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Arymi Gille Tank Version 2

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  • Description

    The new, updated Arymi Gille Tank V2 is being distributed exclusively in the UK by JAC Vapour thanks to our partnership with Arymi.

    If you're looking for a high-performance, sub-ohm tank which offers superior performance and easy coil replacement, look no further. The Arymi Gille Tank is the ideal choice for those looking for a hard-wearing sub-ohm tank.

    With features including a unique, easy to replace and re-wick coil design, leak resistance and compact form, the Gille is a fantastic all-rounder and the perfect partner for our SERIES-B.

    Arymi Gille Tank V2 Features

    • Dimensions: 22mm x 51mm (excluding drip tip and 510 connector)
    • 3ml capacity
    • Suitable for use between 25-65W
    • Easy coil replacement
    • Top-fill design
    • Leak and condensation resistant
    • 510 connector
    • Huge clouds and fantastic flavour
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Availability: Out of stock

As low as: £3.99

Customer Reviews for the Arymi Gille Tank Version 2

  • Great flavour tank but NOT on a Tilt. - by WardyGTC, 4 May 2017
    One of the best tanks I have ever used for flavour. The airflow is perfect for me (restricted lung hit) despite not being adjustable. Filling could be easier but the unique, rewickable coils make up for that. Despite what JAC Vapour suggest this tank is NOT a good match for the Tilt mod, the way the airflow is designed it is bound to leak if left at an angle for prolonged periods. All the reviews complaining about leaks are due to poor matching and not a fault of the tank. Mine has never leaked.
  • Nice Vapour but not without its problems. - by Gary, 28 April 2017
    This was my first Direct to lung tank, i love the vapour and ease of use but for me that is where it ends. unlike most other tanks these do not like and position except vertical, I have had a lot and i do mean a lot of leakage with this tank and after contacting customer services kept being told it was condensation! I thought fair enough and carried on with it, then had two recently filled tanks completly empty in my pocket. I contacted customer services again and this time i was told that the tank should not be laid down or carried in a pocket or the like, hence why i am getting sticky pockets! So if like me you want to move/travel around do not go for this tank but take the S17 or S22 instead, thats where I am now heading.
  • Great tank - by Lee, 24 April 2017
    Great tank for price and you can rewick the coils as well. May buy another before tpd is in set
  • I enjoyed the first one so much, I bought another. - by Wryly, 20 April 2017
    I don't have too much to add, but after breaking the glass on my original (thankfully there's a replacement in the box), I thought that I should buy another, as it's by far my favourite tank. It may not be the biggest maker of clouds, but it's better than many, and it's not my priority.
    I've noticed a few remarks about leaking, but have to agree that it's probably more just a build up of condensation. Far be it for me to teach people to suck eggs, but after using e-cigs for eight years, I think I can offer a tip to minimise this problem for this and any other tank.
    When you draw on your e-cig, I've noticed that many people keep the button pressed, firing their e-cig right to the end of their draw, or even beyond. Try to get into the habit of releasing the button a second before you finish drawing and you will inhale all the vapour produced, rather than have it condense in the chamber. If you have a habit of pressing the button too long, try blowing in the vents after your draw, and you will see how much vapour is still in the chamber after an inefficient draw. Good practice will minimise the amount of condensation leakage in this, or any other tank, including liquid build up in the mouthpiece........................JAC Vapour Ltd: Nice tips, I am also a fan of the flick to clear pretty much any tank, and kind of do it as habit when using an ecig now. Thanks for the review.
  • A real shame, good value tank & coils let down by flawed design. So dissapointed - by philip, 30 March 2017
    Firstly, I was so disappointed that this tank didn't work out. The flavour was great (Jac Vape Tobacco Light.... which in my view is the best tobacco liquid you can buy) and the coils lasted way longer that in my previous tank that had Kanger dual-coils (1 coil = 1 day). The problem is, this tank continually leaks, constantly all the time. I think part of the problem could be that the inner tubes that connect to the air holes are not angled downwards to direct condensation back into the wick. I have this mounted on a series-B tilt which I think exasperates the problem......................JAC Vapour Ltd: I think if this leaks it is condensation build up, as I don't see where else it could come from, I use this tank and clean the condensation out of the airflow chamber every time I fill and don't seem to get any issues. I would suggest contacting Customer service and they will help. Thanks very much for the review.
  • Great looking tank, easy coil replacement but not fit for purpose when it leaks. - by Paul, 23 March 2017
    I bought this with the B series tilt kit 2 months ago, Build quality of the tank is great as well as the taste and the amount of vapour it produces. The coils last a good time compared to others and are easy to change ........ BUT after changing the coil for the 3rd time I found it was leaking from the air vents so thought I must have over filled it so stripped down cleaned all parts minus seals (obviously) in ultrasonic tank, dried. re-built with another new coil but it still leaked, but now it appeared as if from the base of the glass tank ......... So repeated the cleaning but re-built with new glass tank and the new spare seals ..... still leaking !!!
    After reading a couple of reviews regarding tightening I went through the above again!! but tightened as much as physically possible but it still leaks. Have given up with this tank now, I was going to contact customer support to return but as it`s only £12 it would not be worth the hassle. I guess you get what you pay for and out of all my tanks this is the only one to leak as well as the cheapest, disappointing as they say it is leak proof. ....................JAC Vapour Ltd: this tank shouldn't leak, it sounds like you are doing everything right though, if you are continuing to have problems contact customer service, maybe a tank like the S-22 would be a better option, and we would be happy to replace or help get it working. I have had a few Gille returned, and what does happen is there is a build up of condensation in the airflow chamber, this then cause what looks like a leak from the air holes, if this is happening, then make sure and clean the air flow bit with cotton every time you fill, it seems to happen with some users where as others are fine. Also flicking the device can help clear the condensation.
  • great tank great looks great price and buy - by david, 1 March 2017
    love this tank looks great with series-b tilt great price to thinking of buying other 2 colours as these look and work great
  • Buy it - by Martin, 23 February 2017
    Excellent tank performs brilliantly well recommended. I researched this tank with several you tube reviewers and glad i followed their advice
    great Flavour and large clouds.
  • A great little tank - by Wryly, 30 January 2017
    I was looking for a tank to go with my Tesla Three. Up until buying this I'd been using the tank from my old SubVod which I found a little harsh at 0.5 Ohm, so despite it's compatibility, it wasn't really necessary to look for something that would work at 0.1 Ohm, and I thought that this would do the trick.
    It does. It's a much smoother vape than the SubVod tank and a better vapour producer, with good flavour. The coils are nice and sturdy, and it's easy to replace the cotton if you want to be rid of a previous, strong flavoured e-liquid. The kit comes with 3 coils and 5 packs are well priced too. It also comes with a spare glass tanks, o-rings, cotton and a couple of silicon rings. I'm not sure what they're for, but you can use them to restrict the air-flow on the vents, as there is no air-flow adjustment. That said, I'm a mouth to lung vaper, and I removed the ungainly wide-boy mouthpiece and swapped it for a steel, narrow version, so as well as looking a lot sexier, it's about the perfect draw for me.
    Unlike Kevin's review up top, I've not had any troubled with leaking and I do have a habit of lying the Tesla on it's side, so maybe it's a question of liquid viscosity. I make my own and it's usually about 60%+ VG and have no problems. Refilling, I've noticed some liquid in the top, around the vent tubes, but still not noticed a problem.
    All in all a very nice tank that uses sturdy, easy to replace coils. I'd recommend it for batteries knocking out 20 watts and over in general though. Less than that, performance is muted a little.
  • It leaks. A lot. - by Kevin, 24 January 2017
    A great little tank, that produces clouds of vapour at a very reasonable price. Let down only by the fact that it leaks like a sieve. Lay it on it's side, and you'll come back to it sitting in a puddle of fluid. Fill it half up and walk with it, the liquid leaks out of the vents. Store it upright in your jacket pocket and the same. Take the top off to refill, and there is a puddle of fluid in the vent layer. There are plenty of comments on the web that it whistles due to the four vents .... I'd be up for that, rather than the gurgling of leaking fluid.................JAC Vapour: When I was testing this tank the leaking was reported on one of the test units, and when we examined it we could not see why, it turned out the tank this user had a bit stiffer to tighten, and it juts needed a firm tighten and the issue never reappeared, and we left it full and sitting in various positions for many days with no leak. I suggest trying this, and if it does not work then get in contact with customer service and they'll help. As with all tanks you do get condensation build up over time, but that only causes leaking if not cleared for a few days, but it sounds like this could be part of the issue, i certainly didn't have this issue with the tank I was testing and I've not seen it reported elsewhere yet, by our customers. thanks for the review and I hope the info helps, if not please contact CS and we try other options.

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