Snake Kiss

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  • Snake "kiss" - with a "P" - by sean, 15 February 2017
    Truly horrid!
    1st time i have ever felt and wanted to be sick from vaping. Expensive and just awful!
  • Acquired taste - by Adam, 8 February 2017
    It's a flavour that will probably split people down the middle. People really will either like, or hate it.

    You may not immediately love the flavour, but as long as you don't find it repulsive, you should stick with it. Once you get past the oddness, the more you can see what's nice about it.

    At the very first draw from the liquid I was hit with a cooling sensation, like the cooling of menthol only without the minty taste, this wasn't unpleasant. The strong fruity flavours, seeming to me to be strong citrus flavours and only the mildest hint of the strawberry that the description says is in there. Unexpected but not unpleasant. Then I was hit with a strong aftertaste that reminded me of medicine. It was unexpected but wasn't an immediate turn off, I didn't find it vile enough to stop smoking. Experience with new flavours tells me that any flavour that isn't immediately unpleasant should be tried again a few more times to really sample the taste and see if I like it.
    I tried several more draws and finally recognised the taste of aniseed. It's unusual, certainly a flavour that wouldn't appeal to everyone, but I didn't mind.
    The sharp citrus flavours, coupled with that strange "fizzing" sensation (as the product description puts it) which I assume is from the aniseed, puts me in mind of some kind of fruity flavoured energy drink. Not necessarily an expensive one, but certainly one you wouldn't mind drinking on repeated occasions.

    I can guess that a lot of people would be put off by the flavour, maybe finding it unpleasant. If you don't like aniseed then this isn't for you, the aftertaste can linger on the tongue. If you like, or are indifferent to, aniseed, then this is a flavour to try. The sharp citrus may actually be better suited to vaping in summer. If you don't immediately find the flavour repulsive then stick with it as the flavour certainly grows on you and what is strange becomes quite pleasant and perhaps even a little fun. "fun" may be a strange term to use for an ecig, but it is the best way to describe it.
  • too much going on, don't like the "fizz" taste, reminds me of sour space dust from the 80's! - by jayjay, 7 February 2017
    not for me!
  • Lovely juice, just not for me. - by Denise, 24 January 2017
    I wasn't keen on the aniseed in this juice, but that is personal taste, it would have been a favourite without.

    I have still given this juice five stars despite not being keen on it because it is actually very good. The flavour was strong without needing to keep it in the cupboard a week or two and had it not had the aniseed it would have been a lovely favourite flavour for me.

    I would recommend this juice as it's of premium quality with plenty of flavour that has been mixed well. Packaging shows some thought too, though not sure why it needs to be so large for one little bottle. Takes up more space and more trees!

    Looking forward to new flavours (without the aniseed obviously!) in this line, I will definitely be wishing to try out...................The initial packaging was a size translation issue, the range was begun as a 30ml range but the TPD stopped it, and the packaging was already done, we will be reducing the size to match the TPD compliant 10ml bottles in the future. Thanks for the good review, it's not often you get 5 stars from somebody that didn't like it.. a very rounded approach indeed.
  • Balanced vape - by Daniel, 21 January 2017
    It's usually hard to pull off a liquid with aniseed, but JAC had done superbly here. It's a very subtle hint of aniseed that brings out the smooth citrus flavours that come through the most.

    Overall it tastes like a wonderfully exotic cocktail, and is extremely refreshing. The 50:50 PG to VG ratio is something I've been wanting for a while. All the smoothness of VG, with enough PG throat hit.

    This is the best thing since JAC started doing UK made liquid!
  • Not awful but... - by obitoo, 20 January 2017
    Strawberry? No. Citrus... well, the closest thing I've had to smoking Night Nurse - except it doesnt get you as hammered
  • A bite of citrus with an aniseed tang - by IanB, 18 January 2017
    Can't taste strawberry at all in it, and I love strawberry vapes... this one has more of a citrus kick to it... definitely tastes like sherbet though.

    I'd say a lemon / lime / orange sherbet mix with a faint aniseed tang to it.

    me likey! :D

    I'd give it a solid 8/10

    Won't be a regular vape for me, but definitely a nice different flavor to have around.
  • Superior product. - by Linda, 9 January 2017
    I really like this new range, the flavour is very intense, there is a slight aniseed (my opinion) flavour which I absolutely love.
  • Really nice taste - by Kat, 5 January 2017
    Loved this flavour, and I could definitely taste the fizz :) a really nice mixture. Ordering again as I liked it that much. I am interested to see what other flavours come out in this eliquid range.
  • Love it - by Martin J, 22 December 2016
    Great e-liquid. Really love the fruitiness. Have been vaping it all day since it arrived.

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