KR-808 Crystal Tanks

A stylish, great quality tank and one of our bestsellers. Available in both non-rebuildable and rebuildable versions depending on your preference.

These tanks work fantastically with both our Auto Vgo2 and Manual Vgo2 range of batteries and are recommend for customers that would prefer a lower profile tank that doesn't add too much weight to their e-cigarette.

These tanks come in both polypropylene and metal sheathing (with polypropylene interior) so you can easily customise the look of your e-cigarette.

Please note: Replacement coils for our Vgo2 Crystal tanks have now been discontinued as we can no longer source a manufacturer of suitable quality for the product. As a result, we have reduced the price of our Crystal tanks to reflect that they should now be treated as a disposable tank, once stock is finished we will not restock. Replacement coils are still available for the Vgo2 Nova and Vgo2 Vox tanks. The VOX tank and coil will be continued for the next year (March 2017).

JAC Vapour also offer a range of coil resistances to suit your vaping needs. These include 1.8Ohm, 2.4Ohm and 2.8Ohm. These will need replacing about every ten refills. We also offer dual coil options which increase vapour production. These come in 1.5Ohm, 1.8Ohm and 2.2Ohm.

Note: These tanks use a KR-808 connection and are not suited to our 510 range.

For product support see our Crystal Tanks help section.

2 Product(s)

2 Product(s)