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Kanger Geni Aero Tank Mega

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    Due to new rules which came into effect on May 20th, the Kanger Toptank Mini has been discontinued. If you're looking for a high performance and stylish alternative, we'd recommend checking out the TPD-compliant S-17 Tank or S-22 Tank instead.

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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £6.50

Customer Reviews for the Kanger Geni Aero Tank Mega

  • Poor Design - by Onur, 11 February 2017
    Made of quality material, has a solid touch and feel. However it has a major design issue where the opening between the air flow base and the coil is too wide, hence e-liquid easily leaks into the hole at the bottom of the tank and turns the vaping experience into a bubbling annoyance. I end up having to dismantle and clean it 4-5 times a day. A bit annoyed by this.
    Not mentioning the easily lost rubber band mouth tip. Ordered 3 extra red ones (somehow black colour isn't sold separately) and already 2 more of them.........................JAC Vapour Ltd: The coils should be fine, I only use the JOC coils with mine and get no leaks, I would suggest contacting customer service as the tank shouldn't leak, if coils need replaced please ask for the JOC coils instead and see if this helps.
  • Perfect - by Richard, 8 October 2016
    I decided to spend a bit more and I'm so glad I purchased my B-Series Tilt.
    Went with the aero geni tank and it's just what I wanted. I didn't want to have a mobile smoke machine but it's probably as much vapour you'd get from abnormal cigerette. And also having the choice of turning the power down the air flow reduces the vape quite a bit should you desire it.
    A lovely piece of kit and feels solid.
    Communication with the sales team was awesome and filled me with confidence.
    I fully recommend. ..................................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, I suggest you get the JOC coils with this setup as you'll notice a really benefit to taste and vapour.
  • Very good tank, with some minor niggles. - by Simon, 6 September 2016
    Used on my B-Tilt, extremely happy. Very good flavour, and good (but not ostentatious) clouds. No issues with leakage or bubbling. On the downside: the provided mouthpiece is too short and the rubber bungs come off too easily. I have replaced my tip with a longer metal one from my older (now unused) TW Odyssey, and whilst it does not seat the full length of the insert, it sits well and firmly and does not leak. Also on both my tanks I have occasionally had issues with removing the base/airflow ring to refill, as it is small and can be hard to get purchase on. All that happens is the glass starts to unscrew instead, necessitating taking the glass off and then using 2 pairs of pliers and a teatowel to separate the lower assembly. Might I suggest that the glass be reverse-threaded, so that when struggling with the lower assembly the glass actually tightens instead of loosens? Either that or a small tool that fits into the airflow cut-out to enable better grip and leverage?
  • easy to clean - by d.senkal, 26 August 2016
    its really good large tank . easy to clean .i glad to using it
  • cheap, easy to use tank - by Ben, 26 August 2016
    Great tank , simple to use and does not leak
  • Great tank - by Rick, 16 July 2016
    I got 3 of these when I bought my tilt just over two weeks ago, and I'm very impressed. There hasn't been any leakage on any of them, there is no loss of flavour or vapour in that time, and they are really very easy to take apart and refill. The best thing about them, however, is the adjustable airflow. At full airflow the vapour comes through without any restriction, like breathing. If you turn the airflow down to 2 holes then it is much more like actually inhaling smoke from a cigarette. That's sometimes what I want and I'm loving having the option...................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, I suggest also trying the JOC coils for this tank, as you can crank it up to 18 watts, and still have great taste.
  • Great tank - by Ben, 24 June 2016
    Switched to this from the sub-tank and am far happier. If you like smoking with a normal drag then this is the tank for you, don't be lured by sub-ohm, it had me coughing and spluttering and crashes through the liquid, also I found it impossible to use in office and other places in a discreet manner. This tank however you can mouth inhale, you ain't going to win any cloud chasing competitions but you still get plenty thick, great tasting vapour, also you can use discreetly if needed and also a tank lasts a couple of days rather than a few hours. So glad I found this tank, I was beginning to think everybody had given up on normal users that don't want to be mini fog machines.
  • Mega tank - by Justin, 27 May 2016
    Got this with the tilt, and it matches very nicely. Its hard to find a tank that is actually proper mouth inhale these days, everything has gone sub-ohm and this and the nautilus mini are about the only 22mm tanks I know that provide this. Couple this with the JOC coils and you get a great value, exceptionally good simple to use tank. I have deducted a star as the coil that comes with it is pants, however I also got the JOC coils and they s***t all over the standard coils, so stick to them if you want to see the full capabilities of this tank, particularly with a higher powered device like the series-b. I can run a JOC coil at 6v or 19 watts in this and the results are fantastic, the standard coils leak and can't run above 14 watts, so stay clear. Also the rubber moth tip ring is a nice touch and I have grown very fond of it, I pretty much use it as my standard tip on all tanks now.
  • Not happy - by Joao Diogo, 24 May 2016
    Leaks a lot and feel always a funny iron burnt taste.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Please contact customer service as I use the tank myself and have never experienced a leak unless the coil was not properly installed. I am also not sure of the burnt taste, but this is normally from running a coil dry (a dry burn). It depends on your setup entirely, but standard coils cannot be run at over 12-14 watts, the JOC coils can be run at around 17watts, on some liquids as high as 19 watts.
  • Really smart - by Kane, 18 May 2016
    Looks awesome on my B tilt, advise to get the JOCs they change the game, you can crank up the coil to around 18 watts for thick dense vapour whit plenty of kick and flavour. Have dropped from 18mg down to 6mg with this setup. Have tried the subtanks and just can't get on with them, they drink juice and are quite pricey, plus you can't use them discreetly at work, or anywhere really.

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