Black version of the SERIES-E Geni Aero Starter Kit
Battery and tank for the black version
Black version of the battery
Silver version of the tank with a coil
Battery for the silver version
Silver version of the SERIES-E
Tank, battery and coil
Black version of the Aero Tank with a coil
Battery together with a beauty ring
Stainless steel version of the SERIES-E with a blue beauty ring
Stainless steel version with a black beauty ring
Battery with a black beauty ring
Black version of the SERIES-S with a yellow beauty ring
All black version
Silver version of the battery with a black beauty ring
Tank and battery with a black beauty ring

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SERIES-E Geni Aero Kit (Silver or Black)

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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £5.01

Customer Reviews for the SERIES-E Geni Aero Kit (Silver or Black)

  • Great upgrade from my old 510 ego. - by Keir, 19 May 2017
    Upgraded a while back, pros:
    Nice size and weight
    Nice easy vape for all day use
    For me the battery lasts 4 hours + straight vaping. Had it for 3+ months and seen little decrease
    Really easy to use if you're a beginner

    Rarely use highest voltage as it has a tendency to burn coils (no surprise really)
    Beauty rings are naff

    All round good buy, if you're a beginner or just want something simple and reliable, if this is on sale its a no brainier.
  • Really excellent at this price - by Nick, 12 May 2017
    I bought this instead of buying the Genitank separately (on offer as well). This is a steal at 10.50, and I believe it would be good for a beginner, I am myself considering passing it on to a family member. It is well produced and packaged. I believe the technology is now a bit old, but it still works well. I paired the tank with a NatureVape procoil (recommended for this type of tank), which is rewickable, and swapped out the drip tip for something a bit 'tighter' in draw. I have no issues with the tank or battery, other than the battery life is about 4-6 hours if used. I believe this is standard for this type of battery. The battery has 3 voltage settings, or in effect power settings, not going to blow you away, but more like analogue smoking. The tank can be used on any other standard 510 mod.
  • bag of s*** - by Harry, 22 April 2017
    thought this was a good buy, however the battery lasts about 10 minutes, so i got another one. Then the tank leaked over everything on my table, there is a place in hell reserved for this e cig do not buy carry on smoking.................JAC Vapour Ltd: Sorry you are having issues, I suggest contacting customer service and they will walk you through using it correctly, or get it returned if it really doesn't suit you.
  • Not bad, needs improvements. - by Enda , 25 March 2017
    Not bad but there are so many improvements to be made to this starter kit. Charging isn't as simple as it could be. Flavour is lacking, there doesn't seem to be enough heat generated, in my opinion. I bought two fully loaded kits but won't be replacing them when they die. Paint falls off the black version very quickly too, and the rubber drip tip is pointless, I just took it off. So these are OK, if you're not too pushed on flavour. I'll look for a more powerful solution soon, that unlocks all the flavours of the eliquids I vape.............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Have you considered the SERIES-S, this basically has all the updates you have mentioned, and has effectively replaced the SERIES-E now which is an older model. The S has easy quick charging, and is a lot more powerful.
  • Series E Dodgy batteries - by Wilko, 17 March 2017
    I have bought 3 x series e genie starter kits in the last 4 months.. I am not happy that the battery's last very little time before breaking..3 kits and 2 are broke..before I realised about the dodgy batteries i was so happy with the product.
    Massive shame as the customer service team were extremely helpful!.............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Sorry you are having issues. Its very unusual to get 3 dodgy batteries, I would suggest this is a charger issue, I will contact Customer service and get them to contact you and replace the charging setup. Also if you are using 1 usb port for charging I suggest you try an alternative one, same goes if you are using a usb adaptor.
  • WOULD NOT BUY - WHY DO YOU THINK ITS CHEAP? - by D, 4 December 2016
    I CHARGE THE BATTERY FOR 2-3 HOURS ONLY LAST LESS THAN 1 HOUR. ITS CONSTANTLY FLASHY INDICATING THERE IS A PROBLEM EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A BRAND NEW KIT. I'VE ALREADY SENT IT BACK TWICE IN 4 MONTHS. WHEN INHALING THERE IS NO STRENGTH FEEL WEEK. I'VE TRIED REPLACING COILS AFTER 2 WEEK BUT STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. I WOULD AVOID...................JAC Vapour Ltd: As far as I can see you have only had the coils that came with the kit back in May, so 2 coils. The battery flashing is either no charge or the coil is faulty, coils need replaced every 5 fills so I am not sure if you are trying to use them for longer. I do see you had a replacement in Oct, and I am sorry you are ahving issues with the kit, but if you contact customer service they will be able to help, if you can let them know how many times you have refilled the tank, or the if it's malfunctioning as soon as you put in a new coil.
  • Excellent starter kit - by Mark, 15 November 2016
    Love it!

    I am not entirely new to vaping, having gone from the cigarette type to various crystal tanks before giving up completely for a couple of years. A couple of months ago a "life-event" started me smoking again, but I've decided to go back to vaping as the lesser of the two evils, and so started looking at JAC products again, as I used these when I was vaping before. The products have certainly changed in the last couple of years!

    I was a bit bewildered by all the different choices, but went for the Series E in the end, as I likes the variable voltage and air flow controls. It arrived today and I am very impressed with the quality, looks, and feel of the whole set-up. I also ordered some replacement JOC wicks to see how they compare with the standard ones, though not tried those yet, and have also got a couple of different liquids, PG and VG to see which I prefer before trying out the picNIC range. I have just also ordered a couple of spare Genie Aero tanks so I can swap liquids during the day as necessary.

    So far, everything is good. It all feels solid, and well made, and vapes excellently. I am not into clouds of vapour, aiming more for throat hit and flavour, and so far have found the lowest voltage with the air flow on 2.5 holes to be pretty good for a stating point for me.

    The only thing I am not happy about it the replacement flat metal mouth piece that I ordered as an extra. This is not a secure fit in the tank and feels loose and wobbly, so I'll not be using that. The standard mouth piece seems very secure though, so I'll stick with that for now.
  • Good starter kit. - by glyn, 15 November 2016
    Another good piece of kit from Jacvapour, solid and easy to adjust to your preferred air intake. I also think that this as with aero V2 will last any user a long time if maintained and looked after.
  • no complaints - by Ray Felton, 14 September 2016
    Have been a VGo2 user for a while and now moved like the previous person due to the range being discontinued. This looks nicer and performs better, the bottom coils took a bit of time to get used to, but am now confident with their use and find them better in most respects. Overall I am happy with the move, but would have been just as happy staying with the Vgo2. Throughout the move customer service were very good at answering my questions (thanks to Ben).
  • Good but not as good as VG02 - by Jackie, 28 August 2016
    I moved to this as VGO2 no longer made. It has a far longer battery life but the battery does take 3 hours to charge.
    The rubber mouthpiece kept falling off so I gave up on it
    The. 'On' button cannot be located using touch.
    The warning light seems to flash all the time.. No idea what the problem is.but maybe it is oversensitive to being held down for more than a few seconds to get a deep vape.
    The manual air volume control can adjust quite easily between vapes.
    I like the fact that you can change the wick when there is still liquid in the tank but, unlike the VGO2, it is not easy to clean and so give it a longer life.
    Overall it has been more expensive for me to use and more cumbersome and fiddly than VG02.
    I am a vaper who just wants to vape and not fiddle with adjusting things.

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