Deconstructed 6mg Short Fill
See how easy is to mix your own eliquid with our Deconstructed short fills

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picNIC Deconstructed 6mg E Liquid Pack - (£1.86 per 10ml)

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  • Description

    From only £1.86 per 10ml.

    This 5.1mg option comes supplied with 2x 18mg High VG base and a bottle of flavouring. When mixed, it'll make 70ml of 6mg e liquid.

    picNIC Deconstructed – All of our Premium range e liquid flavours (and plenty of picNIC exclusives) in a convenient large-format bottle. The most affordable way to stock up on your favourite flavour.


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    Each picNIC Deconstructed bottle comes pre-filled with 40ml Pure VG base with room in the bottle for you to add in up to two 10ml nic-base shots and your flavour shot. Want more flavour? Simply add a second flavour shot to your order and top up as required.

    And now you can select a Nic Salts base instead. Nicotine Salts offer fast, smooth satisfaction, and offer the most realistic replication of the sensation of smoking you'll find.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £12.99

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Customer Reviews for the picNIC Deconstructed 6mg E Liquid Pack - (£1.86 per 10ml)

  • How to remove top in order to fill - by Michael, 14 April 2021
    Please can you tell me how to remove the clear plastic top in order to be able to fill ( stumpy bottle )..... JAC: They can be stiff sometimes, you can remove with a knife, screwdriver or pliers, I actually use a metal guitar plectrum I had lying around. Unfortunately the legislation for eliquid bottles requires there is no chance of the top coming off by accident.
  • I want NO FLAVOUR - by yoyo, 5 August 2019
    for picNIC Deconstructed 6mg E Liquid Pack why don't you allow NO FLAVOUR as an a option? I don't want a flavour. :-/.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: If you contact CS they will be able to organise this for you, you can also do it through the advance listing. They will be able to help. The reason why we don't do it, because in 10 years you are the first person to request it, and it could be selected by accident and result in complaints, but it is definitely possible.
  • PG Version? - by Ros, 24 July 2019
    Great idea, but any chance you could offer it in a high PG/Clearsteam vesion. I can't stand the oiliness of VG.................JAC Vapour Ltd: if you use the clearsteam base that counts as pure PG basically, so does the flavouring. so if you have deconstaructed that's 40ml of 100% VG, and then you have 2x 18mg clearsteam that's 20ml of PG, and the flavour shot is also effectively 100%PG, so you will have 40ml VG to 30ml with one flavour shot, which is a 60VG/40PG, add another flavour shot and you have 50/50. so 50%PGis the highest you can go at present. standard picNIC covers higher PG options and you can get better value by going for the 150ml pack. We are also working on a system to simply all of deconstructed and picNIC, which will have more flexibility.
  • Out of stock - by Sam, 15 July 2019
    Have been waiting a week for short fill to be back in stock, then received the apology email saying the next shipment would be in at the end of next week and included a 10% off your next order code that expires on the Thursday so potentially useless for anyone waiting to buy if the shipment arrives after then? will make customers feel let down by a company that's not new to the game regardless of a change of hands...............JAC Vapour Ltd: The order is arriving on the 22nd or should do and I checked with our line today and all is on track, and the code runs until the 31st of July now as we realised our error, so I apologise for that.
  • Good product, simple and very convenient - by Natalie, 16 July 2018
    Flavour is a bit lacking with the cherry, wish I’d bought an extra flavour shot. But it’s very simple and I would recommend this product...……………...JAC Vapour: Flavour should mature a bit, picnic says it can be sued straight away, but personally I like to mix up at least a week in advance, I also use 2 flavour shots though and reduce to the 4.5 mg mark, I don't really find it noticeable over the 5.1mg, aslo adds a bit more value.
  • I LIKE - by Thomas, 6 June 2018
    I like this. Good flavour, good vapour and great value.
  • Great idea Jac - by Coralie, 30 April 2018
    Great idea, usually go for 50ml option but decided to give this a go and glad I did. Only thing I would say is that I kept one of the 50ml bottles to use for filling my vape. Also purchased a 30ml mix bundle for a different flavour profile on occassion
  • Well done Jac Vapour. - by angela, 23 April 2018
    Great idea. So much better than trying to work it all out yourself and much less plastic waste as there are less bottles. Very straightforward. My new go to for juices
  • I wish I'd gone for deconstructed picNIC first - it saves on RSI from squeezing so many bottles for the normal picNIC 50ml combo - by Keith, 2 February 2018
    Loving it so far, I've just ordered my first 'deconstructed' vanilla. It's so much more convenient than the normal picNIC set-up; far fewer bottles to squeeze and a larger volume to boot. The bottle still 'glugs' after pouring, and so spills some e-liquid, though, which is kind of annoying hence four, rather than five, stars.

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