SERIES-S Starter kit (Black)

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  • This could be the vaper you've been looking for! - by Richard, 14 October 2016
    This is a very slick device that ought to hit the sweet spot for most vapers. Of the bigger ecigs from JAC I've tried VGO2 and Series E over the years and the Series S is definitely a nice development. Although the battery packs 900mAh the unit overall feels considerably lighter than expected. Obviously it's less powerful than my Pegasus VV box mod, but so much more portable. The vape experience is surprisingly similar to the box mod, though - nice clean draw and plenty of vapour and flavour. Stripping the options down just to which coil you install seems a nice idea, compared with fiddling with buttons and dials.The direct micro USB socket is also a handy improvement over managing separate charging dongles - no need to remember them, or fight to keep the connectors clean. The Series S tank seemed quite insubstantial at first, but so far no leaks, dribbles or bubbles!

    I'm still a big fan of the autoswitch V3i ecigs for more discreet, hands free vaping, but I might just retire the box mod if the Series S continues to perform this well.

    Definitely a good choice for anyone who wants to up their vaping experience from cigalikes without the faff of other device types!
  • Excellent ! - by Alex, 13 October 2016
    Got mine last night, in black. I already had a Series E. Quality of the S is just as good - maybe even better - and excellent. I get more of a hit with the S? At the moment I'm using both ( no, not at the same time ! ) but I'm developing a preference for the S. I've had the E for nearly two years now and been happy with it. We'll see.

    I nearly forgot. It arrived with a free replacement case for the E. The catch broke. I emailed. All sorted ! Brilliant customer service as always; thank you.
  • get it get it get it get it - by Kev, 12 October 2016
    title says it all get it
  • get lower strength nic - by Lenny, 12 October 2016
    got this on Monday and have been using with my normal 18mg, I had to drop to 12mg as this packs a lot more punch even with the mouth to lung, when I tried the direct lung I could only use 6mg. My advice is get a lower strength VG liquid to get the best from this kit, despite it's size it's a beast, and lowering the nic is always good, never been able to do it with an ego, but no probs with this, top product
  • I love the Series S, it's a nice size, it feels good and looks good. I must say Jac Vapour are the equivalent to Apple product, you just know when you see the box it contains something good. When I saw the box it shouted out quality, when I open the box i - by Susan, 7 October 2016
    Absolutely Love It
  • yes yes yes. this works. - by Donald , 7 October 2016
    I quite literally could not be happier with this kit. I got it as want to give up fags during stoptober and saw this. Easy peasy - working really well so far, got it yesterday - no fags sihnce. i am feeling confident this could be the end of my habit. love the style of it, love that it's designed in the uk, feels like a proper quality piece of kit - not like the plastic stuff my pals use. thanks jac vapour, you da best.
  • Very Good - by Fiver, 6 October 2016
    bought both the steel and black version of this, the black has a kind of rubber coating and feels very nice in hand, but I think the steel will be harder wearing. I've got 2 tanks so what I've done is setup one for mouth to lung which I use at work and then the other is 0.5 ohm which I use at home in the evening, it's working very well for me and I'm happy with this setup over a big bulky device.
  • nice - by Jen, 6 October 2016
    This is a nice size and seems to work very well. I did not want a box mod like my boyfriend, but it's nice that I can use sub-ohm on this, he tried it and said it's very good considering the size and price and ended up nicking mine while we were out for dinner. A point to note is the sub-ohm uses a lot of eliquid, and this is enough to put me off using it all the time, but it is nice to have the option, although I will probably only use it very occassionally.
  • Very good, looks and feels nice and works very well. - by Dave, 6 October 2016
    Very good product, looks and feels quality in the hand whilst not being too big. Received mine yesterday morning and love that it comes with both a mouth to lung and direct to lung coil as I have been wanting to try direct to lung to see how I find it, great idea. Used it moderately all afternoon and evening and the battery is still showing green so looks like it will last quite some time. Coming from the 510 ego this is a much better product it terms of how it feels, operates and vapour production, and I love the adjustable air flow. My only slight moan would be the tank size, but as we know that is not JAC’s fault but the nanny state that we now live in! And I have to mention the customer service, very good indeed. I made a mistake on my order but a quick email and it was all sorted no problem, a rare thing these days so thankyou Tomas.
  • well made and nice looking with great performance. - by Phil F, 5 October 2016
    Series S arrived yesterday and I've been using the mouth to lung coil since then and have charged once. First impressions is this is a well made ecigarette, for the price I'd go as far as to say the quality is remarkable. Previously I have been on an ego, and I can say vapour wise this blows it out the water, but also on throat hit, I normally vape 18mg but I'm going to have to get some lower strength stuff as the hit is a lot bigger. Battery life is on par with what I'd expect, I had to vape as a pass thru for a small bit at the end of work, so the fact you can still charge and vape is a nice little bonus over something like an ego. If you're a heavy user I think 2 batteries are a must, and they seem to charge in about 2 hrs which is quick, the base does seem to get a little hot while charging but not worryingly so. Overall I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to a new user or somebody looking for a bit more bang for their buck that's currently on an ego. Good value, looks expensive and well made, great performance, not really anything I can mark this down for. Will leave another review concerning the sub-ohm coil once I have given them a test run.

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