The SERIES-E is currently being phased out ahead of the TPD coming into effect on May 20th. Replacement batteries will still be available for some time to come, but if you're looking for a new kit, we'd recommend checking out the SERIES-S instead.

The SERIES-E battery is recommended for both new users, and those seeking to upgrade from an eGo style device, to a device which offers higher quality and performance whilst still remaining affordable. The SERIES-E is a reliable battery, providing superior performance in an ideal, compact form. It offers a flexible and affordable choice for those who are seeking high-end features without sacrificing looks or portability.

Utilising a 510, eGo style thread, the SERIES-E is perfect for use with all compatible tanks currently on the market and, in particular, looks great when paired with an 18.5mm tank. JAC also offers a range of SERIES-E kits with tanks included.

If you’re after a step beyond the standard 2nd generation devices currently available, without having to invest in far more expensive equipment or gather extensive knowledge, this is the battery for you.

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1 Product(s)