VGo2 and Ego kits Help Guide

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    These bigger batteries are included in our wide range of JAC 510 and Vgo2 Starter Kits, and the choices range from our smaller 48mm batteries, to our largest 96mm batteries.

    The capacity of the battery is measured using mAh. A moderate vaper is expected to use roughly 800mAh per day. Due to the majority of our starter kits containing two batteries, our 400mAh or 650mAh kits should give most users a full day of vaping. As for our 900mAh or 1300mAh kits, these should get the majority of vapers through the whole day on just one charge.

    Along with the wide selection of battery sizes, we also offer the choice between manual and automatic batteries:

    Manual - Our manual batteries use a button switch to power the e-cigarette. To use the battery, simply press and hold the manual button and release once you finish taking a draw.

    Automatic – Our automatic batteries are even easier. All you need to do is connect your tank or clearomizer or cart and take a draw.

    These kits comes with a variety of tanks, depending on your usage style or preference.

    In this help section, you will find FAQ’s and Troubleshooting which cover all questions related to these second generation batteries.

    If you still require assistance or have any questions regarding our Vgo2 and eGo Starter Kits, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team.

  • FAQ

    What is the difference between the automatic and manual batteries?

    Our manual batteries have a button switch that needs to be pressed and held, while inhaling, to work the e-cig. On the auto batteries, however, you only need to inhale. The auto batteries are popular due to their simplicity, however, manual batteries are easy to get used to and do have a lot of advantages.

    Firstly, the manual batteries are more efficient that the autos. Along with this, as the manual batteries are sealed, they are less likely to have e-liquid leak into the switch and cause issues. Manual batteries provide 4.2v of power, whereas the autos only provide 3.7v. Due to this, you will notice a bigger throat hit and slightly more vapour from the manual batteries than you would get with the automatics. The final advantage of the manual batteries, is that they are slightly shorter due to the switch taking up less room.

    How do you work the manual batteries?

    The manual batteries work by pressing and holding the manual button switch. While pressing and holding, take a draw and then release the button once finished. On all of our manual batteries, we also have a five click lock. This prevents the batteries from firing on their own and overheating. To activate the lock, all you need to do is click the button switch 5 times in a row and then repeat the process to unlock.

    How long should my battery last?

    We expect our Vgo2 and JAC 510 batteries to last for between 4-6 months, however, if looked after and clean, they can last for six months plus. For tips on how to clean the batteries, watch our YouTube video on cleaning Vgo2 batteries.

    Why is my battery flashing?

    The batteries will flash when they are low on charge and need to be recharged. If your auto battery is flashing while in use, this means that the draw is too long. All auto batteries have a safety cut off switch which prevents them from overheating. When the batteries flash, this is the cut-off working.

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  • Troubleshooting

    Detecting your battery issue

    Run through our checklist on detecting your battery faults:

    Will the battery turn on / charge?

    Firstly check to see if other batteries will charge in the same charger. If they will:

    • Try raising the centre battery post. This will allow the battery to create a better connection with the charger. To do this, put a pin between the thread and centre post of the battery and lever the centre post higher.
    • Go through the steps below on how to clean the battery, or watch our YouTube video which shows you how to clean your Vgo2 Battery.
    • Below the threading of the batteries, there are two small air holes that need to be cleaned out. All you need to do here, is take a pin and poke this through the air holes to clear out any dirt that may be stuck in them.
    • After cleaning the air holes, run the pin around the inside of the battery connection to clear away anything in here as well.
    • Then use a dry paper towel to take away any leftover dirt and debris in the connection and threading.

    If the battery still won't work:

    • Find out when you purchased the battery and see if it’s still within the 60 day warranty period. We also expect these Vgo2 and JAC 510 batteries to last for around 4-6 months.
    • If your battery is out of the 60 day warranty, please contact customer service.
    • If the battery has reached the end of its lifespan, you will need to purchase a new battery.

    If none of your batteries will charge with the same charger:

    • Ensure that the battery connections are clean and that the charger is receiving power from the outlet.

    If the charger connections are clean and if the charger is receiving power:

    Find out the age of the charger and if it’s still under warranty.

    • If the charger is no longer in warranty / at the end of its life span, you will need to purchase a new one.
    • Contact customer service if the charger is still in warranty, as they will be able to sort things out for you.
    • If the charger is receiving power, yet the connections are not clean, we recommend to clean this out.

    My tank won't produce vapour

    For standard non-rebuildable Crystal and V3i Tanks:

    What is the age of the tank? Is it less than two weeks old? How often have you refilled the tank?

    Tanks usually last about 10 refills before the atomiser is spent and the tank need replacing.

    • If less than 10 refills: contact customer service.
    • If over 10 refills: your tank will need replacing as it has reached the end of its lifespan.
    • If your tank is older than 2 weeks: your tank is no longer covered by warranty and will need replacing.

    For rebuildable tanks, including the Nova, Vox, Evod 2, Protank etc.:

    How old is your tank? Is your tank 2 weeks old or less? How many times have you refilled it?

    Tanks usually last about 10 refills before the atomiser is spent and the wick and coil need replacing.

    • If you have refilled the tank less than 10 times: contact customer support.
    • If the tank has been filled over 10 times: you’ll need to replace the wick and coil as it will have reached the end of its life span.
    • If your tank is older than 2 weeks: this is no longer covered by warranty and will need to be replaced

    Tank won't produce vapour and battery is flashing

    Find out if your tank works on another battery:

    • Yes: we recommend to check out our battery troubleshooting as the issue most likely lies with the battery.
    • No: if the wick and coil hasn’t been replaced, we recommend to replace this as it should get things working.
    • If the new wick and coil doesn’t get things working properly, please contact customer service.
    • If the wick and coil has been refilled less than 10 times or is faulty on arrival, we recommend to get in touch with our customer service team.


    We rarely have any faults with our chargers, however, there is the odd charger that does have a fault. When this happens, there is no way to fix these. Make sure that all of the battery connections are clean, however, as any dirt or debris can cause a poor charging connection. All of our chargers have a four month warranty and we recommend to get in touch with our customer service team if your charger is still within this warranty period and doesn’t work even after cleaning.

    My Battery is firing on it's own

    This occurs when the on-off switch in the battery is stuck on. This happens from general and is classed as general wear and tear. There is also no fix for this and we recommend to contact customer service if you are within the 60 day warranty period for Vgo2 and 510 batteries. If you are outside of the warranty period, the best thing to do is dispose of the battery.

    When this happens, we highly recommend to stop using the battery and disconnect the tank or cart that you have connected and let the battery discharge before you dispose of it.

    My 510 Battery won't fire (LED flashing)

    The main reason for this happening is due to the tank being screwed onto the battery too tightly. This then causes the battery to short circuit and prevents the battery from firing properly. To fix this, simply loosen off the tank slightly until the battery stops flashing.

    If the tank is now too loose to allow it to work, we recommend trying to raise the centre post in the battery. By doing this, it will allow the battery to create a better connection with the tank. To do this, place a pin between the thread and centre post of the battery and lever the centre post higher. This should then allow the battery and tank to be screwed together tighter without the issue reoccurring.

    If, however, you are still having issues after trying the above, if your battery is still within its warranty period, contact customer service.