SERIES-B DNA 75W box mod
The Evolv's DNA75 chip display
The DNA 75W box mod
Close up of the display
Side view of the box
Bottom up view
A upright SERIES-B DNA 75W
The battery
Top of the device
Side view of the kit
Being held by a user

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SERIES-B DNA 75W (Device Only)

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  • Description
    Designed and engineered in the UKDesigned in the UK by our in-house engineers.
    6 month warrantyNo risk 14 day money back guarantee and industry leading six month warranty.
    Fully customisableCustomise almost every aspect of your device using Evolv's Escribe Software.

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    Introducing the exquisite and critically lauded SERIES-B DNA 75W. Not just a pretty face; this is probably the most intelligent, compact box mod on the market today. You can use it as it straight out the box if you're looking for a premium, durable, high performing (and mega stylish) device.

    Or you can utilise the bazillions of features in its little brain (Evolv’s industry leading DNA75 chip set) to customise to your exacting vaping needs

    We designed it in-house, here at JAC, so we're very confident you'll love it!

    • High quality, durable construction and advanced safety features make for a supremely reliable device
    • Evolv's DNA75 chip means unparalleled performance.
    • Whether you're in it for the clouds, or just looking for a trusty daily carry, this is the device for you.
    • The SERIES-B DNA also features Temperature Control, which requires compatible coils but allows you to set the exact temperature of your vape to get your perfect draw every time.
    • You can customise how the device operates using Evolv’s Escribe software.
    • To take advantage of all the great features of the SERIES-B DNA 75W, a suitable IMR 18650 battery with a max. continuous amperage of 20A or more is required.

    Please note that this listing is for the device only. If you don't already own a compatible 510 tank, why not check out our range of tanks?

    Features of the SERIES-B DNA 75W:

    • Stylish and compact design
    • The smallest DNA75 mod around
    • Dimensions – 88mm x 22mm x 35mm
    • Dual layer finish for better durability
    • Up to 75W of power
    • Max temperature of 600F
    • Spring-loaded positive connector
    • Variable wattage and temperature control modes
    • USB on-board charging and pass-thru
    • Electroplated magnetic battery cover
    • 0.91” OLED display
    • Advanced safety features
    • Loads of customisation possible via Evolv's EScribe software
    • 6 month UK-held warranty
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Availability: In stock

As low as: £79.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-B DNA 75W (Device Only)

  • Highly recommended - by Steve, 1 June 2018
    Well crafted and good looking mod, featuring the DNA 75 chip. I've purchased three in the last year and have not been disappointed by the quality and customer service from JAC.
  • I'm convinced there isn't a better single battery DNA 75 mod out there right now. - by Davor, 15 May 2018
    Absolutely thrilled with the device for now. The build quality is superb, the board works flawlessly and the general feel and look of the device is amazing.

    Also 5 stars for your very helpful and pleasant support staff!
  • Great device - by Lee, 4 April 2018
    Had this device for few months now and it’s been brilliant, only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is the battery cover has gone a bit discoloured , doesn’t affect the device working but makes it look a bit rough, very good device though and works perfectly, will be buying a 2nd unit in the coming weeks
  • The most compact, high quality and beautiful DNA75-based mod I found. Ideal TC solution in a single 18650 form factor. - by DMcC, 12 February 2018
    Bottom line/TL;DR: the JAC Vapour Series-B DNA75 is simply the best, most compact and well-made DNA75-based mod I've personally come across and I couldn't be happier with it's appearance, quality and performance. Stellar TC performance, in addition to rock solid operation in all other modes. Consider the sandstone model if you value using tanks >22mm without overhang.


    Having obtained a DNA250 device not too long ago, and being floored by the high quality temperature control experience I could obtain using it, I began a period of research looking for a more compact DNA-based device to replace a non-DNA/YiHi device I was using for that purpose but was unsatisfied with performance---for reference, I predominantly vape TC MTL using SS316L Clapton wire, but also enjoy some DL vaping). This led me to the JAC Vapour Series-B DNA75 and although I gathered from many reviews that there may be issues with the device's finish and/or fire button and/or battery cover magnets, some back and forth with a very helpful CS representative at JAC Vapour satisfied me that they had been addressing these concerns and I ordered one; actually the device + S22 tank bundle which was on sale briefly after the holidays).

    I live in Canada, where this device is simply unavailable from local sources, so across the pond it came and I'm now the proud owner of the most compact, stunningly beautiful and comfortable devices I've ever held in my hand. Add to that the spot-on performance one would expect from the Evolv DNA chipset and this is one happy vaper. Given the rarity of JAC Vapour products here in the great white north, you can rest assured I do enjoy being able to shove the correct spelling of "vapour" in the face of anyone nearby so thanks for writing it on the mod. I will not dwell on the DNA chipset here as Evolv's products are widely reviewed so if you aren't already familiar with that product, there are ample resources available...go fix that problem. As with any DNA-based device, you can download the EScribe software from Evolv's website and configure every aspect of the device's operation, but this is not necessary unless you want access to the most advanced features.

    Note that the Series-B is extremely small by design, and that tanks >22mm will overhang the device (I use it with the Berserker mini, Nautilus 2, Gemini and now the S22 which all fit perfectly). If you are wanting to use larger tanks on the device I'd have a look at the sandstorm model which has an expanded lip top and bottom to fit up to 25mm tanks without overhang, while maintaining the same compact form factor otherwise. As a little aside, although I wasn't after a tank I have to say the S22 tank is also gorgeous, marries well with the device and is absolutely wonderful for flavour. I'll be leaving a separate review for this amazing tank, but I will say that using the 0.15ohm Ni200 stock coil option available, you can get a lovely, slightly restricted direct-lung vape that doesn't seem to slorp the juice which is a plesant surprise.

    My personal views on the three main issues I was coming across in reviews in case it proves helpful for others:

    FINISH: I can see how the rubberized finish on this device might not be quite as durable as some of the hard-shell finishes available; however, having had this device for a while I don't detect any significant issues with it otherwise. I'm a bit careful not to gouge at the device when opening/closing the battery door, but after my time using it, there simply isn't so much as a scratch on it and I carry it in my pocket all the time so seems good enough to me and I love the feel of this finish.

    FIRE BUTTON: I have seen comments ranging from "nothing" to "fire button has easy push" to "disturbing the air pressure near the button will make it fire". Note that the buttons on most DNA-based devices are simply pushing the button presented on the board, and my personal experience has been that the fire button on DNA boards do tend to be a little on the "easier" side to push. That being said, my Series-B device has a very satisfying push (with audible click), and while some devices may well have much clickier buttons, I have no issues what so ever with how this works---in fact, the fire button on my DNA250-based device is *way* lighter to press and I find that one livable too.

    MAGNETS: JAC Vapour has acknowledged that the glue on the battery cover doors on some models wasn't up to snuff, and have taken steps to rectify that. Honestly, worst case the magnet comes out and I'm sure that can be rectified quickly with some crazy glue, or even epoxy if you're after more of a "bonded until the end of time" solution, so I'm not concerned about this either....................................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for taking the time to give a full, informative and detailed review, and I'm glad you like the device. Many Thanks JAC
  • Can't use anymore... - by Scott, 22 January 2018
    Had this just over 2 weeks and the magnets that sit inside the battery compartment always come out when the cover is removed. Initially this wasn't an issue, but having now wedged the magnets back in, it seems they have gone back in reversed, therefore stopping the cover from going back on. Otherwise, the mod is great, but the lack of cover now renders it useless. I've contacted support so will see what happens next.............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for the feedback, if you have contacted CS they will replace the unit for you, we do know on some of the units the glue did not cure correctly, and it has now been amended, so I apologise for the inconvenience.
  • Very small size and good - by Kat5No12, 23 November 2017
    Tiny and beautiful device but it has painting problem.
  • Sweet little mod - if Jac develops a 2 cell mod with vents, sign me right up as a tester! - by P, 18 October 2017
    Very nice, super compact DNA 75 mod. I'd love to see a similar design in a 2 cell DNA 75 mod. The fit and finish are very good, and the mod is doing MUCH better at reading temperature than another DNA 75 mod I have. So far no issue with bodgy battery contacts (some vendors do have those contacts fail!) There's a small blemish now on the battery door, likely from sitting in the car while I drive.

    I made a foam stand for this mod as it is so slim that it's a bit tippy with some atomizers - my current goto is the Cleito Exo, which overhangs on all sides but doesn't leak in the car, so a big win.

    I don't deduct a star for any of that; I do deduct a star as there are no vents on this mod. It does get warm especially if you're charging it while vaping, something many folks do with a 1 battery mod. This will probably be my go-to travel mod, though - such a nice, compact design. I have a 3 cell mod and it's a chunky monkey!......................Thank you for your review, we do actually have a 25mm version coming at the end of the month, and we have a new finish for it as well. We are also working on a few other mods that details of will be released in the coming months.
  • Works great; paint job not so great. - by Levi, 18 October 2017
    I was in the market for a DNA75 mod, and saw this one discussed favorably on ECF and decided to give it a shot. The functionality of the mod is top notch-no complaints there. It looked impressive too, right out of the box.

    I have to say, however, that I have had better quality finishes on super cheap mods that I ordered directly from China. Even my $10 (US) Nemesis had a more durable paint job. I have had the Series-B DNA 75 since August, and almost immediately the finish on the main unit started wearing off from where the battery cover touched the edges. Shortly thereafter, the paint on the battery cover itself started rubbing off. I'm eventually going to strip the paint off completely and see what I can do with some Flitz polish.

    So, if you plan on carrying one of these around every day, be prepared to have the finish wear off at a rapid pace. You won't be disappointed with the functionality of the unit.................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, the device should hold up to the occasional bash, but it's not really for throwing about, if you feel you've not been too hard on it and the finish has not worn as expected we would cover that under warranty, there is also a Steel version coming out, it will be a bit more expensive though, but it may be of interest if getting the unit replaced.
  • Highly recommend - by Michelle, 16 September 2017
    I really do love this device, it's the one I pick up over everything else. The size and shape of it fit my hands perfectly, it's slim and light and just feels good to hold. I have hand pain from my work, so hand feel and weight are high on my list of things I need from my device. It's my first DNA device so it was fun to get in there and do some customization. I have played around with the temp control but generally use it in wattage mode, and it works reliably. I absolutely would recommend Jac Vapour and will add more to my collection as I buy more devices. Now my nitpicks. I am also having some troubles with my finish. The paint around the display screen has started to chip away and I'm also having the blotchy discoloration on the battery door where it rests against my hand. I'm glad to read that JV is taking steps to improve these areas. I haven't had any issues with the battery door, it fits snugly and so far the magnets are holding up well. All in all a solid device...........................JAC Vapour Ltd: We will have a new finish coming for the device in around 2 months, if you feel the finish is not lasting then contact customer service and we can replace or update to the harder wearing one, it seems some peoples oil or skin reacts with the finish of the battery door, we have one person that has it in the office, so we've made an alternative finish and it'll be on the next shipment of devices. Thanks for the review.
  • Great size, good looks. - by Tony, 10 August 2017
    Awesome little mod. So far, so good.

    Ordered sight unseen after seeing some online reviews . 10 day shipping from UK to Detroit.

    Mod feels really nice in hand. Has some heft and exudes the feel of quality. Useage so far has been seamless, batt life is a bit of a challenge to navigate, but being a single batt mod, it's to be expected.

    Most importantly, the size of the mod is what makes it awesome. The ability to slide the mod into my pocket without discomfort is a huge deal to me. Im not one to carry around a huge box, and this was a very important factor for my purchasing a vape mod.

    Hopefully it holds up well, it's performing double duty as my home, and going out vape mod.

    Picked up a geekvape 22mm ammit rta and I'm loving life. Sleek mod, not much bigger than the v8 baby stick mod that this is replacing..

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