SERIES-E Starter Kits Help Guide

  • FAQ

    The light on my battery has changed colour, what does this mean?

    The Series-E is a variable voltage battery, with a different colour accompanying each voltage setting. Simply click the button three times to cycle through the settings. The LED will then flash in the matching colour three times. These are:

    • Red – 3.7V
    • Green – 4.2V
    • White – 4.8V

    How do you adjust the voltage?

    Simply click the button three times in a row to adjust the voltage setting. Three different voltage settings available on the Series-E, which are:

    • Red – 3.7V
    • Green – 4.2V
    • White – 4.8V

    Do the batteries last forever?

    We expect the Series-E batteries will last for around 4-6 months before needing to be replaced, though they may last longer than this if they are particularly well looked after.

    To get the best possible lifespan from each battery, you should ensure that they are cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning helps to keep them performing at a high standard. On our JAC Vapour YouTube Channel you can find a video guide demonstrating how this is done.

    My SERIES-E battery is no longer firing

    Each Series-E battery is fitted with a five-click locking mechanism, which helps to prevent the battery from firing accidentally. Simply click the button five times in quick succession to lock the battery. Unlocking the battery is done in the same way. In order to register correctly, these clicks must be done in quick succession.

    In most cases where a battery is no longer lighting up or firing the tank, checking this lock is quickest and easiest solution. We have a short video guide which will show you how to unlock our manual and VV batteries.

    Why is the LED on my battery flashing?

    Being low on charge is the most common reason for this. Simply charging the battery should resolve the issue in most cases.

    Also note, however, that this can happen if the tank is screwed on to the battery too tightly, which may cause the battery to short. In order to prevent this from happening, you should only screw the tank on until it is finger tight. If your battery is flashing at the moment, try loosening it off gently (by around 1mm) and try it again.

    Can I leave my tank connected to the battery when not in use?

    It’s fine to keep the tank connected to the battery if not in use for a short period of time. If you will not be using your e-cig for an extended period of time, however, we recommend you disconnect the battery from the tank to reduce the risk of the tank leaking and causing damage to the battery.

    What charger do I need for my SERIES-E battery?

    The Series-E batteries use their own specific charger, rated at 4.2v. These chargers are for use only with the Series-E and have the correct 510 fitting.

    It is important that the correct charger is used for all batteries, as using the wrong charger may cause damage to the battery and affect overall lifespan.

    Is it possible to use any e-liquid with the variable voltage kits?

    Any e-liquid can be used with our starter kits. This includes e-liquids from other suppliers, though we cannot guarantee the quality or performance of any e-liquids not purchased from ourselves. Even though all e-liquid can be used, some may not perform as well as others. Some thicker specialist e-liquids (high, or pure VG) do tend to clog up the tank/coils much more quickly and reduce their lifespan.

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  • Troubleshooting

    Below you’ll find a checklist which will help identify common faults with your batteries:

    Does the battery fail to turn on or charge?

    Check to see if any other batteries are charging successfully using the same charger. If other batteries are:

    • Run through the battery cleaning steps laid out below. Alternatively, you can watch our video showing how to clean your batteries. Although the video shows demonstrates these steps using a different model, the same cleaning method applies.
    • Use a needle to clear any debris or dirt found on the flat pin found on the top of the battery, which may be inhibiting the connection.
    • Use some paper towel to wipe away any leftover dirt and debris that may be on the threading or connection of the battery.

    If your battery still isn’t performing correctly:

    • Check whether the unit is still within its 60 day warranty.
    • If the battery is no longer inside its warranty period, or has reached the end of its life span, you may wish to purchase a new battery. If the battery is still within warranty please contact our customer support team.

    If other batteries fail to charge using the same charger:

    • Ensure that the charger is receiving power and that the connection of the charger is also clean (following the same steps as laid out above).

    If the charger is clean and receiving power:

    • Have a look to find out when the charger was purchased as our chargers have a four month warranty period.
    • If your charger has reached the end of its lifespan / is no longer covered under the warranty: You may wish to purchase a new charger for your battery.
    • If your charger is still inside the warranty period, please contact our customer support team.

    My tank is not producing vapour and the battery is flashing

    Check whether the tank fires correctly on another battery if possible:

    • Yes: the most likely cause of the problem is the battery, as opposed to the tank. As this is the case, follow our battery troubleshooting steps
    • No: the coil fitted in the tank may need to be replaced. These coils should be replaced roughly every 10 fills of the tank.
      If the coil has been replaced and this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact customer service.

    Burnt taste from the e-liquid

    Firstly check to see what voltage setting has been selected. If the voltage is set to 4.8v, this could have an effect on flavour which could be the reason for the burnt taste. If the voltage is set to 4.8v, try turning it down to 4.2v or even 3.7v. With a fresh coil, it’s important to keep the voltage at 4.2v or below, as setting the power too high may burn the wick.

    If the power setting of the battery is OK, the next thing to check is the coil. We expect these coils to last for around 10 fills of the tank on average, and they will normally need to be replaced after this. Depending on the power setting of the battery and the type of e-liquid used, you may get slightly more or fewer fills from a coil.

    It is also important to ensure that the wicks are fully saturated with e-liquid, as this prevents dry-burning. When filling the tank with a fresh coil fitted, this is especially important as this is when it is most vulnerable to burning. We recommend giving fresh wick around 20-30 minutes for the e-liquid to be absorbed before using the tank.

    If the above doesn’t resolve your issue, please contact customer service.

    Battery firing when not in use

    This is usually caused by a problem with the physical button on the battery, where it has become jammed in the ‘On’ position. This can happen over time and is considered normal wear and tear unless it is happening within the warranty time.

    If e-liquid has leaked onto the exterior battery casing, it may have dried around the switch mechanism – clicking the button a few times may be enough to clear any blockage. However, if you are still having trouble after checking this we recommend you contact customer service if you are still inside the 60 day warranty period. Otherwise, you may wish to purchase a replacement.

    In all circumstances, we recommend you stop using the battery right way, disconnect any carts/tanks attached, and leave it to discharge before returning or disposing of the battery.

    SERIES-E battery not firing (LED flashing)

    If your battery fails to fire, and when you push the button the LED flashes (with the tank attached), the tank may be screwed on too tightly. In some cases, this can cause the battery to short, which may cause the battery to fail to fire correctly. Try loosening the tank gently by about 1mm to reduce the pressure on the matching pin on the battery.

    If the above resolves the issue, ensure that when you use the tank, you continue to avoid over-tightening.

    The beauty ring attached to the top of the battery can also be used to take up any slack, If the tank is now too loose. Simply loosen the beauty ring off enough so that it sits flush with the base of the tank.

    If you continue to have trouble after checking the above, and your battery is still within the 60 day warranty period, contact customer service.