Zero Nicotine Vaping: Is it For You?

Published by Matt Brown on 23rd Oct 2014

Vaping, for most new users, is a means of leaving tobacco behind. It represents a healthier alternative which offers the same action and sensations delivered by smoking cigarettes. For many people, vaping is a method of still using nicotine without the myriad health risks associated with tobacco.

For this reason, e-cigarettes are not, and should not be thought of as, a cessation device. With that said, however, many vapers do decide to reduce their nicotine intake, and vaping is an effective way of doing so.

As e-liquids are available in a range of strengths, a route that some users choose to take is to work their way down to lower strengths over time. After just a short time, most vapers will get have a good idea of what strength of e-liquid works for them, and may feel comfortable enough to step down to the next strongest option. Eventually, some even decide it's time to cut out nicotine altogether. But what if you want to continue to vape?

Zero-nic vaping is becoming increasingly popular with many people. For those who have smoked then vaped for a significant amount of time, there is a strong habitual association with the physical action involved as well as the sensation of inhaling vapour and throat hit, which goes far beyond the addictive properties of nicotine.

Often, this can be the hardest thing about giving up smoking, which is part of the reason so many people are choosing to vape instead. These things are also very firmly attached to social and behavioural cues, such as having a drink in the pub – something which can be very difficult to overcome.

Vaping a 0mg e-liquid (sometimes referred to as e-shisha) is therefore a solution which appeals to many people, but is it possible to have the same experience without the nicotine? While there may be adjustments to be made, and it may not be possible to fully replicate the same level of throat hit without nicotine, vaping without nicotine is still a perfectly viable choice.

  • Vaping is designed to simulate the act of smoking. This means that your e-cigarette produces vapour.
  • The feeling of thick plumes of vapour rolling around inside of the mouth is very unique, and something which can be hard to replace.
  • E-liquids which contain nicotine also produce a 'burning' sensation in the back of the throat. This throat-hit is a big part of smoking, and another reason why vaping is such a successful alternative.
  • For those who choose to reduce their intake of nicotine, or cut it out completely, vapour production and throat hit are likely the two things they seek to replicate.

Thankfully, it's entirely possible to still achieve both while using a zero-nicotine e-liquid.

E-Cigarette Vapour Production

Vapour production is not affected by the concentration of nicotine found in the e-liquid. All e-liquids are made up using a mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG. So even without the nicotine, your e-cig will still produce plenty of vapour.

Remember that e-liquids using VG as the base (when VG is largest ingredient used in the mix) are not as effective at delivering throat hit as those that use PG as the base.

Throat Hit

A punchy throat hit is trickier to achieve without nicotine, but it is possible.

Nicotine is the biggest influence on throat-hit, as it is this chemical which produces the sensation at the back of the throat. Without nicotine, vapers sometimes need to be a little more creative.

  • One alternative is trying 0mg menthol flavoured e-liquid. Menthol naturally creates a similar sensation at the back of the throat, and is generally seen as a successful replacement for nicotine. Mixing 0mg menthol with a 0mg tobacco flavour is also quite an effective way of achieving throat-hit, while retaining the same smoky taste. Mint or peppermint are also popular choices, though don't offer quite the same level of punchy menthol kick.


Other than the flavour being used, there are a couple of hardware choices you can make which can help to maximise throat hit.

  • Firstly, the coil you select has a significant effect on e-cigarette vapour production and throat hit. The resistance of the coil you choose (Ohm) dictates how much it will heat up. A coil rated at a lower Ohm will reach a greater temperature, which increases vapour production, as well as throat-hit. For example, a 1.8Ohm coil will generate more vapour and throat-hit than the 2.4Ohm equivalent.
  • One drawback to using lower resistance coil, however, is that it can impact on flavour. This very much comes down to personal preference.
  • The other option is to use a more powerful battery. As the battery you use dictates the power delivered to the coil, making the correct choice will have a big effect on your overall vaping experience. Manual Vgo2 or JAC 510 batteries will operate at a higher voltage than the automatic models (4.2v versus 3.7v). As a result, the coil is supplied with more power, which increases vapour production and throat hit.
  • Going further, a Variable Voltage or Twist battery allows the user to select a power setting (between 3.3-4.8v), meaning even higher voltages are available. As with the resistance of the coil used, however, higher voltages can affect flavour which is something to bear in mind.
  • Pairing a lower-resistance coil with a higher voltage battery, means that you can greatly increase the vapour production and the throat hit. Using a menthol e-liquid will improve things even further.


Vaping at 0mg is entirely possible and the end point for many vapers who have worked their way down nicotine levels.

While it may take a little more thought and creativity to achieve the same kind results produced by higher strength e-liquids, vapers can successfully cut out nicotine altogether. We have many customers who will pay testament to that.

If you are interested in trying 0mg e-liquid, please note that all of our Standard and UK made e-liquids are available at 0mg. Have a look.

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