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Liquid Zwo

From the fruity, fizzy bite of Snake’s Kiss to the super sweet and creamy Kitten’s Breath, become a Zwo keeper and add these amazing flavours to your e-liquid collection today. Designed for maximum flavour impact – they’ll unleash the animal in you.

Zwo is Greek for animal so, true to the name, these vape juices are wild, and tame, and scary, and cute…sometimes all at once.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, Liquid Zwo’s first two flavours couldn’t be more different. Choose between Snake’s Kiss: strawberry and fizz with an aniseed bite at the end, and Kitten’s Breath: sweet and fruity with a delicious passionfruit twist.

4 Product(s)

4 Product(s)

Each flavour is produced to a 50/50 PG/VG ratio to give you that perfect balance of vapour, throat hit and flavour, and to ensure that they work perfectly in any type of vape tank or cartomiser.

With new arrivals coming soon, Liquid Zwo is a must for any e-liquid connoisseur.