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Vox Wick and Coil

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VOX Wick and Coil

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    Replacement coils for use with the Vox tank. Supplied in packs of 5.

    These are compatible only with our Vox bottom-coil tanks. Coils typically last for around 8-10 refills before they need to be replaced.

    Our new PT3-S Vox coils replace the old style 1.8Ohm coils.

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1.8Ohm PT3-S Coil (Vox) - Pack of 5

Was: £8.95

Now: £2.50

2.8Ohm Wick and Coil (Vox) - Pack of 5

Customer Reviews for the VOX Wick and Coil

  • PT3-S Much better than others - by DentyheadSpen, 11 February 2016
    I have not long ago switched to the PT3-S coils, much much better, I was having odd problems with the other coils either not lasting very long or leaking through quite badly into the mouthpiece (I am a heavy vaper as I was smoking 30plus a day, now have 2-3 a day) My advice to anyone similar to me would be to get the PT3-s coils and turn the voltage down on your battery as the coil quality is so so much better, lasts me upto 3 weeks, sometimes the other coils would only last three days!
  • 2.4Ohm - by Paul, 22 September 2015
    I hope it's not because I had a faulty tip but the 2.4ohm are terrible. I all had was a burning taste, throat burn rather than good throat hit. the latter being weak. And why did I get these ones and not the 1.8Ohm tips? Because they've been out of stock for a while now and not happy. 2.40 suck!...............JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi Paul, the VOX 1.8ohm coil has actually been replaced by the new PT3s, they are effectively the same design and work the same way, they should have been added to this listing but we missed it, I'll get support to contact you concerning the matter.
  • no more burnt taste - by william, 8 May 2015
    Having just changed over to the VOX tank and bottom fed tank wick/coil i love it.
    Using the 2.4ohm coil gives a great cloud of vapour using VG fluid and a nice mild taste.
    With the VOX wick/coil being bottom fed you dont need to keep turning your ecig up to get fluid onto the wick.
    I would also say that thad VOX tank and the bottom fed wick/coil are very ecconomical as 1 full 1.6ml tank will last me a whole day where as the crystal tank i used before would required filled twice a day
  • Excellent - by simon, 9 February 2015
    having bought many of these particularly 2.5 ohm these are great, last a good amount of time, and so easy to replace and produce good throat hit and vapour. However I don't know if this is just my luck but i have found some to not work after one or two refills, so make sure there are plenty spare
  • Fantastic! - by gareth, 9 February 2015
    Haven't gone back to using my nova tank with long wicks since going to the vox with bottom mounted coils.
    Excellent flavour and Vape, plus they seem to last a heck of a lot longer too before needing to be replaced.
    Using the 2.5ohm setup and is now my go to tank/wick setup. 5/5 easily.
  • good for me - by chris, 8 February 2015
    always have some waiting their call into action, a simple wick to replace and does the job, never a dry vape
  • Step up from Crystal - by Chris, 22 September 2014
    The bottom coil setup on these is much better than standard coil. Less chance of running dry so lasts longer and saves you £££'s. Also gives better taste and vapour. Use 2.5 ohm as 1.8 gives less flavour and the 2.8 has a weak throat hit even with 18mg Juice
  • Great - by Jon, 23 August 2014
    So much easier to use than the older wicks. They last much longer too.

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