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    Our V3i Starter Kits are the perfect starting point for all beginners and are also an excellent choice for more experienced vapers who are looking for a smaller and more discrete option.

    All of our V3i Starter Kits come equipped with our V3i batteries. These batteries are very similar in size and shape as a tobacco cigarette and make the transition to the e-cigarettes a lot easier for some beginners, as they provide the same portability.

    With a selection of our V3i kits, we also offer our Portable Charging Cases (PCC). The PCC enables you to charge your batteries on the go, allowing you to always have your spare battery charging.

    In all of our V3i Starter Kits, we also offer our pre-filled cartomizers. The choice of flavours range from our standard Tobacco, to Menthol, to fruitier flavours such as Cherry. Combine these with a battery and one of our PCCs and you have everything you need to get started.

    One of the other benefits that our cartomizers provide is the ability to refill them. Each can be re-filled around 10-15 times each using our wide range of eliquids, which is much more cost-effective than purchasing fresh carts when they run out once. Alternatively, you also have the option to purchase blank cartomizers with your kit, and fill with any e-liquid of your choice.

    If you still require assistance or have any more questions regarding our V3i Starter kits, feel free to get in contact with our customer service team.

  • FAQ

    Can you use the V3i Batteries with the V1P Starter Kit?

    Our V3i batteries are compatible with everything that comes with the V1P PCC Starter Kit and you should expect to get around 3 months of use from the kit.

    Do the larger 78mm batteries give you more vaping time than others and do they fit in the PCC?

    The mAh is the milliamp hours, this determines how much charge a battery can hold. The higher the mAh the long longer the battery will last on a charge, however it will also take longer to charge. Along with increasing the charging time and how long it will last, the general size of the battery will also increase when your use a bigger mAh battery.

    • 55mm 150mAh battery should take around 1hr 30mins to charge and provide the user with around 1hr 30mins of heavy use.
    • As for the 65mm 180mAh batteries, these are expected to take 2 hours to charge and provide the equivalent time in use.
    • Finally, the 78mm 280mAh battery will take roughly 3hrs to charge and should also provide the user 3hrs of heavy use.

    To sum things up, the smaller the battery the less charge it will hold. This means it will need to be charged more often. Regardless of this, some customers prefer to have the smaller batteries as they are more discrete and more like the traditional cigarette.

    If you prefer to charge your batteries less often, you would benefit from one larger V3i battery. For the portable charging case (PCC), the 65mm and 55mm are the best choice, due to them being small enough to store within the case with a cart attached. With the 78mm batteries, however, these are unable to fit into the PCC with a cart attached, but will charge up fine.

    How long should my batteries last?

    The V3i batteries should last for between 2-3 months or normal use. Due to the cost of the batteries, this is still a big saving compared to the cost of tobacco cigarettes. To help ensure that your batteries last as long as possible, check out our video guide on how to clean your V3i batteries.

    How do you change the LED Battery tips?

    All of our V3i batteries have 2 slots which sit on either side of the battery tip. To swap out the LED tips, all you need to do is use a knife and gently pry off the tip by alternating between each slot on opposite sides. Once the tip has been raised slightly, it should be very easy to work off the rest. All you then need to do is replace the tip with one of your choice.

    Why is the base of my battery flashing?

    This normally happens due to the user taking too long of a drag. All of our automatic batteries have a six second safety cut-off preventing them from overheating. Flashing will also occur to indicate that the battery needs to be recharged.

    Do you need to disconnect the battery and carts when not is use?

    There is no need to disconnect these from each other when not in use. It is fine to leave them connected.

    Am I able to charge my PCC and an e-cigarette battery in the PCC at the same time?

    You are able to charge both of these at the same time without any issues. Remember to screw the battery into the PCC and then hold the button on the back of the PCC for 4-6 seconds to begin the charge.

    Do batteries need to be fully charged before I can use them and how do you tell if they are fully charged?

    To improve overall battery life, it is recommended to let the battery charge fully. To show that the battery is charging, the base of the battery light will flash. You will know when charging has finished as the LED on the USB or PCC will change from red to green and the base of the battery will stop flashing.

    How many charges should should a fully charged PCC provide?

    We expect the V1P PCC to charge the 55mm batteries between 4-5 times, 3-4 times on the 65mm batteries and roughly 2-3 for 78mm batteries.

    Does the light on the PCC reflect the charge within it's self or that of the battery? Why does the battery tip flash after charging?

    The PCC light shows the charge on both the case or e-cig battery. When you press the PCC button once this will indicate the power in the PCC through the green lights above the button. If you press and hold the button for 4-6 seconds with a battery connected in the PCC this will indicate battery charge.

    The battery tip will flash to indicate that charging is complete, if it has ran out of charge or if you take too long a draw. Taking too long a draw will cause the end to flash, showing that the battery has cut off to stop it overheating.

    When do I know the PCC is fully charged?

    The PCC is fully charged when all of the 5 green LED lights on the back are lit up. To charge a battery, screw into the connection within the PCC and the press and hold the button on the back of the PCC for 4-6 seconds. The tip of the battery will then light up and the PCC LED’s should turn red.

    Once charging is complete, the LED’s on the PCC will no longer be red and the battery will stop flashing.

    Can you leave the battery screwed into the PCC after it is fully charged?

    Yes, all of our batteries have a safety cut-off switch which stops the battery from receiving power once they are fully charged.

    Is there a case that will charge one battery and hold at least two spares?

    We currently don't have a PCC that does, as the the V1P will store the battery and the full e-cig, or the battery and the carts, not all 3.

    How do you tell when a cart has been used and can no longer be re-filled?

    We recommend to keep using your e-cig until you are no longer satisfied with the performance which they provide. The more you re-fill / the older the atomiser gets, the less vapour and taste you will get. Most users will notice that they’re cart is spent after roughly 10 refills, however, some people can still continue using to them past 20 re-fills. As our VG e-liquids are thicker they can reduce the life span of the atomiser.

    Are the pre-filled carts re-fillable

    All of our pre-filled carts can be re-filled with any e-liquid once they are empty. You should also be able to re-fill each cart roughly 10 times.

    How do I know what strength of carts I need?

    For someone smoking around 20 cigarettes a day, we recommend to start on 18mg. From here, you can then decide whether this is too strong or not strong enough, until you get the strength you like. We also offer 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 24mg strength e-liquids.

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  • Troubleshooting

    Analysing Battery Issues

    Below is our list of checks to help diagnose your battery faults:

    Firstly, does your battery charge / turn on? Check if other batteries are charging.

    If your other batteries are charging fine through the same charger:

    • Try raising the battery centre post. This can be done by placing a pin between the thread and centre post of the battery, and levering the centre post higher.
    • Go through the below steps which explain how to clean your battery. Alternatively, you can watch our YouTube video which shows you how to clean your V3i Battery.
    • While cleaning out your battery, ensure to clean out any dirt or debris that may be sitting in the battery connection, or the two small air holes underneath the battery threading.
    • Take a dry paper towel and run this around the battery connection and threading, ensuring to clean any black marks that may be left.

    If your battery is still not working:

    • Find out how old the batteries are, and if they are still within their 42 day warranty period. We expect our V3i batteries to last for around 2-3 months of normal use.
    • If your battery is no longer inside the warranty period, or has reached the end of its lifespan, you will need to purchase a new battery.
    • If the battery is within its warranty period, get in touch with our customer service team.

    If other batteries will not charge through the same charger, check to see if your charger is clean and is receiving power.

    If the connection in the charger is clean and the charger is receiving power, check to find out how old the charger is and if it’s still within the four month warranty period:

    • If the charger is out with its warranty / lifespan then you will need to purchase a new charger.
    • If the charger is still within its warranty period then contact customer service.
    • If the charger is receiving power but the charging connection is not clean we recommend cleaning this out to allow the charger to perform properly.

    Carts won't produce vapour?

    Several things can cause this issue to occur. The first thing we recommend to check is if your cart will work on another battery, as this will identify where the issue lies. If the battery is the problem, check out our section on batteries not charging.

    If the cartomisers seems to be the problem:

    • Unscrew the cart while taking a draw. When the cart is loosened 1-2mm, it should then begin to fire.
    • If you are getting a tight draw from your carts and not getting a lot of vapour, this means that the cart needs to be filled with more e-liquid. When filling a blank cart for the first time, these need around 25-30 drops of e-liquid and roughly 20-25 for a prefilled cart.
    • To help with wicking, placing a needle down the side of the cart between the wall and the wadding, should allow e-liquid to wick a lot quicker and enable the cart to produce vapour properly.
    • Ensure you keep the end cap on the bottom of the cart (the rubber cap with the spike) to prevent e-liquid from leaking through the central hole in the cart.

    You then can put roughly 10 drops of e-liquid in the cart and leave it to saturate. If you accidentally get e-liquid in the centre hole, this is not a big issue as the cap will prevent leaking.

    Repeat this process until you have around 30 drops of e-liquid inside the cart. Once this has all been absorbed, take the end cap off and blow through to clear out any excess e-liquid. Ensure you have a paper towel at the other end of the cart while doing this so that it catches any excess. After this, leave the cart to sit for 10 minutes, or until all e-liquid has thoroughly soaked into the wadding.

    My battery is firing when I'm not using it?

    This occurs when the switch inside the battery is no longer working properly and is stuck in the on position. This can happen from general use, being classed as wear and tear. If, however, this happens inside of the warranty period, we recommend you contact our customer service team.

    In all instances, we highly recommend refraining from using the battery and to disconnect any cart or mini tank that you may have attached. Once the battery has been allowed to discharge, we suggest disposing of the battery.


    We rarely have faults with our chargers, though as with an electronic device, it is possible for a charger to suffer a manufacturing fault. Unfortunately, in most cases where a fault can be identified with a charger, there are no steps we can take to resolve the issue. All chargers are supplied with a four month warranty, but before contacting our customer service team, ensure that the charger is clean and has no dirt or debris in the connection as this will prevent it from working correctly.