Vgo2 Manual Variable Voltage 650mAh Batteries (88mm)

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  • Description

    These 650mAh batteries are a variable voltage model, meaning the voltage of the battery can be adjusted from 3.3v through to 4.8v. This offers greater flexibility and the ability to fine tune the results of the e-cigarette, by balancing vapour production against taste and throat hit.

    A standard non-variable voltage 650mAh manual battery will last approximately six hours of use. With the variable voltage, the more you increase your voltage, the more power is required. So if you run your battery at a high voltage, you will use more power and will need to recharge your battery more frequently.

    These batteries are not suitable for beginners to e-cigarettes, as they require a bit of knowledge and experience with electronic cigarettes to get the most from them.

    As they're a manual switch build, you will need to hold the button down when you inhale. There is also five button press lock installed, which can be turned on or off by pressing the button on the battery five times quickly.

    These batteries come with a 60 day warranty.

    These batteries will only charge using the Vgo2 4.2v manual charger, using any other charger will damage them.

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