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Beginners Vape Pen starter kit
Beginners vape kit in black
Stainless steel version of the vape pen starter kit
Pink version of the beginners vape pen kit
Vape pen starter kit in black
Black version of the device and tank
The tank in black
The separate parts of the tank
Pink vape pen starter kit
Stainless steel version of the beginners vape pen
Stainless steel device and tank
Stainless steel version of the tank
Tank with coil

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Vape Pen Starter Kit

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  • Description

    If you're new to vaping and searching for the perfect device to help you switch from tobacco, look no further. Supplied with everything you'll need to get started, including the kit itself, and options to add a spare battery, a pack of replacement coils and your choice of e-liquid. The simplest way of making the switch to vaping.

    The SERIES-S has been designed to be the ideal all in one device for new vapers switching to vaping for the first time. Designed and engineered by JAC right here in the UK, it's also our first electronic cigarette to meet new TPD regulations.

    When you choose the SERIES-S, you'll be getting a kit which works with both mouth to lung and direct lung coils. It also supports sub-ohm vaping, down to as low as 0.5Ohm.

    Wherever you want to go on your vaping journey, the SERIES-S will take you there.

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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £15.99

Customer Reviews for the Vape Pen Starter Kit

  • My only criticism is that tank is a little small with regards to capacity but that is down to TPD regulations and not the brand. Overall glad I purchased. - by Docbooze, 8 December 2017
    New to vaping and decided to go with this as a beginner's vape pen. Very impressed with the engineering and quality of the components for the price. Battery lasts me all day and still on original coil. Haven't had a "proper tab" in over a week so doing its job.
  • Powerful/Top Quality/Drinks Juice. - by Paul, 22 September 2017
    Great quality kit with a nice sleek design and weight to it, powerful device with great airflow adjustment and ultra smooth vape,... However, coming from a V3i and C series tank setup i find that this kit drinks juice big time, making coils available in a 2.0 to 2.2 ohm format would be good also as not everyone is into low or sub ohm vaping.... Ive been vaping now for around 8 years so i have pretty much tried everything out there so my advice to a new vaper would be ... buy the V3i kit with some C series tanks and coils... they are more than ample and your pocket will thank you for it....... Please add 2.0 coils as an option, if not i will have to go back to my V3i setup which to be honest is a better setup than this one (for me).... both kits are superb however............JAC Vapour Ltd: We're building other options in regards to the coils at 1.5 and 1.8ohm, so we should have them in a bit, not sure of the date yet, but they are still to go through testing. Thanks for the review
  • Good as a starting point - by melanie, 20 September 2017
    As a first time vaper this has been a good device, it has cut down our smoking to half, which i never thought OH would do, already looking at upgrading to a bigger battery model, cheers jacvapour.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for the review, take a look at our new device the S-22, it may suit your needs, it adds a 2600mah and topfill to the S-performance, so you can use all day, even on sub-ohm if you want, and it's still very compact, it'll be arriving in 10 days or so and is on pre-order now at £34.99
  • excellent vape pen, I really recommend this - by suzanne, 7 August 2017
    I changed from E series to this as it looks as though Jac are phasing out the e-series and I needed new batteries. When it arrived, the weight and the "quality" didn't seem as good as the E series but after using it, I prefer this lighter weight. It draws really well and the flavour of the liquid is really coming through. I like the new button, easy to press just as you hold it. All in all, this is currently better than the E series and I am delighted with this it. I shall see how the battery life goes (i like the fact it shows you by lights when it is draining to half way) and how the coils last but this is currently an excellent purchase.
  • Disappointed - Not as good as expected - by YHO, 7 August 2017
    Having been a JAC vapour customer for a number of years, i was disappointed with the quality of the Series S
    as a direct replacement for Series E.
    Not wanting to go down the Box Mod route, i was keen to try the new device as my Series E's have served me well over time
    and kept me smoke free since quitting in December 2014.
    The S17 is dissapointing to say the least with materials seemingly to be of lesser grade than used in the Series E.
    The series E components fitted together with military precision and everything worked seamlessly despite 2 years of usage.
    This is far from the case however for the S17 and you would be almost forgiven for thinking you had cross threaded the tank to battery
    as the threads fit so badly as the 2 components unreassuringly grind together.
    The new coils are an improvement although being a moderate user i was horrified to find that i easily went through
    10ml of 30/70 in one day which is quite horrendous, considering this would usually take me a couple of days.

    Day 2 and the tank is already leaking, through the vent holes, despite change of coil and checking everything is sealed properly,
    and battery life isn't particularly great lasting 3-4 hours of moderate usage.

    Tank temperature gets incredibly hot and could feel uncomfortable is picked up accidentally by younger tender fingers (be warned)
    The fire button protrudes and is sluggish to respond as times, although the device misfires easily so turn off is not being used.
    Tank capacity isn't good, but appreciate this is beyond the control of JAC, and down to down recent changes in legislation.
    JAC seriously need to come up with a better solution as a replacement for the Series E for users like myself
    who i wouldn't classify as a beginner, but don't want to go down the BOX Mod Route.......................JAC Vapour Ltd: The device shouldn't leak, or misfire, both these issues seem to indicate a misfitted coil or a fault tank, the device also shouldn't get uncomfortably hot, it will get hotter than the E as it has a lot more power, but not hot so there would be any danger to somebody picking it up, that aside it no ecigarette should be left anywhere where 'younger fingers' should be able to reach it, heat or not. In regards to the leaking, on the E the condensation trap was on the mouth tip, so condensation would gather in the mouth tip seat and need removed, the design of the S is different as it uses a vertical coil which offers better longevity, this means condensation if not cleared runs downs the airflow and will eventually gather and leak from the base (airflow holes) if it is not cleared, judging by the fact the device is getting hot I can assume you are using it quite heavily which will mean there is condensation build up within 2 days, to clear this or any gurgling you need to flick the device, it's described in the manual and also there are videos to help on youtube, and customer service can also walk you through it. if it's actually flooding out the tank, as in, you can see the level going down without use, then the coil is either not seated correctly of the tank has a faulty seal, and we should get the device replaced, so please contact customer service.

  • I rated wrong,my fault - by Ruth, 31 July 2017
    My rating should have been higher as I was rating unfairly due to my not understanding the product functionalities as should do. The ecig is of good quality,can't dispute it...............JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you very much for upgrading your star rating, but if you find the device is not right for you, please contact customer service and they will help, or it can be returned if it really doesn't suit.
  • This type of ecig just not for me - by Ruth, 25 July 2017
    Bought this hoping it would just be what needed and am so sadly disappointed.
    It keeps burning and cutting the throat off me. Even when put a new coil in it still burns.
    I'm maybe doing it wrong but I keep it clean and keep liquid topped up and don't tighten it too much.
    I much prefer the crystal ecigs but I know they are no longer available........................JAC Vapour Ltd: You need to make sure you have primed the coil, it's very easy to do, and customer service can help you, it just needs a small adjustment in the way they are used, compared to the older tanks, customer service can help you through it.
  • Fantastic - by LeedsBloke, 11 July 2017
    Just bought this from the Leeds store, got the Full pack with spare tank and battery, it's awesome. A big upgrade from my previous vape pen, well made and looks and feels quality. Oh and the service in store was fantastic
  • nearly 10/10 - by RICHARD, 22 June 2017
    i won one of these kits on facebook :-).
    My usual vape at the time was an aspire nautilus mini with a VV battery. which was ok, not perfect, a bit leaky.
    So i was very very pleasantly surprised with the performance of this S17 set up.
    Absolutely no leaking for a start.
    A very responsive draw and good throat hit, presumably due to the lower resistance coil and wider tip.
    Not strictly variable voltage as described, because its not user adjustable, but a nice design albeit with one major flaw for me.
    The battery button stands proud, which on the one hand makes it easier to find without looking, but unfortunately makes it all too easy to accidentally discharge in a pocket.
    As a tradesman, i keep my vape pen in a holster pocket, often with other items, and on a couple of occasions ive taken it out to a flat battery.
    Otherwise an excellent product which has replaced my nautilus as my favorite vape.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, the battery does have a lock on it, click 5 times and it will engage, it shouldn't be able to unlock in a pouch, it may do if you were dancing very quickly : ). So 5 quick clicks to lock or unlock.
  • Good product, will buy again - by CathT, 3 May 2017
    Bought this last week after my vape pen 'collection' all died together :( - so far so good, battery holds charge all day and has a nice tight pull if you close the air vent thingy. Ive ordered another battery just to make sure i dont run out and so far think i have changed to the S series, this is my first purchase with JAC and impressed with customer service as well as product. Only gripe is that I dont like fruity, menthol or sweet, preferring tobacco or coffee flavours, so the liquid that comes with the kit is no good for me - have saved it from my buddy who runs out all the time instead !

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