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    How do I set up my Series B DNA 75w in Wattage mode?

    Firstly, remove the magnetic battery cover and install your battery, making sure that it’s the right way up. Attach your tank, but be careful not to overtighten it onto the device. Always use a good quality, 20amp continuously rated battery, and never use a battery from an unknown manufacturer or supplier or one that is incorrectly labelled.

    Press the power button and the screen will turn on. The device will be set to Wattage Mode by default.

    Set your wattage using + or –, and then you’re ready to vape! Just hold down the main button while inhaling, and release when you’re done.


    How do I set up my Series B DNA 75w in Temperature Control mode?

    Firstly, make sure that you have a Temperature Control compatible coil installed in your tank, and then attach it to the Series B DNA 75w, making sure not to overtighten the tank onto the device.

    To set the device to TC Mode, first lock it by clicking the main button five times quickly.

    Then, hold the power button, + and – to bring up the material selection screen and press + or – to select the material that’s in your coil. Press the power button to confirm.

    Next, you need to set the temperature so hold + and -. ‘Hold To Change Temp’ will appear, and then it will show the main screen with OFF. You can then adjust to your chosen temperature using + or -. Most users set the temperature to 200°c as 210°c is the burning point of cotton. Setting your temperature to below this burning point will help to prevent your coils burning out.

    Once you’ve set the temperature, press the power button and then unlock the device by clicking the power button five times quickly again.

    Set your wattage using + or -, and remember that a higher wattage will reach your chosen temperature more quickly, giving you a shorter inhale. It may take a little trial and error to find the best wattage for each temperature, but play around and see what you prefer!

    You’re now ready to vape! 

    How does temperature control work?

    Temperature control is a clever little feature that uses special coils to work out how ‘hot’ the coil is, and stops it going over a certain temperature that you set. This allows the device to work out if your coil is under-wicked and dry (this can be because you need to top up your tank with more liquid or because you’ve used your device for an extended period and the coil is struggling to keep up) and reduces the power to ensure you don’t get a nasty dry hit!

    You do have to use special coils to make the temperature control feature work correctly such as coils made from ni200 or stainless steel. Unfortunately, temperature control will not work with standard kanthal or ni80 coils.

    How do I turn my device off?

    If you have locked your device or haven’t used it in a while the DNA 75 board automatically goes into a ‘sleep’ mode which uses very little battery life. Because of this feature the device never needs to be turned on or off. To fully power down the device you need to remove the battery – make sure you store the removed battery in a battery case or sleeve!

    How do I stop the settings changing when the device is in my pocket/bag?

    The best way to ensure that your settings don’t change is to lock the device when not in use. To do this simply click the fire button 5 times in quick succession – not only will this keep your settings safe it will make sure that you don’t fire your device by accident when it’s in your pocket/bag!

    Another option is to lock your settings; this means that even if you accidentally push the up or down button your settings won’t be affected. To lock your settings, hold down the + and - buttons until a message pops up on the screen letting you know your settings are locked (don’t worry – it only takes a few seconds!).

    How do I charge my device?

    You can charge your device just like a mobile phone using the Micro USB cable included. Alternatively, you can use a standalone 18650 Li-ion charger and charge the battery itself (this is a great option if you have a spare battery and don’t want to have to wait for your device to charge up; simply charge one battery whilst you are using the other).

    Make sure to always use a good quality, 20amp continuously rated battery, and never use a battery from an unknown manufacturer or supplier or one that is incorrectly labelled.

    What is the Escribe software?

    Escribe is a piece of software that you can install onto your laptop or PC and is used to modify the DNA chip inside the Series B DNA 75w. For example, you can change what the screen displays, update the firmware on the chip, set up to 8 user profiles, add new materials for use in Temperature Control mode, or even alter the limits for the various safety cutoffs.

    The Escribe software and full instructions can be found here:

    A full tutorial can be found here:

    While we’ll be happy to help resolve any problems with the device itself, should you run into problems using EScribe, please contact Evolv, or check out their helpful forums.

    PLEASE NOTE: JAC Vapour accepts no responsibility for any issues caused by modifying your Series B DNA 75w through the Escribe software and may charge a fee to reset devices back to factory settings.

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    I’ve accidentally put my device into temperature control mode but I’m not using a temperature control tank – how do I turn this off?

    All you need to do to turn off temperature control mode is lock your device and access the material menu by holding down the up, down, and fire buttons at the same time. Then select ‘watts’ from the material type, unlock the device, and you are good to go.

    I’m using temperature control mode but I’m still getting a slightly burnt taste after multiple draws?

    Try turning the temperature down by locking your device and holding down the up and down buttons. If you set your temperature too high the temperature control will work but will still allow your wick to get a bit too hot which can produce a slightly burnt or smoky taste. 200 degrees is a good temperature to start with, you can then adjust up or down 5 degrees at a time until you find your preferred temperature.

    My screen is staying turned off but the device is still firing when I hold the power button!

    This is likely a feature called Stealth Mode, where the screen will stay turned off so that the light doesn’t bother anyone. To turn this off, press and hold the power and – buttons while the device is locked. Hold the power and – buttons again while the device is locked to turn Stealth Mode back on.

    I’m getting an error message while I’m trying to use my Series B DNA 75w?

    The Series B DNA 75w will display an error message when something isn’t working as it should, but not all errors will prevent the device from firing. Here’s what each of the messages mean, and how it will affect the device:

    Check Atomiser

    CHECK ATOMISER will appear if there is no tank attached to the device. This error can also be caused by dirty connectors/threads, or a problem with the fitted coil, so if it’s appearing while a tank’s connected, check the connections, remove and reinstall the coil, or change the coil for a fresh one.


    SHORTED will appear is there is a short circuit within the device or the tank. Make sure that the tank isn’t over tightened onto the device, and check the installed coil. You might need to change it for a fresh one.

    Weak Battery/Check Battery

    WEAK BATTERY will display when the IMR battery drops below 3.4v and CHECK BATTERY when it’s below 3.0v, and both can also be caused by using a battery which isn’t high-drain. With WEAK BATTERY, the device will still fire but at a lower, safe wattage. CHECK BATTERY will prevent the device from firing. Charging your battery back up to above 3.4v will fix these issues for you.

    Temperature Protected

    When using a TC coil, TEMPERATURE PROTECTED will appear when the device reaches the maximum temperature that you’ve set. The device will fire, but at a lower wattage until the temperature has dropped below that maximum.

    Ohms Too High/Ohms Too Low

    OHMS TOO HIGH will appear when the resistance of the fitted coil is too high for the current wattage setting, and OHMS TOO LOW will appear if the resistance is too low for the current setting. The Series B will still fire, but not at the desired setting. To fix this, check your coil and change for a fresh one if needed, or check your current wattage setting.

    Too Hot

    TOO HOT will appear if the device detects that its internal temperature is too high. It will not fire until the temperature drops to a safe level, so leave it to one side for a little while to give it a chance to cool down.


    Battery Safety

    Using 18650 Lithium ion batteries with the SERIES-B DNA 75

    Always use a good quality, 20amp continuous rated 18650 battery with your SERIES-B DNA 75w. We recommend using these. (link to our IMR)

    18650 lithium-ion batteries may look like normal batteries, but they are not. They can be very dangerous if handled or stored incorrectly, so should never be carried or stored loose and you should always use a suitable protective cover (link to cover). If the battery comes into contact with any metal objects while loose this could cause a short, which in turn will cause the battery to be damaged or worse. Never take any chances!

    If you are unsure whether your battery is a continuous rated 20amp battery or more, do not use it. If the battery’s markings are unclear or damaged in any way, do not use it. Do not use any battery bought cheaply from eBay or Amazon, as they have a habit of mislabelling their batteries and suppliers are not regulated. If you do not recognise the brand or supplier, do not use the battery.

    If your 18650 battery is rated at more than 30amps then it is a fake or mislabelled, as current technology does not allow for a continuous rating of more than 30amps. If your battery is rated at 20amps and over and has a mAh rating of more than 3000mAh, then it is a fake or mislabelled and should not be used. This is because current technology does not allow for more than 3000mAh at this amp level and above, and any 30amp rated battery will actually be below 2000mAh.