The SERIES-S Tank is a compact and versatile tank, suitable for mouth to lung and direct lung vapers alike.

Adjustable airflow and sub-ohm compatiblity make it a tank which offers great flexibility as well as performance.

Mouth to lung (MTL): Mouth to lung vaping, or a mouth inhale, is similar to taking a draw on a cigarette. When you draw, it has resistance, meaning you can inhale the vapour into your mouth first, then expel it or take down into your lungs. It’s a very familiar action for a smoker.

Direct lung (DL): Direct lung vaping is more like sucking on a wide straw. There is no resistance to the drag, you inhale directly into the lungs (large volume) meaning you are generating more airflow and much more vapour. When direct lung vaping, you can reduce your nicotine level considerably as it provides a bigger hit per puff.

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