3 of our 50ml picNIC bases
picNIC 3 Base Box

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picNIC 3 Base Box

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Customer Reviews for the picNIC 3 Base Box

  • Excellent stuff. - by Colin, 2 June 2017
    Quality at a good price, buy this!
  • Love it. - by Lee, 12 February 2017
    Love this stuff and have been a regular customer since I discovered it. Wonder what will happen with the bottle size of the base with TPD?...............................JAC Vapour Ltd: tHanks for the review, and we are working something out for TPD at present, we may have a month or 2 while the 50ml are juts replaced by 5x10ml but we are working on a more practical solution as well.
  • Brilliant - by Lee, 1 December 2016
    Love the stuff, I'm hooked! Easy to mix and match your own flavours and strengths.
  • Great range to choose from - by MATT, 16 August 2016
    Decided to try out the 3 base box and was impressed by the choice of strength and ratios. Previously used 6mg in pre-mixed liquid so was great to have the choice to reduce even further to 3mg (tried zero previous and too weak). Also good having choice to improvise with PG/VG Ratios. End result was juice which tasted just like the pre-made liquid. Added bonus is it works out cheaper too. Great work JAC!
  • value for money - by Graham, 8 August 2016
    Great value for money in the box set ,and picnic let's you control the strength of your chosen flavour.
  • Excellent - by Cambridge, 24 June 2016
    love the Pure VG option, it's so smooth.
  • a few problems with the picnic liquids - by lisa, 19 June 2016
    I thought I would try The coffee and caramel and a12 strength nicotine, a few things I found it really hard to pull up the liquid using your syringe or needs some extender as I nearly lost all my liquids tipping the bottle. Also did 8ml of base and 1 each of my 2 flavours all I could taste was Nicotine it actually made me feel sick, I have added another 1 of each and is a little better but not as flavoursome as when bought ready made??? ...................JAC Vapour Ltd: it sounds like you are trying to draw the liquid up from the bottle with the syringe, this is incorrect, please consult the instructions as it explains it clearly, you pour the mix into the syringe, as in you remove the plunger, place the syringe cap on the bottom and pour the eliquid in upto 8ml, you then add the flavouring the same way. It's very, very easy. If you are trying to insert the syringe into the bottle to pull up the base, it'll be messy and inaccurate, which probably explains your issues. There's also a how to guide on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSp_ZP902N8
  • Great Flavour but going through wicks like no tomorrow. - by Chris, 31 May 2016
    I recently purchased your Picnic E liquid in 70/30 PGVG....the problem is it seems to be going through wicks like there is no tomorrow! I am using your series B tilt with Previuosuly with your e liquid (not the Picnic version) they would last for a good couple of weeks....

    Currently a wick will last not longer that a week the max when the draw becomes impossible. Is this a common fault or am I doing something wrong? I have alternated wicks and both have resulted in less than a week. Even used the liquid in another manufacturers e cig with variable voltage etc. and that doing it as well. So the common theme here is the e liquid.

    Whats going on?......................................JAC Vapour: Hi Chris, this should be no different from the standard range, so it could be a few bad coils, have you tested the coils with anything else? Also the draw shouldn't become impossible, at worst it would burn out or leak, so I am not sure why airflow is being reduced, check there is not a build up in the base that is blocking the air inlets, however I don't think this is the issue, it sounds like a few bad coils. Try some from a different packet, and get Customer service to replace any that are bad, the JOC coils are hand made so maybe somebody has wicked a few too tightly.
  • added up wrong in the last post - by Richard, 18 May 2016
    you get 90ml for £3
  • BIG SAVING - by Richard, 18 May 2016
    3 X 30ml pre made liquids = £36 ish

    3 X 50ml base + 3 X 10ml flavours = £39 ish

    I love the strawberry chew flavour and it tastes exactly the same (better as you can customise the strength of the flavour (by adding more or less) to your liking and add others) so I'm basically getting 80ml of e liquid for £3.


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