Which E-liquid Range is For Me?

One of the biggest attractions of vaping is that there’s such a wide array of e-liquids (or e-juices, oils and vape juices as they're also known) out there, and it’s not just the flavours that makes them so different. If you’ve been looking at our selection and don’t know where to start, or even if you fancy trying something different but can’t decide which to go for, you’d be forgiven! That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to all of our ranges:

Standard Range
Standard RangeClassic flavours at low prices. Perfect for those of you just starting out with vaping, our Standard e liquid is mixed to a 50/50 PG/VG ratio to give you a great balance between throat hit and flavour. This range also has a wide selection of different tobacco flavours, ranging from the smoky Tobacco Virgin to the sweeter Tobacco, so you’ll be sure to find a flavour that’s close to your preferred cigarette brand. Ideal for use in any of our vape tanks, or to fill our cartomizers.

Premium Range – High PG
Premium RangeIf you’d like even more of a throat hit from your vape juice, then our High PG Premium e-juices are for you. This range contains 70% PG and just 30% VG, and the high PG content gives you that satisfying hit at the back of your throat. These liquids are best suited to cartomizers or any of our Mouth-To-Lung tanks. Using a High PG e-liquid with Direct Lung tanks may feel too harsh for some, however.

Premium Range – High VG
Premium High VGPrefer big clouds and silky smoothness from your vape? Go for our High VG Premium e-juice, then. The high VG content of these liquids delivers much less throat hit and produces thick, full clouds of vapour. As the liquid itself is thicker, we recommend using them with our SERIES-S or SERIES-B kits.

Clear Steam Vapourless
Clear Steam VapourlessNeed to be discreet when you vape? Our Clear Steam range uses only PG (and a little distilled water) in its mix, so that it produces very little vapour which fully dissipates before you’ve even exhaled. This makes it perfect for when you don’t want anyone to know you’re vaping, and these juices work well in any MTL kit.

picNICOk, so you know what PG/VG ratio you prefer, but maybe you’re still looking for that perfect flavour, or you just want to save some money? Our picNIC range features a number of unflavoured bases in a range of ratios and nicotine strengths. Simply mix in one or more of our flavour shots, and you have your e-juice. With a whopping 45 flavour shots available, which can be used on their own or in any combination you choose, you can really get creative… and it even works out much cheaper than our pre-mixed e-liquids.

Liquid Zwo
Liquid ZwoNow, this is a range for the more sophisticated palate. Liquid Zwo features two wild flavours which couldn’t be more different. Will you try the sweet and creamy Kitten’s Breath, or the fizzy and tangy Snake Kiss? Mixed to a 50/50 ratio, this e-juice range is perfect for any device or kit.