Series-B Tilt Help Guide

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  • About

    The Series-B Tilt is a premium box mod, designed and engineered in the UK by JAC Vapour. With up to 40W of power available, it can be used in either Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage modes and is compatible with coils rated as low as 0.2Ohm.

    This high end box mod is perfect for those slightly more experienced vapers who are familiar with Variable Voltage and want to take the next step. Its large array of safety features, and easy plug and play options also make it perfect for those who want to skip the eGo style device and go straight to something that will last them their whole vaping life.

    The innovative tilted cap means that the mouthpiece is always right where you want it to be. This tilt effect also means that the Series-B feels remarkably small in the hand, but it also adds something a little bit different to the look of the device.

    The device is the most compact, regulated box mod on the market using removable 18650 batteries, and combines a unique blend of ergonomics and engineering to achieve its tiny proportions and large feature set. Despite offering advanced features, such as sub-ohm functionality, the device can still be easily concealed in the hand.

  • FAQ

    Which tanks can I use with the SERIES-B Tilt?

    Any tank fitted with a 510 connection will be suitable to use with the SERIES-B. Please note, however, that tanks fitted with an eGo beauty ring, such as the Kanger Evod 2, are not compatible.

    What kind of battery does the SERIES-B Tilt require?

    The SERIES-B Tilt takes 1x IMR 18650 flat top cell, measuring no greater than 64.5mm in length. We also recommend only using batteries with a continuous amperage rating of 20A or greater. Using a lower quality battery in the device, which is not from a reputable supplier, may result in damage to the device and could also be dangerous.

    How do I turn the SERIES-B Tilt on/off?

    The SERIES-B Tilt can be turned on or off by rapidly clicking the fire button five times in a row. When this action is performed, the screen will then read 'SERIES-B Tilt'. When turned off, the device cannot be fired, so it's recommended that when not in use that your turn the device off fully as an added safety precaution.

    What power modes are available?

    Both Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage modes are available on the SERIES-B Tilt. To cycle between power modes, rapidly click the fire button three times. The readings on the screen will then change to indicate whether you are in VV or VW mode. Swapping to VV mode can enable you to scroll through the available power settings much more quickly than in VW mode.

    I'm left/right handed. Can I change the screen orientation?

    Yes. To swap between screen orientations, power the device down by rapidly clicking the fire button five times. When the SERIES-B Tilt has been turned off, press and hold the '+' and '-' buttons for three seconds. The display will then light up, with its orientation flipped, before turning off again. Performing this action does not reactivate the device - the screen lights up simply to show that the orientation has been changed.

    Can I lock the power setting once I've found what I like?

    Yes. The power output can be locked/unlocked by simply holding the '+' and '-' buttons for three seconds while the SERIES-B Tilt is turned on. You will still be able to fire the device as normal, but you will be prevented from further adjusting the power level until the lock is deactivated again.

    How long will it last before it needs to be recharged?

    This is very much dependent on the battery you choose to use, the power setting selected, the resistance of the coils and how heavily it is being used. With a battery with a capacity of at least 3000mAh, we'd expect even heavy vapers to get a couple of days of use before the SERIES-B Tilt needs to be recharged. The device will detect when the battery power is getting low (around 3.4v left within the cell) and the battery indicator on the screen will show as empty. Once the battery reaches 3.3v of charge remaining, the screen will then display 'LOW POWER', indicating that the battery needs to be recharged.

    Do I have to sub-ohm?

    No. While the SERIES-B Tilt is suitable for sub-ohm vaping, many users may not wish to use this feature. For those who are happy with their existing vaping experience and are simply looking for something which offers superior battery life, the SERIES-B can be used in much the same way as any other e-cig battery.

    For users who wish to continue to use coils of a higher resistance, we recommend sticking to lower wattage settings. It's advisable to stick to the Variable Voltage mode and not to exceed 4.8v when using a standard tank. Only increase the volts or watts when using a tank with suitable airflow to handle the additional power.

  • Troubleshooting

    My SERIES-B Tilt won’t fire

    First check what happens when you push the fire button.

    • Does the display light up and display the correct coil resistance?
    • Does the battery have some charge remaining?

    If the screen fails to light up, or lights up but displays an error message, the error must be rectified before proceeding.

    If the screen lights up and all information is displayed correctly with no error message, follow the steps below:

    • Make sure that all connectors, including those mounted on the top of the SERIES-B Tilt and on the tank, are clean and free of any build-up of e-liquid residue.
    • Next, try the tank on another device (if possible), to check whether the issue is being caused by the tank or the SERIES-B. It's also a good idea to try another tank with the SERIES-B Tilt to make sure that the device itself is working normally.
    • Finally, try another coil in the affected tank.

    It isn’t uncommon for VW mods to occasionally have trouble firing a tank. They are constantly reading the remaining battery charge, the resistance of the coil and the desired wattage, which may throw up slight problems from time to time. As a coil is used, its resistance can change slightly in response to temperature which can further throw things off.

    The board inside the SERIES-B has been built to calculate to two decimal places for greater accuracy, but given the limitation of the screen size, it only displays to a single decimal place. This can occasionally throw up minor blips

    There is a simple solution however, which is simply to tap the + or – button when you next notice it happening. This will change the wattage incrementally and cause the device to recalculate based on the new settings.

    This sort of issue should only happen occasionally and you may find that it doesn’t occur at all with some coils.

    If the problem persists after checking the above, please contact us.

    My device is displaying 'No Tank'

    This message will be displayed on the screen when no tank is detected as being connected to the device when the fire button is pressed. Ensure that the tank that you are using is screwed down firmly, but be careful not to overtighten as this may cause damage to the connector.

    If the tank is screwed down firmly, ensure that the connectors and threads are clean of any build-up of e-liquid residue.

    My device is displaying 'Low Power'

    When the battery has discharged to a remaining voltage of 3.3v or less, the device will display this message. When the battery reaches 3.3v, you will need to recharge the battery before being able to use it again.

    The battery indicator will also display as empty from 3.4v and below.

    My device is displaying 'Overheat'

    If the SERIES-B Tilt overheats, it will enter sleep mode and the display will read 'Overheat'. While in sleep mode, the device will be locked and won't be usable again until the unit has cooled off to a safe temperature.

    My device is displaying 'Over 15 Sec'

    If the fire button is pushed down for 15 seconds or longer, the device will cut out and display the message 'Over 15 Sec'.

    My device is displaying 'Tank Short'

    If the SERIES-B Tilt reads a short within the tank, it will display the message 'Tank Short'. This is usually a result of a problem with the 510 connector of the tank or fault with coil build inside the tank.

    If this message is displayed, try cleaning all connectors and threads, as well as swapping out the coil for a replacement.