510 eGo & Twist Kits

A great entry point for new vapers or for people looking to upgrade to a larger range of batteries.

The batteries included in these starter kits are commonly referred to as '2nd Generation' and are usually what customers move on to from our V3i batteries.

Our JAC 510 kits contain batteries which range from a compact 58mm, through to the much larger 90mm batteries. The larger batteries offer a greater charging capacity, meaning that they will last longer between charges.

Battery capacity is referred to as mAh. On average, a vaper will use approximately 800mAh per day. As many of our kits include two batteries, purchasing a kit with two 400mAh or 650mAh batteries should last a user a full day. Purchasing either a 900mAh or 1300mAh battery kit will certainly last almost all users an entire day on a single charge.

These kits are supplied with manual or Twist batteries, and can be used with a variety of our 510 tanks. These batteries can take a little adjusting to, but offer great power. To activate the manual batteries, hold down the button on the battery while you inhale. Once you're finished, release the button to turn the e-cigarette off.

Our Variable Voltage, or Twist, models give you the ability to adjust the power output of your battery from 3.3v to 4.8v. Increasing the voltage increases the heat the coil generates, which in turn increases vapour production and throat hit. To gain a similar effect, you can use a coil with a lower Ohm rating. A 2.4Ohm coil will produce less heat than a 1.8Ohm coil for example.

Variable Voltage batteries can take a little to get used to, as increasing the voltage too high will increase the power output, and in turn may cause your e-liquid to produce a burnt taste and damage your wick. They do, however, offer a greater level of control of your vaping experience.

All JAC 510 kits are supplied with a rebuildable tank. These tanks feature a replaceable wick and coil. When the coil has expired (after around ten fills or so on average), it can simply be swapped out for a replacement.

If you're new to vaping or not sure which type of vape kit is best for you then contact our friendly Customer Support Team.

For product support see our 510 eGo & Twist Starter Kits help section.