other tanks I've used in the last 4-5 years. Sucks as well cos apart from that everything else is perfect with the mod and the tank(the noted disadvantages of top fill and liquid level window aside). Its constructed very very well as we've come to expect from JacVapor and no risk of dry burn cos of temp control and very easy to use and maintain. If only it did not have that annoying airflow whistle noise :|..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: The Temperature control is only a direct lung, so if you like MTL it would not be a good fit. The size of the mouth tip does not govern airflow, it's the smallest point in the airflow path that does this, and that can be changed by the airflow adjustment, for a tighter draw with the MTL coils you need to adjust it right down to around only a 1mm gap, then no matter what mouth tip you use this will create a tighter draw. We also have smaller mouth tips coming for the updated version, and a 510 adapter for those that prefer to use their own 510 tip. If that all fails we have also got a S-coil coming for the Aero tank (called the PT3 VC JOC), so you can effectively fit a the s-coil in any PT3 tank like the aero or geni mega. The advantage of the DNA is not just TC, it's a far more efficient chip, so better power consumption, it's also more accurate (the most accurate in the industry) and it's very customisable, so you can use the escribe software to pretty much adjust anything, fr0m what's on the screen, to how power is delivered at stages throughout the draw. Thanks for the review
  • Just buy it - by Gabriel, 14 June 2017
    I think others have covered how good this mod is and I agree with them.
    The S22 tank however is quite the opposite. Awkward to fill. Difficult to see when it's running low. I already burnt 2 wicks because of that. It looks good so it could have been a great tank with top feed and/or wider glass panels to see the liquid.....................JAC Vapour ltd: we are currently working on an upgrade for the tank, it will be available as an accessory, so not a full new tank. It'll basically add topfill and a bigger window, plus give the option of an adapter for a standard 510 drip tip. it should be available in under 2 months, so we'll let everybody with an S-22 know when it arrives. Thanks very much for the review.
  • SERIES-B DNA 75W - by Brian, 8 June 2017
    Long time user of the series B tilt with which I have been very happy. Upgraded to the B DNA 75W and been using it non stop for 10 days now and it is an absolute pleasure. It works very well with the S-22 tank but I personally prefer to use it with the Geni aero mega tank I use with the tilt simply because of its larger capacity. The S-22 is obviously to comply with TPD but I find it drains much quicker and it is very often a little difficult tojudge how much liquid is left in the tank. just a minor gripe. The device itself is fantastic. You won't be disappointed
  • Quite Possibly the BEST Value in the Game - by DPL22, 27 May 2017
    The form/quality to price ratio on this mod is probably the best in the industry (in my opinion). I expected to like it, but I did not expect to like it THIS much. It has unintentionally become the one that I reach for, jumping over some pretty nice mods in the process. Strike that- some VERY nice (and well known/reputed) mods actually.

    The size is amazing, almost tantamount to carrying a Provari MINI (18350 mode) but with an 18650, and a DNA75 chip. The finish is magnificent too (topped only by my ZenKotes and at least equal to my XvoSticks)!

    There are those who might take issue with the fact that there's no charging light for USB charging. I couldn't care less about that, especially not when considering every other aspect of this simply amazing little device.

    And the US price/deal? UNBELIEVABLE value! I've at least five friends who have jumped at it already, a few buying more than just one (after receiving their first), and one is on his THIRD order.

    My vape-partner-in-crime and I hope/plan on getting a 2nd (each) soon. SO worth the price...

    THANK YOU, JAC VAPOUR (and Jimdash)!!! :-)

  • Nice stealth setup - by Fisher, 24 May 2017
    Excellent little kit. This thing is tiny for a DNA mod and if you want a stealth vaping setup with plenty of features then this is about as good as you get. The mod is probably closer to a cylinder than a box, but feels comfortable in hand. The tank looks the business on this, although I'd like top fill as it's a pretty small volume, other than that I love this setup and it tends to be my work gear for when pulling out a 3 battery monster is not really appropriate. Compared to mods with other chips this is expensive, but DNA are, and you get what you pay for, if you like TC then the DNA do this best, and once you get used to the menus and software there is pretty much nothing you can't tweak or customise. I was bit worried about the finish lasting, but I spoke with JAC and they are including this in the guarantee so I have no complaints there, and will see how it lasts. Considering the DNA chip and the warranty I'd actually say this is good value. It won't be everybody's cup of tea at the price, but I'm not into replacing mods every 3 months, I like reliability and build quality and this has spades of it. So far very happy with the purchase and pretty much everybody that has seen it has had positive comments. It's a looker in classical way. In the future I'd like to see a top fill tank and maybe some alternative colours for the battery cover, my choice would be black, or bright yellow might look cool with all the black, may be even a leather one?

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