50mm Blank Cartomizers

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5 x Blank Cartomizers 50mm

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    This pack of 5 blank 50mm cartomizers are ready to be filled with your favourite eliquid.

    • These are long-lasting carts which can be refilled around 8-10 times before needing to be replaced.
    • Choose from 3 colours - black, white and stainless steel.
    • Our 50mm carts have an 808 connection and are suitable for use with our range of V3i and Vgo2 batteries. An adapter is available to enable compatibility with our JAC Vapour range of 510 batteries.
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Customer Reviews for the 5 x Blank Cartomizers 50mm

  • Ok - by Claire, 6 November 2016
    They ok but last batch i bought, I had to keep refilling with liquid...................................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, they are a blank cart which means you have to fill with liquid, and then refill. They should last for around 5 fills minimum, but most users get longer.
  • It's great. - by Ruairi, 19 September 2016
    These things are huge (compared to the ones that come with the V1P). Glad to be able to use my own liquid for longer periods. Still can be messy and needs some technical sympathy, but once you've figured out that the thing is basically a long tube of cotton, it makes sense. Still looks less daft than most other vaping devices.
  • Good but lose flavour - by Richard, 14 September 2014
    These hold a lot of eliquid and last a long time between refills but, as others have pointed out, they do seem to lose a bit of the flavour after a few refills. Not much consistancy between carts either, I had a cart that lasted until the wrapping had nearly all peeled off, probably about 50 refills, and then other carts that start to die after a few refills.
  • Great idea but short lifespan - by Clare, 21 July 2014
    This is the first review that I haven't given 5 stars for. I bought 5 packets X 5 of these expecting them to last me months but they've only lasted about 6 weeks. They work fine for a day or two but then they stop working properly, ie no taste, no puff and they burn the inside of my lips. Plus I keep wasting liquid, filling them up but finding that the problem's with the cart, not the lack of liquid, and having getting a new one out. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but, having used 23 of the 25, and having been using my JV e-cig for nearly 15 months, I can't think what. I'm going back to the regular ones!
  • Brill!!! - by Helen, 13 May 2014
    Holds much more liquid than 35mm so last must longer.
  • Just okay - by michelle, 11 May 2014
    I purchased these as I was curious to see how much longer they would last compared to the 35mm carts. I don't really know what to make of them, okay they hold more juice but I'm still unsure as to exactly how much to put into them. I think using tanks has spoilt me because no matter how much I try to give carts a fair chance I can't help comparing them to tanks, which for me win hands down.
    Overall the 50mm carts are a good idea but I don't know whether I'll be buying them again.
  • 50mm dodgy - by Andrew, 27 April 2014
    Although they are larger, the taste quickly depletes, so the 35mm are my prefered option. I purchased these before a holiday abroad, and several of the tanks (build quality) had not been machined correctly, which meant (after filling up with juice) they didn't connect to the battery, and weren't fit for purpose.........................JAC Vapour: Hi Andrew, if you have had an issue like this with the carts please contact support and they will replace them at no cost to yourself.
  • Time-saving! - by Frances, 23 April 2014
    These long carts are useful when you're out all day/night and want to avoid refilling the 35mm ones, or swapping carts on a regular basis. I've only been using mine since the weekend, and found it very useful when I went out until the small hours!
  • Just wont work properly - by Sss, 20 April 2014
    I just cant get these to produce decent vapor no matter what ive tried! Been feeling them with a syringe tried overfilling, underfilling, just about right filling them tried everything basically and the vapour produced is poor at best. I use the JV USA Reds oil and used it on another cart and the vapour is stronger than ever so the oil is not the prob, the batteries are VGO2 so its not that either definitely something wrong with these carts. Used 3 so far and reused them a couple of times same result every time. Have given up on them such a shame cause the quality of the kit and the eliquid i received from Jac Vapour is second to none loved it! Is just the carts that are a let down. Will switch to VOX tanks soon and hope for better results. Dissapointed with this product...........................................JAC Vapour : Please contact support about these, as they should be no different to the 35mm carts, they just need more eliquid to get going, becasue of their size you need to fill with 75% full at least, so around 40 drops of the standard eliquid bottles, then leave to sit for 15 mins, if using a VG liquid let them sit for 1hr on the first fill. fter that blow through them to remove excess and connect to the battery. It is possible to get a dodgy cart, may be even a packet, but very rare, customer service will replace them free of charge if need be.
  • Kingsize ciggie - by James, 10 April 2014
    These bad boys need to be filled and then vaped for a bit then fill again. They get better after a few fills,then you don't have to bother. Loving it more and more. Well done jac vapour

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