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SERIES-E Variable Voltage 1000mAh Batteries (68mm)

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    The SERIES-E is JAC Vapour’s high performance battery. The SERIES-E is simple to use and offers advanced features in a durable solid Stainless Steel casing. It is built on a new 18.5mm form factor that offers a compact size with high capacity. Now available in a new style with a black fire button. A great step up from the 2nd generation batteries currently available on the market.

    Designed by JAC Vapour, the SERIES-E is recommended for vapers looking for a kit that provides a quality build, power and reliability at a portable size.

    • Battery capacity 1000mAh .
    • A portable 78mm length with beauty ring attached (68mm without).
    • Improved contact with all tanks via the spring loaded positive connector.
    • Solid Stainless Steel build for durability.
    • ‘Click button set’ 3 step variable voltage (3.7v, 4.2v and 4.8).
    • Reliable, advanced safety features.
    • Designed to match the popular 18.5mm tanks on the market.
    • Compatible with any eGo or 510 thread tanks.

    A dedicated 4.2v charger is required for use with the SERIES-E battery, get yours here.

    Note: If using the SERIES-E with 510 tanks like the Protank 3 or Aero Tank, the beauty ring is required for a flush connection. If you plan on using it with eGo tanks like the EVOD2 or Mini Protank 3 the beauty ring is not required.

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Availability: In stock

As low as: £16.99

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-E Variable Voltage 1000mAh Batteries (68mm)

  • good product - by suzanne, 14 November 2016
    I originally wrote a terrible review about this but I should point out Jacvapour were very very helpful and responded to my issues sending out replacement bits etc. It now actually seems to work well. it has a good draw on it. I still don't find the battery life that good but I take out spares all the time so It's OK. I think it is just more powerful than what I was used to previously so the battery will drain quicker. Anyway, i certainly recommend jacvapours customer service, I think some big companies could learn a lot.
  • No problem with battery life, and excellent customer service - by Charles, 7 November 2016
    After about 6 months of use, my battery died a sudden death. But customer service is so helpful and it served me so well in this time, unlike other batteries which deteroriated quickly, than I am very happy to use this battery. And above all, happy to be with such a customer focused company.
  • Excellent battery! - by Billy Holmes, 1 November 2016
    Excellent battery, holds charge nicely.
  • I was wrong and all is totally forgiven! Can I say I am sorry? - by Rachael, 16 August 2016
    Update review. I was wrong and all is totally forgiven! Can I say I am sorry?
    Further to my utterly disappointed review sometime ago about the series-E or ZEE as it functioned so poorly, I would like to set the record straight and give the SERIES-E Variable Voltage 1000mAh Battery a stonking 10/10. The replacement battery I was kindly sent by customer service at Jac; who could easily surpass John Lewis on customer service scoring 110% in my opinion; has functioned in a completely flawless manner and had given me many happy hours of pleasure and recharged safely, for many months. One charge has easily taken me through the most intensive vaping day’s despite its compact nature and I cannot exult it’s pluses enough, now the longevity of the unit has delivered! Buy one of these batteries and you will not be disappointed!

    As before I cannot fault the aesthetics and find the battery neat and easily concealed. Great for slipping into a jeans pocket, or a tiny handbag.

    Thank you to all at Jac for selling an absolute pearl. After months of rigorous use I am only now finding the unit to be losing a small amount of power and having to recharge ¾ the way through the day….so I am going to definitely renew and buy myself a shiny new Series E, just so I can keep feeling the joy! .................................. JAC Vapour Ltd: We are so pleased to hear you are now enjoying your Series-E and Thank you for your review.
  • Generally happy - by Frances , 3 August 2016
    I bought the Series-E starter kit as a replacement for the V3i kit I've been using since I stopped smoking in March 2014. I bought 2 batteries, so I had one as a back-up. I love the fact that you can adjust the voltage. One of my batteries had a problem with charging after a few months, but JAC Vapour very helpfully replaced it with a new one. One full charge lasts me almost a day (sitting at my desk and vaping a lot!)
  • Series E Variable battery - by Donald, 28 July 2016
    Sorry to say that like some others I bought two of these batteries and they both failed in 1-2 months. Have gone back to V3i because I can't take the chance on the net generation or order these again.
  • Poor life - by Nicola, 9 July 2016
    Not impressed with battery life. Bought one on 27th April from another supplier and was dead on 3rd July. Called them to ask for a refund and was told they have a 2-3mths life span so wd not replace it. £20.99 is expensive every 2-3 mths. Will have to consider another brand now...................JAC Vapour Ltd: We guarantee our batteries for 6 months, so if you have had a problem with the supplier, please contact our customer service with your receipt and we'll sort it out. The battery should last for around 9 months if looked after.
  • Good at first - by Andy, 28 May 2016
    I wanted to upgrade from a minipen style e-cig and seen the e-series. It ran smooth but after only a month the battery seems to last very little time and I have been unable to use my e-cig properly and as a result have started smoking again. I hadn't used jac before so thought I'd try them, if the battery wasn't a problem which seems to be from a review a common issue. It would be a great product but at 20 quid a battery it's not worth the risk to buy another.....................JAC Vapour: Your battery has a 6 month warranty, so if there is a fault please contact customer service and they will replace it. Batteries if looked after should last around 9 months to a year before you see a reduction in charge capacity etc. The first thing to check is that your not using it more than you think, this can happen when moving to vaping, a battery will normally last around a 3ml of eliquid so just under 2 tanks worth. Most 20 cigarette a day users will use 1 and a bit batteries for a full days worth of vaping on the SERIES-E. If you are light smoker (10 of less) it will last a full day easily so long as you are sticking to your normal routine of smoking).
  • Necessary to have additional for the E series! - by Tim, 26 April 2016
    As i started to use the E series more i found i needed a back up battery as you can vape while charging. Had issues with some spares i bought but Jacvapour customer service was superb and replacements sent out without any quibbles.
  • Poor battery life - by Gavin, 6 April 2016
    I bought in January and alternating between two batteries they lasted three months before packing up......................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for your review and sorry about the issues. These batteries have a 6 month warranty, so if you are having problems with the batteries please contact customer service and they will replace them for you. If both batteries went at the same time, this is more likely to be a charger issue I think as it's pretty uncommon for a battery to fail after 3 months let alone both, and incredibly unusual if they failed at the same time unless it's charger related.

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