SERIES-S Starter kit (Black) + 10ml UK Made E-liquid

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  • Very Happy! - by Kate, 16 October 2016
    Up to receiving my starter kit shortly after it's launch I had been using the V3i cigalike and felt a bit apprehensive as to whether I'd actually like or be able to manage the Series S. I needn't have worried as, following the instructions in the little manual that came with it, I was soon up and running and vaping happily. I did have a little "incident" with it when I came to refill the tank for the first time and ended up with e-liquid all over myself and the table. This was really because I didn't know how much of the device to take apart and decided to do what I'd done when putting it together originally and took the whole thing to pieces. While I was checking the manual again to confirm that it didn't actually tell you how to refill the tank I accidentally turned it upside down and hey presto the remaining liquid shot out all over me. I also didn't realise that just because you can't see any liquid through the little window it doesn't mean there isn't any still lurking in the bottom! A lesson was learned there! Since then I've discovered how to do it correctly and easily and all has been well.
    My only other concern was the noisy gurgling I was getting. This was happening most of the time and I couldn't figure out why as I was constantly cleaning the parts as directed in the manual and it wasn't until today, when I discovered that more had been added to the help section, that I found the solution(s). One was that I hadn't known that you were supposed to vape with it held upright and not almost horizontally as you would with a cigarette or ecig which is what I was doing and that must have been causing the flooding and gurgling. I realise that this is probably a "no brainer" to experienced vapers but not to me as a beginner with this type of device. I also read a few other tips and things I didn't know about in the solving problems section which I have found to be most helpful and I think I can now look forward to a problem free time with my new purchase and really enjoy it. I am glad I bought the Series S and would definitely recommend it to others thinking of making a change.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review. gargling can be a few things, but if the device is clean, it's normally a bit of build up in the airflow of a bit of excess liquid, remove the mouth tip and flick the device sharply a few times and the excess will flick out wipe the end then re-insert the mouth tip, and it should be good to go. We'll get a video up of it to make it easier, but it happens with most new coils in the type of coil design we have used, it should settle after a couple of fills. I'd also advise storing it upside down over night or in a pocket as this prevents over wicking if sitting for a period of time.
  • how things have changed - by Kevin, 15 October 2016
    bought this for my Dad to try and get him off the fags, and so far he's enjoying it. When I first started vaping kits like this just weren't available and a decent ego cost me £50, now you get something like this for £20, it's amazing how fast things move. Tried the kit myself and I've got to say I can see the attraction, JAC if you make a 22mm version of this I might ditch my mod. Nice to see a company putting out quality new users devices.
  • keeping it simple - by Sean, 15 October 2016
    simple and easy to use, but the results you get are spot on. This is up there with some really expensive kit performance wise, and it feels well made as well. When I first got the device out the box, I thought hows this going to be any different? the tank and battery look good enough, but nothing really special, pretty basic really and there's nothing much to play around with other than coil choices. But the beauty though is that you don't have to fiddle with things to get results, its simple, but it works and it works extremely well. The mouth to lung coil is one of the best little coils I have used in this category, it hits well and kicks out a lot of vapour for this type of setup, it's also has a perfect resistance, but you can play around with the airflow to fine tune slightly if you wish. Also the sub-ohm coil is on a par with anything I have tried, it chucks out vapour like you wouldn't believe from a tiny device, just as good as any sub-tank I have tried. I think the strength of this device lies in the fact that it is just so simple, no leaks from the tank, no messing about with settings, but it still offers 2 very different setups that both work extremely well. JAC have done the basics very well, so that pretty much anybody can get a great setup for the type of vaping they like without all the messing about that comes with other systems. The only negative I have is I'd like to see top fill, but at this price and quality I can forgive this, I really have no option but to give the Series S a full 5 stars, and I really love the fact that this simple little device had the power to surprise me, I have been tweaking stuff for so long, I had forgotten just how enjoyable a hassle free setup can be.
  • Ace - by Colin, 14 October 2016
    I started a few years ago with the V1P PCC Kit pro, bit like the V3i, but wanted something a bit better.
    Got this yesterday, used all day on one charge, used 1 tank mixed mint/methanol 12mg, and am very glad I bought this one.
    Can thoroughly recommend this quality item.
  • Very impressed! - by Rob, 14 October 2016
    Well done JAC very very good kit. After 3 years a customer you nearly lost me, I was looking for a change from the E series and nearly bought a box mod. Really impressed with this S Series, great vapour, great taste and the battery is a work of art. My only criticism is the coil seems to flood occasionally, but no doubt that will improve with development (not tested the direct to lung yet). I can't comment on how long the coils will last as I'm only on my third day, but two batteries easily get me through a day of heavy vaping. The pass through is a great idea, especially when in the car as I can arrive anywhere with a full battery and not have to worry about charging.

    The manual says that it should only be charged with a JAC charger which isn't supplied with the kit. I'm using Anker USB chargers (car, portable battery and mains) which all have PowerIQ. Can you guys confirm that's OK. Linky here Vapour Ltd: You are fine with any USB to mains plug that is 2amps and below, the device only takes a 1amp charge so it will reduce. Also with a vertical coil (which is what the S uses) you occasionally get flooding when a coil is new, they then bed in after a few uses, if you get gargling just remove the mouth tip and hold the device like a fishing rod and then flick it sharply a few times, you'll find maybe a small drop of condensation around the mouth tip seat after that, just wipe it away, this clears gargling in all vertical coil devices quickly and easily. After several uses you'll find it happens less as the expansion of the coil (through heat) and the cotton absorption evens it out. I've been using the device for a few weeks now, and find all coils gargle a bit more at the beginning but settle down, and I'm getting around 10 fills from a coil, but that's personal choice. Thanks for the review, I've checked the charging link you sent and no issues, you're fine with that.

  • This could be the vaper you've been looking for! - by Richard, 14 October 2016
    This is a very slick device that ought to hit the sweet spot for most vapers. Of the bigger ecigs from JAC I've tried VGO2 and Series E over the years and the Series S is definitely a nice development. Although the battery packs 900mAh the unit overall feels considerably lighter than expected. Obviously it's less powerful than my Pegasus VV box mod, but so much more portable. The vape experience is surprisingly similar to the box mod, though - nice clean draw and plenty of vapour and flavour. Stripping the options down just to which coil you install seems a nice idea, compared with fiddling with buttons and dials.The direct micro USB socket is also a handy improvement over managing separate charging dongles - no need to remember them, or fight to keep the connectors clean. The Series S tank seemed quite insubstantial at first, but so far no leaks, dribbles or bubbles!

    I'm still a big fan of the autoswitch V3i ecigs for more discreet, hands free vaping, but I might just retire the box mod if the Series S continues to perform this well.

    Definitely a good choice for anyone who wants to up their vaping experience from cigalikes without the faff of other device types!
  • Excellent ! - by Alex, 13 October 2016
    Got mine last night, in black. I already had a Series E. Quality of the S is just as good - maybe even better - and excellent. I get more of a hit with the S? At the moment I'm using both ( no, not at the same time ! ) but I'm developing a preference for the S. I've had the E for nearly two years now and been happy with it. We'll see.

    I nearly forgot. It arrived with a free replacement case for the E. The catch broke. I emailed. All sorted ! Brilliant customer service as always; thank you.
  • get it get it get it get it - by Kev, 12 October 2016
    title says it all get it
  • get lower strength nic - by Lenny, 12 October 2016
    got this on Monday and have been using with my normal 18mg, I had to drop to 12mg as this packs a lot more punch even with the mouth to lung, when I tried the direct lung I could only use 6mg. My advice is get a lower strength VG liquid to get the best from this kit, despite it's size it's a beast, and lowering the nic is always good, never been able to do it with an ego, but no probs with this, top product
  • I love the Series S, it's a nice size, it feels good and looks good. I must say Jac Vapour are the equivalent to Apple product, you just know when you see the box it contains something good. When I saw the box it shouted out quality, when I open the box i - by Susan, 7 October 2016
    Absolutely Love It

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