Real Tobacco Silver UK Made (PG)

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Real Tobacco Silver UK Made E-liquid (PG)

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    Our mild or light tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Steeped in tobacco to create a tobacco essence this e-liquid delivers a realistic smoky aftertaste with no sweetness. A lighter alternative to Real Tobacco Gold, which has been described as, 'Not for the faint hearted'.

    When Real Tobacco Gold was released it was a big hit with vapers. After hearing back reports that some people found it too overpowering, we did some more research and developed Real Tobacco Silver. Similar to Real Tobacco Gold, Real Tobacco Silver is a paired back and softer true tobacco flavour, making it lighter on the palate. This flavour is certainly a favourite amongst our customers and is recommended for those searching for a true tobacco flavoured vape.

    • 70% PG, 30% VG.
    • UK Made in labs near London
    • Available in Trace - Less than 1mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg

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    Note: If you have an intolerance to PG (Propylene Glycol), we do offer a range of VG (Vegetable Glycerine) based e-liquids which may better suit your requirements. For more information on allergies and PG versus VG e-liquid, visit our E-liquid Help section.

    All of our e-liquids are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality ingredients, and are fully TPD compliant. Check out our Product Safety Information page for more information on JAC Safety procedures.

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18mg - High - Real Tobacco Silver UK MADE - 10ml

Customer Reviews for the Real Tobacco Silver UK Made E-liquid (PG)

  • Noooooooo!!! - by Jenni, 24 July 2017
    I bought one on the strength of there being more very good reviews than bad, my motto is "you can't please all of the people all of the time" unfortunately., I'm not one of the pleased, this didn't smell like bacon crisps to me, I like bacon crisps! This smelled DISGUSTING, I can't tell you how disgusting! It made me feel physically sick. There was nothing I liked about it, I did persevere to see if I would get used to it, but no, not to be.
  • Bacon Crisps?!?! - by Ch1vpH, 30 May 2017
    So I too bought this off the back of everyone's comments too, and was slightly confused over the smell of the liquid in the bottle.

    To me, it smells exactly like 'Bacon Flavored Crisps' & no not was not a good thing! It wasn't too bad on the exhale after a couple of puffs (that's if you try not to taste it on the 1st couple that is)....but mainly the inhale and anything that comes into contact with it up until the 3rd or 4th exhale is grossly overwhelmed by bacon crisps!! I tried mixing it, but had to bin coil & clean tank/mouthpiece twice!
  • Love it. - by andy, 29 March 2017
    Love this. Have tried a couple of others in the short time I've been using e-cigs but this is likely to be my go to liquid in the future.
  • Not what i expected, now have a full bottle I'm not going to use - by Fred, 17 March 2017
    I am quite disappointed by the flavour of this. Not what i was expecting after the other comments.
  • well my liquid just came today after trying so man different ones and different mods wasting so much money i went back on the fags 40 a day ive got my tank filled ready to go so will keep yous updated as i went on the reviews of this one fingers crossed - by linda, 14 March 2017
    well my liquid just came today after trying so man different ones and different mods wasting so much money i went back on the fags 40 a day
    ive got my tank filled ready to go so will keep yous updated as i went on the reviews of this one fingers crossed.......................JAC Vapour: I hope this works for you, and remember our customer service are always here to help, it's not easy giving up and people always have questions when they start with a device, so contact us if you need any help. Good luck.
  • Great e-liquid - by Lee, 4 November 2016
    This is the first e-liquid I bought and it was a great one to start with. It's a tasty e-liquid that's reminiscent of tobacco, but it doesn't taste exactly like the real thing. It's very smooth and has a slight sweetness to it. Would definitely buy again, once I've tried the rest!
  • Found my new fave mix so far !!! - by Elboyo , 25 October 2016
    Just tried the teal tobacco lite 18mg nicotine pg 80/ 20 which is great on its own, so i vaped half of the tank i put in my epuffer 629 R2 e- pipe and thought well i will try the Strawberry chew from jacvapour, so i refilled tank with Strawberry chew so had half of each. Wow its a revelation it has just the right amount of throat hit without making you get that tickly cough you can sometimes get, absolutely love it and now i honestly think i can give up the roll ups after 31 years of smoking the coffin nails, my advice is don't be afraid to experiment with real tobacco flavours and the fruit flavours mixed together. I am getting right in to mixing up different flavours and jacvapour make the best i have tried. Superb !!!

  • OH YES!! - by Paul, 15 October 2016
    Just about finished my supply of real tobacco lite, yes I've ordered some more! So, what was it like? Well I can honestly say I was impressed, I've tried several different brands of 'tobacco' eliquid and none were as good as this. The only one that came close was one that I ordered from a supplier in California (much more expensive, especially when you factor in delivery costs). So the upshot is don't bother shopping around and wondering what your purchase will be like - buy from Jacvapour and be assured of the quality and speed of service. Nice one Jac!!
  • Nice daily - by Daniel, 22 September 2016
    Great smooth flavour and nice finish unlike many tobacco flavours. I mix it with JAC vg menthol to get a bit more Vapour. I used to smoke roll ups with a menthol filter, but they taste foul in comparison on the odd occasion I have one these days!
    Another great product from JAC
  • Best e liquid. - by Michael, 16 September 2016
    Best e liquid. I was smoking for 30+ years, enjoyed, but wanted to give up for health reasons. I must have tried every vamping product, without any real success. I tried the real tobacco, and haven't looked back. Now have just the very occasional cigarette, and enjoy this liquid. I went away in the summer and ran out of liquid, so bought various liquids from a high street. They were all absolutely disgusting, and I went back to fags until I returned home. Jacvapour real tobacco lite is ( imo ) the best by a mile, and is the only one I use.

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