SERIES-S Starter kit (Black) + 10ml UK Made E-liquid

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  • Give this series a try and you won't be disappointed. - by Shirley, 29 October 2016
    After starting on batteries with cartomisers, I started on crystal tanks and used these for about 3 years but then decided a change was in order. I was extremely nervous about using this new type what with the coils etc and had always considered these to be a bit fidderly. I must say though that after using these for only a couple of days, they are great and I wish I had started on them earlier. Once you get your head around the working of them, they are excellent.

    If you fancy something new I would absolutely recommend you give these a try. Love them.
  • lovely little kit - by Eve, 28 October 2016
    As below I have been through a few kits, and do own box mods, but just find them too bulky for use at work and out and about. I have also purchased an AIO which although nice had to be returned as the coils kept flooding. This little brute is very simple, no dials, just one button, but it's performance is brilliant, and despite the cheap price it has become my go to ecig over the week I've had it. The draw with the mouth to lung coil is pretty much exactly what I was looking for, and it's just nice to use something that's straight forward and does the job well. Great work from jac
  • Excellent - by David, 27 October 2016
    I've used various vaping kits over the last couple of years from the early 'cigarette look-a-like' types through to expensive vaporisers. The S series is the best I've found. The vapor is plentiful and gives a satisfying draw. Maintaining and refilling the S series is painless and does not require a degree in engineering. The build quality is great, especially considering the very reasonable price. Thoroughly recommended.
  • Excellent product - by David, 25 October 2016
    Just started out vaping.
    This is a great kit and fairly simple to use even for a novice
  • Good device bit started leaking from day 3 - by Iosif, 22 October 2016
    Good kick but... Started leaking significantly (looks like its from the air port or under the atomiser) on days 3 with MTL coil. Mind you, I've been vaping for 6 years so it's very unlikely it's a filling error. Disappointed because otherwise it's a great device...........................JAC Vapour Ltd: it's more likely condensation running back down the airflow and gathering in the base, once it builds up, it will then run out the side of the airflow. Basically take the coil out and clean the base with a paper towel, and get any eliquid out, then replace the coil, also remove the mouth tip and clean out the seat where the mouth tip goes. This should clear any condensation, then when in use, I do this every 2 fills or so, but also in use, if you get any gargling, remove the mouth tip, from the device and give it a few sharp flicks, like a fishing rod, then wipe away away condensation from the top and replace the mouth tip, if you do this whenever you get a bit of gargling it means theres pretty much no build up of the condensation and you won't get the sort of leaking you're talking about. Also at night store it upside down with the mouth tip off and carry it upside down in your pocket where possible, all these things help with vertical coils. Thanks for the review.
  • Awesome - by David, 19 October 2016
    I've had mine for just over a week and it's been great. It's an awesome bit of kit for the price. I haven't had a battery not last me through the day yet. It's got a solid feel to it, it's easy to use and getting to mess around with the airflow and the different coils was nice to experiment with. I have had a slight problem with it gurgling real bad a couple of times but left it to stand upside down for twenty minutes and it was fine....................JAC Vapour Ltd: if you get gurgling just remove the mouth tip and give the ecig a few sharp flicks to remove any build up of condensation in the airflow, that should fix it. I normally have to do it with a brand new coil, but after that it settles down. Standing it up does pretty much the same thing, as the condensation runs back down and is absorbed by the wick, it just takes longer. Thanks for the review and hope the tip helps.
  • Very happy - by Adrian, 18 October 2016
    Had mine for a couple of days. I had the e-series, which I was really happy with, but am a sucker for a new toy! So far so good. It's smaller and lighter than the e-series and seems to pack more punch. Also it is a bit more fierce on the draw - I may try dropping from 12mg to 6mg liquid to see if that is a little more mellow - and seems to be using more liquid. It maybe that I am using it more...
    The batteries last for ages as well.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: if you used 12mg on the SERIES-E, then you should be fine with 6mg on the S, due to the airflow and coil difference it packs a lot more hit, you can also use a higher VG content to smooth out the vape, I use the picNIC pure VG base at 6mg, picNIC is very easy to use, you just choose the base then add the flavour, a bit like mixing up a drink cordial, it's also very cost effective and opens up heaps more flavours, plus you can tailor the strength to suit, hope this helps and thanks very much for the review.
  • fantastic - by Andrew, 17 October 2016
    have had boxes and just wanted something smaller for work and nights out as I don't really vape that much anymore. This little device is a cracker, I am only using the mouth to lung, not bothered about the sub-ohm, been there, done it and it's not for me in the real world, it chews through juice and battery life and is not socially acceptable anywhere I might want to use it. The mouth to lung however is excellent, the coils last ages, and with my light use I'm getting around 3 days out of a battery. No mess no fuss and tiny perfect for my needs.
  • Very Happy! - by Kate, 16 October 2016
    Up to receiving my starter kit shortly after it's launch I had been using the V3i cigalike and felt a bit apprehensive as to whether I'd actually like or be able to manage the Series S. I needn't have worried as, following the instructions in the little manual that came with it, I was soon up and running and vaping happily. I did have a little "incident" with it when I came to refill the tank for the first time and ended up with e-liquid all over myself and the table. This was really because I didn't know how much of the device to take apart and decided to do what I'd done when putting it together originally and took the whole thing to pieces. While I was checking the manual again to confirm that it didn't actually tell you how to refill the tank I accidentally turned it upside down and hey presto the remaining liquid shot out all over me. I also didn't realise that just because you can't see any liquid through the little window it doesn't mean there isn't any still lurking in the bottom! A lesson was learned there! Since then I've discovered how to do it correctly and easily and all has been well.
    My only other concern was the noisy gurgling I was getting. This was happening most of the time and I couldn't figure out why as I was constantly cleaning the parts as directed in the manual and it wasn't until today, when I discovered that more had been added to the help section, that I found the solution(s). One was that I hadn't known that you were supposed to vape with it held upright and not almost horizontally as you would with a cigarette or ecig which is what I was doing and that must have been causing the flooding and gurgling. I realise that this is probably a "no brainer" to experienced vapers but not to me as a beginner with this type of device. I also read a few other tips and things I didn't know about in the solving problems section which I have found to be most helpful and I think I can now look forward to a problem free time with my new purchase and really enjoy it. I am glad I bought the Series S and would definitely recommend it to others thinking of making a change.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review. gargling can be a few things, but if the device is clean, it's normally a bit of build up in the airflow of a bit of excess liquid, remove the mouth tip and flick the device sharply a few times and the excess will flick out wipe the end then re-insert the mouth tip, and it should be good to go. We'll get a video up of it to make it easier, but it happens with most new coils in the type of coil design we have used, it should settle after a couple of fills. I'd also advise storing it upside down over night or in a pocket as this prevents over wicking if sitting for a period of time.
  • how things have changed - by Kevin, 15 October 2016
    bought this for my Dad to try and get him off the fags, and so far he's enjoying it. When I first started vaping kits like this just weren't available and a decent ego cost me £50, now you get something like this for £20, it's amazing how fast things move. Tried the kit myself and I've got to say I can see the attraction, JAC if you make a 22mm version of this I might ditch my mod. Nice to see a company putting out quality new users devices.

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