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Rebuildable Nova Tank (Vgo2)

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    These tanks are a single rebuildable Nova Tank, compatible with our Vgo2 range of batteries. They contain no filler and as they are clear it's easy to judge when your tank needs to be refilled.

    The tanks come in a box and are fitted with a 2.4Ohm coil, but also 2 additional spare coils are included at 1.8Ohm and 2.8Ohm.

    The 1.8Ohm coil may cause a burnt taste with some e-liquids when used with a standard manual Vgo2 battery that is freshly charged.

    Each coil will last about ten refills before you need to replace it. Keeping your wick and coils soaked in e-liquid will ensure you get a great lifespan out of the wick and coil. You can purchase replacement wick and coils here.

    Use with the eliquids available for sale on the site.

    The standard mouth tip that comes with the tank, can also be replaced with the other mouth tips we sell, any mouth tip that works with a 510 tank or our V3 cartomizers will also work as a mouth tip for these tanks. Take a look at our polished stainless steel mouth tip for a very finished look.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the difference in size between the 2ml and 3.5ml versions, replacement housings and caps are not interchangeable.

    These are not compatible with our JAC 510 range of batteries.

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Replacement 2ml Smoked Black Plastic Nova Tank Housing Only

Replacement 2ml Nova Tank Top and Mouth Tip (Black)

Replacement 3.5ml Clear Plastic Nova Tank Housing Only

Replacement 3.5ml Smoked Black Plastic Nova Tank Housing Only

Replacement 3.5ml Nova Tank Top and Mouth Tip (Black)

Replacement 3.5ml Nova Tank Centre Post

Customer Reviews for the Rebuildable Nova Tank (Vgo2)

  • Brilliant tanks - by lucinda, 16 March 2017
    Really happy with this tank. I thought I'd change from cartomizers and glad I did.
  • Preferred - by glyn, 25 August 2015
    Much easier to fill than the crystal tanks and able to see exactly how much e liquid is in them.
  • superb tank - by chris, 8 February 2015
    never had a problem with leaking, have both the 2 and 3.5ml, the latter for the evenings at home. the 2ml by far is the easier to live with out and about
  • Too many problems... - by Liam, 11 November 2014
    Not sure if I've just been unlucky with these tanks but so far its been constant problems. Jac have been nothing but helpful so I can't knock the customer service but have had yet another problem with the bottom of the tank coming out of place today. Each time results in a lot of juice and time wasted and this time a very messy phone and pocket
  • Great size, works great, occasionally leaky - by John, 30 October 2014
    Like these a lot, the size is great (even the smaller version, can't imagine how long the bigger one would last) and with the 1.8 coils the output is awesome. I do find the lid a little messy, always seems to be a bit of juice in the screw threads so it needs wiping when you fix it back on, and the mouthpiece can get loose too. On one I've found the screw thread holding the plastic tank housing to the base seems to be loose (keeps on spinning around, and leaks a little), but the other I have is fine in this regard. Very happy though, and will try a (very cheap) replacement housing to see if that helps, as i plan to keep on using these for some time.
  • Great little step up - by Tracey, 14 October 2014
    updated from the crystal tanks to this version - unfortunately I have damaged quite a few in my time - so cannot comment on general durability - they are a great step up from the crystal tanks and have been smoke free from 10 months by using this system - nice and easy to use - but I find I have to keep them filled to the top to get the best out of them - that said ,they have never let me down
  • Amazing - by Jud, 3 September 2014
    iIuse the 3.5 Nova Tank which lasts me all day no leaks, easy refill and i really like the amount of vapour/throat hit i get from these, they seem to last me alot longer than what is stated as long as you keep them clean. Non smoker since march 2014!
  • Jac Vapour in General / Nova Tanks - by Tin Tin, 31 August 2014
    I have purchased a lot of e ciggs before, I am not dissapointed with the products or service especially when your uncertain about making a purchase with

    I was extremely happy with the product came as requested / purchased and also comes with different types of wicks to ensure your always getting a smooth vapour.

    Would highly recommend to those who have the VV battery and will definately without a doubt be back to purchase more.
  • Impressed - by Mike, 2 May 2014
    First day of using the mini Nova tank and have to say it's been my best vaping experience to date. Only got into this vaping malarkey a week ago and thanks to Jac Vapour I'm close to finding my ideal setup. There were a few issues with my order (wrong items sent) so sent an email and had a reply within minutes. That's great customer service and has instilled much confidence. The Nova tank is worth it. No leaks, nice vape and more flavour than any other I've tried so far. Hopefully it'll stand the test of time but with the replaceable parts I'm sure it'll do a good job with a bit of due care and attention. If you're yet to try a Nova tank don't miss out!
  • Smart - by Jane, 22 April 2014
    Switched to these from the bulkier long wicked rebuildable tanks. I think they look sleeker than the other model.

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