Starter Kits and Devices Help Guides

Want to find the right Starter Kit for you? Have you already looked at our range of electronic cigarette starter kits or our vape kits and devices section which were created specifically to help people who are new to vaping or thinking of making the switch? We have also collected together a series of case studies from people who have already made the switch.

Starter kits come in several different varieties; small e-cigarettes which are about the same size as normal cigarettes and bigger battery models that can go for much longer without needing to be recharged or refilled as often. Below we discuss the pros and cons for each in more detail and then take you through some questions which will help you find the right kit for you.

Quick Info

Our V3i Starter Kits are the perfect starting point for all beginners and are also an excellent choice for more experienced vapers who are looking for a smaller and more discrete option.

All of our V3i Starter Kits come equipped with our V3i batteries. These batteries are very similar in size and shape as a tobacco cigarette and make the transition to the e-cigarettes a lot easier for some beginners, as they provide the same portability.

With a selection of our V3i kits, we also offer our Portable Charging Cases (PCC). The PCC enables you to charge your batteries on the go, allowing you to always have your spare battery charging.

In all of our V3i Starter Kits, we also offer our pre-filled cartomizers. The choice of flavours range from our standard Tobacco, to Menthol, to fruitier flavours such as Cherry. Combine these with a battery and one of our PCCs and you have everything you need to get started.

One of the other benefits that our cartomizers provide is the ability to refill them. Each can be re-filled around 10-15 times each using our wide range of eliquids, which is much more cost-effective than purchasing fresh carts when they run out once. Alternatively, you also have the option to purchase blank cartomizers with your kit, and fill with any e-liquid of your choice.

If you still require assistance or have any more questions regarding our V3i Starter kits, feel free to get in contact with our customer service team.

Quick Info

These bigger batteries are included in our wide range of JAC 510 and Vgo2 Starter Kits, and the choices range from our smaller 48mm batteries, to our largest 96mm batteries.

The capacity of the battery is measured using mAh. A moderate vaper is expected to use roughly 800mAh per day. Due to the majority of our starter kits containing two batteries, our 400mAh or 650mAh kits should give most users a full day of vaping. As for our 900mAh or 1300mAh kits, these should get the majority of vapers through the whole day on just one charge.

Along with the wide selection of battery sizes, we also offer the choice between manual and automatic batteries:

Manual - Our manual batteries use a button switch to power the e-cigarette. To use the battery, simply press and hold the manual button and release once you finish taking a draw.

Automatic – Our automatic batteries are even easier. All you need to do is connect your tank or clearomizer or cart and take a draw.

These kits comes with a variety of tanks, depending on your usage style or preference.

In this help section, you will find FAQ’s and Troubleshooting which cover all questions related to these second generation batteries.

If you still require assistance or have any questions regarding our Vgo2 and eGo Starter Kits, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team.

Quick Info

All of our VV Starter Kits (Variable Voltage) come with VV (also known as Twist) batteries.

VV or Twist batteries provide the ability to tailor your vaping experience by adjusting the power using a dial fitted to bottom of the battery. All you need to do is twist the dial and you can choose your desired voltage.

When the voltage is increased, this raises the heat the coil can generate. As the heat of the coil is raised, this leads to more vapour being produced along with more throat hit. Due to the increased heat, you may find there is a slight effect on flavour.

When voltage is decreased, this lowers the heat that the coil can generate. This then means that less vapour will be produced through use and that throat hit will not be as strong. This does, however, provide better flavour while vaping.

With VV batteries, we recommend not to vape at too high a voltage, especially straight after filling, as this can cause the wick to burn. Note that the voltage you choose will also have an effect on the Ohm coil you are using. For example, if changing from a 2.4Ohm coil to a 1.8Ohm coil, we would recommend lowering the voltage to prevent a burning or acrid taste.

If you still need some help or have any queries about our VV Starter Kits, please do get in contact with our customer service team.

First though, the very basics of e-cigarettes.

All e-cigarettes consist of 3 parts;

The battery: this can be an auto (fires automatically when you inhale) or manual (press a button to activate) model. Larger batteries tend to be manual batteries as these offer more control and reliability. Batteries also come in various sizes, the larger the size the more charge it will hold. The battery capacity is measured in or mAh (milliampere-hour); the bigger the mAh the more capacity.

More advanced devices, such as the SERIES-B Tilt, use removable IMR 18650 battery cells.

The atomiser: you can think of the atomiser like the element in a kettle. When the battery fires it heats the atomiser, which produces vapour when it comes into contact with the eliquid. The atomiser is also sometimes referred to as the coil, or wick and coil.

The tank: this contains the reservoir of e-liquid which is fed to the atomiser for vaporisation. The larger the tank the more e-liquid it can hold. Tanks are also sometimes known as clearomizers or cartridges; most modern cartridges have atomisers built into them which are usually referred to as cartomizers. In general, most modern cart and tank designs incorporate the atomiser within them, and some allow the the atomiser to be replaced when it burns out. These are known as rebuildable tanks or carts. Most small e-cigarettes use carts, but our V3i batteries can use both cartomizers or mini tanks. Most larger e-cigarettes are best used with tanks.

Cigarette style e-cigarettes

Often referred to as cigalikes these include our V3i kits. These are small e-cigarettes which look similar to a tobacco cigarette.

Pros: They provide a familiar, easy starting point for people who are new to vaping. This can be important, especially if you feel uncomfortable using an e-cigarette. If you are self-conscious about using an e-cig then more often than not you'll end up not using it at all, so make sure you choose something you like the look and feel of.

Cons: Small e-cigarettes have small batteries. This means that they need to be recharged more often (between every 2-4 hours depending on how much you use it). Small e-cigarettes compensate for this by using portable charging cases, meaning you can use one battery while the other is being charged in the case. Our V1P case is an example of a portable charging case - you charge the case up overnight, then it will charge the batteries for you on the go throughout the day. Small e-cigs also only allow for small carts or tanks (the section which holds the e-liquid), so you're going to have to refill the carts more often.

If you've been looking at various e-cigarette sites you will notice some will claim a cartomizer can last for the equivalent of up to 40 cigarettes, some claim it's closer to 20, and others like ourselves claim a more realistic 12. Do not be misled by high numbers in this respect; no 35mm cart on the market can hold more than 12-15 cigarettes worth of e-liquid and anybody that claims otherwise is using technicalities to make such claims.

Larger style e-cigarettes

These are also known as 2nd generation e-cigarettes, these include our JAC 510 Starter Kits.

These batteries are around the width of a cigar, however they can still be very short in length (down to 58mm for a 400mAh battery) or can reach a pocket busting 88mm for a 1300mAh battery. You will need to decide on a balance of how often you wish to charge a battery and what is comfortable for you to carry or be seen with. Some people prefer to carry two smaller batteries than go around using a massive battery which won't easily fit in a pocket, but lasts them 2 days before needing recharged. Most people will be fine with 800mAh - 1000 mAh to get them through a day, so 2x 400mAh 58mm batteries might be preferred over a single 900mAh 86mm battery.

Pros: Flexibility (you can use lots of different tanks and carts), less charging, larger tanks available (less refilling), more power and also the option of variable power.

Cons: Can look silly to a new user and can feel unnatural to use at first. For this reason most new users opt for a small cigarette type e-cigarette when they start, and then move onto the larger battery once they are comfortable with the idea of vaping. Once they make the move most users never look back. As e-cigarettes become more and more common we are seeing more new users jumping straight into this category.

Whichever route you go down, don't panic too much. All of our kits are sold with a 14 day money back guarantee, so you can try something and if it really doesn't suit you can let us know and we'll sort out a return and a refund or a replacement. The only expense to you is the return postage.