SERIES-S Starter kit (Black) + 10ml UK Made E-liquid

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  • Great product - by George, 9 February 2017
    Great starter kit, smokes very well. very pleased with this
  • 4 years vaping and this is best yet - by Drumhum, 28 January 2017
    This is a great design. Compact, pocket friendly and robust. I've been using jv 1300mah bats with a mini aero3 tank for over a year and the s-series feels like a proper upgrade. Well worth the money. I love the usb charging. A battery lasts me about 3/4 of a day. As a side note like all ecigs ive had you still have to have paper towels on hand. A refill almost always needs some tidying up. In years to come there is bound to be a design where this messiness is addressed. But we are not there yet. Why do i have to unscrew and practically dismantal the device to refill? Can there not be a clever little refill hole to uncover. But i digress. This is great device and you wont regret getting one.

    Gurgles and leaks - tip!
    As far as i can tell the coil is in a vertical position with the wick wrapped around it. I believe that when you get excessive gurgling, spitting or leaking it is because the wick material has sort of expanded or become freyed so that there are fibres bridging the central air hole/tunnel. If you know what i mean. I find, if you insert a paperclip and sort of stir it around to make the central air space clear, you get a wonderful clear, gurgle free result. And this only needs to be done once to a coil. Any condensation can be sorted by simply tipping the ecig or gently shaking it so that spare juice gets re-absorbed by the wick. Once I dicovered the paper clip thing, making sure the coil has a nice clear central hole, things really improved. Some coils dont need it.

    I would like to see higher ohm coils (yeah i know, not the trend). I like mouth to lung style and i think 1.5ohm would be a bit more relaxed. It would save battery and juice too!.............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and the tips, have never heard the paper clip thing, normally sort mine with a good couple of flicks, I guess this is doing a similar thing. We will introduce more coils soon.
  • Change to series s - by Jacqui, 26 January 2017
    Just ordered my 2nd series s.
    I've been using Jac vapour for approx 4 yrs now Starting (and still using) the cigarette size batteries. I've cut the nicotine levels down and use clear steam liquid as I'm into discreate rather than clouds. I wanted something with more battery life when Sailing/camping. Bought a series e, very good but a little too heavy and cumbersome. The series s is a much better size and I love the battery indicator.
    The reason for only 4 * is the minor issue of a hissing noise with you press the button ( not as discreate as I would like.
    Yet again well done Jac Vapour
  • simple - by Keith, 13 January 2017
    nice and simple, well made and looks good. No complaints at all about the Series S
  • A whole new level - by Richard B, 11 January 2017
    I've just changed over from 510 stuff, and I have to say that the Series S is on a whole new level. Much better designed, much cleaner (with the 510 I always had to have cotton buds and kitchen paper handy), less fiddly to fill, longer battery life. The changing light colour to show the state of charge is such useful idea I'm surprised it hasn't been done before.The only minus point is that it's noticeably noisier than anything else I've used, if that matters. And it delivers such a hit that I'm even thinking of changing to a less strong liquid. This is the goods............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, as a pointer the SERIES-S is far more powerful, even if using the mouth to lung, in comparison to the 510 it's about 40% more power so if you were on 18mg you should be able to drop to 12mg and still get the same hit, if using the 0.5ohm direct lung coil then you can drop way down, to around 6mg from 18mg.
  • great kit for the price - by Yimmy, 6 January 2017
    great kit for the price
  • 5***** Everything I needed and more! - by Emily, 6 January 2017
    I'd been looking into vaping for a while and felt completely befuddled with all the options available! After seeing plenty of reviews online for the S-Series, I decided to go for it ordered it on Xmas day. Even with all the bank holidays in between it arrived a few days later.

    I've never vaped before (or even held a vaping device) but the S-Series was so easy to put together, after 15 minutes I was away and I haven't touched a cigarette since the night before it arrived! The battery life is great, I haven't ran it down to empty yet as I tend to plug it in as soon as I see the blue light, but as a beginner, this kit was everything I needed and more! Just about to make a second purchase so that I have a spare. Thanks Jac Vapour for helping me ditch the cigs!
  • Such a great product =) - by Richard, 20 December 2016
    Really really pleased with this. Have been vaping for nearly 3 years after quitting real cigarettes and have been using similar tanks from other well known manufacturers and have always been relatively happy but fancied a change as the products i was receiving from my previous supplier didnt have the quality they once had. Did a lot of research online and JAC Vapour kept popping up in the top 3 of most lists. Im not a fan of huge mods, cloud chasing or devices with lots of settings but i wanted a decent capacity battery at a reasonable price, so i landed on the Series S starter kit and couldnt be happier.
    I bought both the black and silver kits just because i like to have 2 flavours and batteries on me.
    The product is extremely easy to take apart, put together, fill up and use. Very well made and feels substantial when holding and using, really can see and feel the quality of the product.
    I prefer the MTL coils but the DL ones are still good just not my preferance and they use a lot more liquid. The MTL lasts a really good time and provides a great throat hit as well as a decent about of vapour.
    I did have a little issue with the coils flooding but the fantastic customer services replaced the coils and wasted liquid so cant fault them. Ive found that if i hold the device in between a horizontal and 45° angle and burn for 1/2 a second or so before drawing on it the coil collects much less liquid and condensation and i have to flick it and clean it less.
    Finally the price for the quality of the product and the customer service received is second to none! I would defy anyone to find a better product in this range for the same price. Fantastic, would recommend to anyone.
  • Wow, What you waiting for its here, wow - by James, 13 December 2016
    Wow, just wow... Jacvapour

    I've used alot of your different kits from the original mini tanks up to the e series, and by far jacvapour have done it again, amazing kit on the S series... I've had people asking me about it and every time I've given them a jacvapour card as I have a few, would of loved to get the 2nd battery for £2 less with the kit but when I ordered it there was not in stock to add with the kit

    People out there thinking or reading this as to witch to get... I can guarantee you will not be disappointed great MTL, the DL is alittle cooler then expected (my personal thoughts)

    Under £20 well recommended
  • goodbye box - by Felix, 9 December 2016
    bought one of these to use out at the pub instead of taking my box mod, as I thought it would be a good back up and not that expensive to lose. I had actually forgotten how simple a device can be, and over the last year I seem to have bought more expensive and more complicated devices each time, when in reality all I need is pretty simple. I don't want to build coils, I don't want massive sizes, I don't need temp control and I don't want to carry a bag around just for my vaping habit. This means I have to do none of that, and still get a very very good vape, in something I can carry in a pocket without looking lopsided. 10/10 for this little device and 15/10 for the price of it.

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