510 Aero / Geni Tank Help Guide

  • About

    Each of the Protank series features glueless construction and a Pyrex glass chamber. All tanks in this range are fitted with bottom dual coil atomiser heads, which means a smoother, more consistent vape. While all of these tanks are some of the best on the market and offer a quality build, the Aero Tank and Geni Aero Tank have the added feature of adjustable airflow, resulting in a tighter or looser draw - the choice is yours.

    The Aero and Geni Tank come supplied with a matching eGo threaded beauty ring to create a seamless look. They are suitable for use with our JAC 510 and Series-E range of batteries.

    Replacement dual coils are available in various resistances, and are compatible with the Evod 2, Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, Aero Tank and Geni Tank.

    These tanks are not compatible with our V3i or Vgo2 range of products.

  • FAQ

    How long will my tank last before needing to be replaced? How do I know that it needs replacing?

    Tank atomisers tend to last between 10-15 refills. It depends on the e-liquid used though; VG tends to clog up atomisers more quickly reducing the lifespan. In general though, you should expect at least 10 refills and some users get far more from them. You just keep using them until you are unhappy with the results. Using rebuildable tanks keeps cost down, as you only replace the coil and not the full tank which is a lot cheaper.


    The Aero Tank and the Geni Tank are very similar. Both have an adjustable airflow feature and they both hold 2.5ml of e-liquid. As well as this, the tanks have a Pyrex glass chamber and are both manufactured for us by Kanger.

    The only real difference between the two, is the materials used in their construction. The Aero Tank is made from stainless steel, whereas the Geni Tank is made from chrome-plated copper. Due to the difference in materials, the Geni Tank is slightly cheaper, however, still has the same features.

    When using a tank, how is the e-liquid prevented from simply leaking out?

    All tanks have built in seals to prevent leaks.

    Do you have to buy an optional mouth piece, or does the tank come with one as standard?

    Both the Aero Tank and Geni Tank are supplied with a matching mouthpiece which is replaceable. Both tanks, however, are compatible with any 510 mouth piece.

    What are the differences between the 1.5Ohm and 2.0Ohm wick and coil?

    A lower resistance coil (1.5Ohm) produces a greater volume of vapour and throat hit, than a higher resistance coil (2.0Ohm). Lower resistance coils can also have an effect on the flavour production when used with certain liquids. For smoother flavour production, but slightly less vapour/throat hit, stick to the higher resistance coils. Our Aero and Geni Tanks use dual-coils, meaning two separate coils fitted on the same atomiser head. This means that they all produce greater volumes of vapour and provide a smoother, more consistent vaping experience.

    Both the Aero Tank and Geni Tank are fitted with 1.5Ohm dual-coil as standard, and replacement coils compatible with the Evod 2, Protank 3, Mini Protank 3 and Aero Tank are available in 1.5Ohm and 2.0Ohm resistances.

    Which batteries are my Aero Tank and Geni Tank compatible with?

    Both the Aero Tank and Geni Tank are compatible with any of JAC 510 or Series-E range of batteries. They are not, however, compatible with our Vgo2 or V3i batteries.

    Can I wash my tank when I change flavours of e-liquid?

    Yes you can, here's how...

    • First, empty your tank of any remaining e-liquid. It is advisable to use rubber gloves when cleaning out your tank to prevent any prolonged skin contact with e-liquid.
    • Next, disassemble your tank. If you are using a rebuildable model, detach the main housing from the base, and remove the wick and coil.
    • Once this has been done, simply rinse the various component is warm (not hot) water. Do not use any detergent or soap. If you are cleaning a coil, simply rinse it through with warm water, while gently teasing the wicks to ensure that any remaining e-liquid is washed away.
    • Next, leave all of the components to air-dry fully. This is very important, as any excess water left in the tank may cause damage if allowed to be vaporised. We recommend leaving components overnight to air-dry, before taking some kitchen paper to soak up any remaining residue.
    • Finally, reassemble and refill the tank, allowing plenty of time for the wick to re-saturate with e-liquid.
  • Troubleshooting

    The PT3 V1 coils which can be used with this tank feature a rubber chimney cap mounted half way up the unit. This seal is essential in order to prevent leakage and should not be removed.

    The airflow adapter on my Geni Tank appears to be stuck

    The Geni Tank features a slightly different design of airflow adapter to our Aero Tank. This is a two-part design, with a main section, as well as a thin metal disc which caps it off. It is this disc where you will screw the atomiser head. Ordinarily these two parts shoudn't come apart very easily, but it can happen over time.

    If you remove the airflow adapter from the base of your tank and this disc comes away, what you can do is grip the thread (seated directly below where the coil fits) with a pair of pliers, and gently unscrew the disc from the rest of the tank. This will also allow you to remove the atomiser head. Once the disc is loose, you should then screw it back into the main section of the airflow adapter, ensuring that it is fitted tightly.

    The draw is too tight/too loose

    The Aero Tank and Geni Tank are fitted with an adjustable ring around the base, which can be adjusted to alter the air flow through the tank. To create a looser, airier draw, adjust the ring so that all of the air holes are completely exposed. To achieve tighter draw, adjust the ring so that the air holes are partially covered. This may take a little trial and error, but you will be able to achieve the right air flow for you after a little tweaking.

    My e-liquid is producing a burnt taste

    If you are using a VV battery, the first thing to check is whether it is set to too high a voltage. Higher settings (4.2v and above) can have an effect on the flavour of the e-liquid, usually noticeable as a burnt taste. If the voltage is too high, try turning it down to below 4.2v. This is particularly noticeable when a coil is fresh, so try to avoid turning the power to max immediately after replacing the coil.

    If you feel the power setting is ok, the next thing to check is whether the coil itself is alright and not in need of replacement. Coils should last for somewhere around 10 fills each before needing to be replaced, though this can vary from user to user. Variables such as the type of e-liquid, the power setting of the battery, and how heavily they are being used will all have an effect.

    Finally, you should always make sure to keep the wicks in the tank fully saturated, and do not allow them to dry burn. This is particularly important when filling the tank with a fresh coil. If you are using a fresh coil, you should always leave at least twenty minutes for the wicks to saturate before using the tank.

    If you are still having trouble after checking the above, please contact customer service.

    How do I replace the coil?

    1. Remove the tank from the battery
    2. Turn the tank upside down
    3. Unscrew the base of the tank from the rest of the unit
    4. Unscrew the atomiser head from the base
    5. Screw in the replacement coil
    6. Refit the base on the tank
    7. Allow plenty of time for the fresh wick to saturate before use (for at least twenty mins)
    8. Vape and enjoy

    My tank is leaking

    Leaking from the base

    Check to make sure that everything within the tank is screwed tightly into place, and hasn't been cross-threaded.

    Double check to make sure that you are using the correct coil with the tank. Some coils are compatible with multiple tanks, some are only suitable for use with a certain type of tank. If in doubt, contact customer service.

    Make sure that you haven't overfilled the tank, and that when filling, you have avoided pouring e-liquid down the centre pipe. If e-liquid has gotten into the centre pipe, simply blowing through the tank (while detached from the battery), should be enough to clear any excess.

    Make sure that the centre post in the middle of the tank is aligned properly and the tank itself hasn't been physically damaged (dropped, stood on etc).

    If, after checking the above, you are still experiencing leakage, you should try changing the coil. Coils will typically last for around 10 fills before needing to be replaced. As they age, however, problems like leakage are more likely to appear.

    If problems persist, and your tank is still within 2 weeks of purchase, contact customer service.

    Leaking from the window.

    If your tank is leaking from the window, first check to make sure that it has not been physically damaged.

    If the problem persists contact customer service.

    Leaking from the mouth piece

    Make sure that you have followed the steps above regarding leaking from the base.

    Check that the tank hasn't been left to sit upside down, or horizontally for an extended period. If it has, blow through to clear any excess from the centre pipe then leave to stand upright for a couple of hours.

    Taking a series of long, deep drags can sometimes have the effect of drawing too much e-liquid into the atomising chamber. This causes the coil to fail to vaporise it all, leaving the rest to travel up the centre pipe and into the mouthpiece. Try to moderate use and allow the atomiser the opportunity to work correctly.

    Try to always use the tank in an upright position. Using the tank when it is horizontal or upside down can cause e-liquid to be forced through the seals that are fitted within the unit.

    If problems persist, and the tank is still within 2 weeks of purchase, contact customer service.

    Please note that all tanks will see a build up of condensation at times. This is a mixture of the user's expelled breather and the vapour produced by the tank and may tend to collect beneath the mouthpiece. If you experience leakage from the mouthpiece, first remove it and using kitchen tissue, wipe away any excess before trying again.

    My tank isn't producing any vapour

    The first thing to check is the age of your tank, and when the coil was last replaced. Coils typically will last for around 10 refills or so before needing to be replaced. If you haven't done so already, try replacing the coil and checking whether this improves performance.

    If replacing the coil does not resolve the issue, and the tank has been checked on more than one battery, it's possible that a build up of e-liquid residue inside the airflow adapter could be inhibiting power being delivered to the coil. In order to clean this, these steps should be followed:

  • Unscrew the airflow adapter from the rest of the tank, and remove the coil.
  • Identify where the thin metal disc screws into the main airflow adapter section.
  • Carefully unscrew this disc from main airflow adapter housing. It may be necessary to use pliers in order to gain enough grip. If pliers are used, exercise caution to avoid stripping the thread.
  • With the disc removed, clean this thoroughly in warm water. Make sure it is dried off carefully.
  • Make sure to clean the top of the main airflow adapter housing where it meets the disc.
  • With both sections cleaned, screw the disc firmly back into place.
  • Replace coil and reassemble tank to test.

  • If the problem persists, contact customer service.