VV Starter kits Help Guide

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    All of our VV Starter Kits (Variable Voltage) come with VV (also known as Twist) batteries.

    VV or Twist batteries provide the ability to tailor your vaping experience by adjusting the power using a dial fitted to bottom of the battery. All you need to do is twist the dial and you can choose your desired voltage.

    When the voltage is increased, this raises the heat the coil can generate. As the heat of the coil is raised, this leads to more vapour being produced along with more throat hit. Due to the increased heat, you may find there is a slight effect on flavour.

    When voltage is decreased, this lowers the heat that the coil can generate. This then means that less vapour will be produced through use and that throat hit will not be as strong. This does, however, provide better flavour while vaping.

    With VV batteries, we recommend not to vape at too high a voltage, especially straight after filling, as this can cause the wick to burn. Note that the voltage you choose will also have an effect on the Ohm coil you are using. For example, if changing from a 2.4Ohm coil to a 1.8Ohm coil, we would recommend lowering the voltage to prevent a burning or acrid taste.

    If you still need some help or have any queries about our VV Starter Kits, please do get in contact with our customer service team.

  • FAQ

    How do you change the voltage?

    To adjust the voltage on the battery, you simply need to turn the dial at the base of the battery to the voltage of your choice. To make identifying the voltage a little easier, there are already some marked on the battery (3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v, 4.8v).

    Do the batteries last for life?

    No, however, these Vgo2 and JAC 510 batteries will last for between 4-6 months and even longer than this if looked after and cleaned regularly.

    To see how the batteries are cleaned, watch our video on the JAC Vapour YouTube Channel.

    Why isn't my manual battery firing?

    The five button lock is a safety feature available only on the manual batteries, and prevents the e-cig from firing on its own. To work the lock, simply press the manual button five time in succession and then repeat this to unlock the battery. If the battery won’t fire, this is the first thing we recommend to check in case it has been locked accidentally. To help understand more about this, watch our YouTube video on unlocking your manual batteries.

    Why does the LED on my battery flash?

    Firstly, it can mean that you are taking too long a draw on the battery. All of the auto batteries have a 6 second safety cut-off feature that prevents them from overheating.

    Another reason for the battery flashing is because it is low on charge and needs charging.

    Finally, on our JAC 510 range, this can be down to the battery and tank being connected together too tightly. To prevent this from happening, we recommend to only connect them together finger tight.

    Do you have to disconnect the battery and tank and when you are not using them?

    For short periods of time, there is no need to disconnect the battery and cart/tank when you aren’t using them. It's fine to leave them connected and ready to be used. However, if you will not be using the e-cigarette for a long period time, we recommend to disconnect them to prevent any issues that may occur.

    What charger do I need for my e-cigarette?

    All of our Variable Voltage and Manual batteries need the same 4.2v charger. It is vital to ensure that you choose the right charger, to prevent damage to the battery and overall life span. As this is the case, make sure to buy the correct connection for your charger, whether it be 510 or 808.

    Can you use any e-liquid with the VV and Twist Kits?

    You can use any of our e-liquids, and other suppliers, with any of our kits. This means that you can pick and choose whatever e-liquids what prefer and can mix flavours to your preference. The only e-liquids that do have some issues, are the very thick specialist e-liquids, as they have a hard time wicking properly and reduce the overall life span of the wick and coil.

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  • Troubleshooting

    Detecting battery problems

    Run through our checklist to help identify your battery fault:

    Will the battery not charge / turn on?

    If other batteries charge:

    • Check out our video which shows you how to clean out the batteries. The battery that is cleaned within the video is one from our Vgo2 range, however these batteries are cleaned the same as our JAC 510 batteries too.
    • Try raising the centre post to create a better connection. This can be done by placing a pin between the battery thread and centre post and then by levering up the centre post.
    • Use the needle to then clear away any excess dirt or debris that may be within the battery threading/connection.
    • Again, use the needle to clean out the two small air holes that sit on either side of the battery connection, beneath the threading. Just poke through the holes and ensure that all dirt is clear.
    • Use a dry piece of paper towel to clear away any leftover dirt and debris from cleaning the connection and threading.

    If your battery is still not working:

    • The warranty period for our Vgo2 and 510 batteries is 60 days, with and average, and expected, life span of roughly 4-6 months. If your battery is within warranty, contact customer service.
    • If the battery is no longer in warranty, you will need to purchase a new battery.

    If your other batteries are not charging:

    • Ensure that the charger is receiving power and that you have cleaned any dirt or debris that may be in the battery connection.

    If you have cleaned the charger and if the charger is receiving power

    Find out the age of the battery and see if still within warranty. All of our chargers have a four month warranty period.

    • If your charger is out of warranty / lifespan: You will need to purchase a new charger.
    • If the charger is still inside the four month warranty period, please contact customer service.
    • If the charging connection isn’t clean, and the charger is receiving power, we recommend to clean this out to allow the charger to work properly.

    E-liquid producing a burnt flavour

    Make sure that the voltage isn’t set too high. When the voltage is above 4.2v, it can have an effect on the flavour, which comes off as a burnt taste. If you have the voltage set too high, try turning this down to below 4.2v to prevent the bunt taste. It is especially important to keep the voltage below 4.2v when you have replaced the coil, as it will burn the wicking if set too high.

    If the power setting on the battery is fine, check to see if the coil is okay, and if it needs replacing. The coils are expected to last for around 10 refills of the tank and when you feel the performance starts to decline, this is when we recommend to change the coil.

    Lastly, it is very important to ensure that the wicks are kept saturated in e-liquid to prevent them from dry burning. When you change the coil, make sure to give the e-liquid 20-30 minutes to soak into the wicking so that you don’t burn the wick during the first use of the coil.

    My battery is flashing and won't produce vapour

    Find out if the battery works on a different battery:

    • No: If you haven’t already replaced the coil, we recommend to do this as the issue most likely likes with this.
    • Yes: It is likely that the fault is in fact with the battery opposed to the tank. As this is the case, check out our battery troubleshooting section.
    • Once you have changed the wick, if you don’t notice any difference, please contact customer service.
    • If you have refilled the wick and coil then than 10 times and are noticing issues, get in touch with our customer support

    After you have tried the above, if you still aren’t noticing any positive results, please get in contact with our contact customer service.

    My JAC 510 Battery is no longer firing (LED flashing)

    This happens when the tank is connected too tightly to the battery and causes the battery to short circuit. To fix this issue, loosen off the tank until it stops flashing. If loosening off the tank fixes the issue, continue to never over-tighten the battery and tank.

    If, however, the tank is now too loose to allow the battery to work properly, we recommend to try raising the centre post of the battery. This can be done by placing a pin between the threading and centre post of the battery, and levering the centre post higher.

    If, after trying the above, you are still having trouble with the battery, and if the battery is still within the two month warranty period, please contact customer service.

    My battery has started firing when I'm not using it

    This happens due to the switch inside the battery becoming stuck set in the ON position. If this happens inside the warranty period, please get in touch with customer service so that they’re able to sort this out for. This can also happen over time, however, and is classed as normal wear and tear from general use.

    When this happens to your battery, we recommend to stop using it and allow it to discharge while also disconnecting the tank/cart that may be attached. Once you have done this, we recommend to dispose of the battery.