Vgo2 Manual 400mAh Batteries

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Vgo2 Manual 400mAh Batteries (48mm) - Now £3.99

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  • Description

    A manual switch Vgo2 48mm 400mAh battery, ideal for those users looking to make the switch from smaller e-cigarette batteries.

    These particular batteries have a manual switch, meaning you press a button to activate. The manual switch reduces power consumption and makes them a very efficient battery.

    • Available in various colours
    • Compatible with our Vgo2 range of Nova and Crystal Tanks as well as our cartomizers.
    • The 400mAh battery also has a five button click to unlock/lock function, to protect the switch from accidentally being hit.
    • These batteries come with a 60 day warranty.
    • They will only charge using the Vgo2 4.2v manual charger, using any other charger will damage them.
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Customer Reviews for the Vgo2 Manual 400mAh Batteries (48mm) - Now £3.99

  • Good and reliable - by lucinda, 19 January 2017
    I like these batteries. I do prefer the variable but these for me are a good back up
  • Manual versus auto batteries - by Linda, 20 September 2016
    The discounted price of these excellent batteries gave me a chance to try out manual switch batteries, having always used auto v3is and now auto VG02s. I find that I like auto batteries better - I think it's because, just like a real cigarette, you can vary how you draw on it: a big thirsty draw or a gentle contemplative draw. However, they are both nice to handle, charge well, last ages and work great with the v3i mini tanks. So the four stars is just about personal preference.
  • brilliant - by mark, 9 November 2015
    upgraded to the Vgo2 manual battery from the V3i auto and love this battery, already getting much longer vape time and the manual switch make controlling my vape much easier and I find I don't have to draw as hard, really happy with this battery.
  • great little battery - by Jackie, 21 November 2014
    I have been using these since I started vaping 8 months ago. They are so small and fast charging. Easy to carry a spare tough for the first few months of use they pretty much last me a whole day.
  • Love these little chaps - by John, 30 October 2014
    Have been using these for 6 months or so now, and am very happy with them. Charge lasts most of a day if not using too heavily, and most of an evening too, with higher use - I tend to carry three so I've always got a spare but rarely find myself using the third. Charging is super fast, and the size is perfect for slipping in and out of pockets - I have a bigger one, but only tend to use when sprawling on a sofa, these are ideal for walking around. My first three are only now starting to decline a bit, think I can probably get another month or so before I need to replace them.
  • Good buy - by Jamie, 26 September 2014
    Bought this as a replacement for my larger one after dropping it off a chimney. It works well but going from charging every other day to these is going to take some getting use to.
    They last around 4-6 hours depending on how much you vape but the flip side is they only take 1hr to charge, so as long as you have a spare (which you should have for any battery size) this really isn't a problem. I generally use one, swap over and by the time I get home there is still enough charge in it to use while charging the first.
    Obviously if you have a power plug where you work there is no issue at all.
  • No complaints - by MC, 14 September 2014
    I moved onto these "Mini" batteries from V3i and I can have no complaints whatsoever.

    They are easy to use and convenient to carry. The smaller than usual length means that they are more discreet and portable than alternatives.

    I use two and am a reasonably heavy vaper, only now after about 6 months of constant use am I starting to notice any drop in performance.

    Thoroughly recommended.
  • Small Battery - by Ducatti Monster, 31 August 2014
    I purchased another battery for my partner to use with her jac vapour e cig, and will happilly say that the product was in perfect working order, only downside is how long it lasts before its charged, but what would you expect for a small battery.?

    Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a small discreet item to fit nicely in your pocket or bag.
  • Dinky little battery! - by Marica, 21 June 2014
    I use this battery when Im out and about. Fits perfectly into the pocket of my skinny jeans and I can sit down without doing myself an injury! ;) now no need to take my bag everywhere with me and will last me the day.
  • Nice Battery .... - by Helen, 12 May 2014
    Nice batteries but charge doesn't last quite long enough when you've been used to the larger ones.

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