UK Made E-Liquids Help Guide

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    We offer various strengths and flavours of our UK Made range of e-liquids for use with our cartomizers or tanks and clearomizers.

    E-liquids typically contain a mix of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine), along with pharmaceutical grade nicotine and flavourings. We offer two ratios of PG to VG. In our PG base UK Made e-liquids, we use 80% PG and 20% VG. In our VG base UK Made e-liquids, we use 80% VG and 20% PG.

    PG: PG is the standard base used in most e-liquids and produces a bigger throat hit and less vapour than VG. It's also more effective at delivering flavour. We use PG as the main ingredient in the e-liquids found in our pre-filled carts. Our PG e-liquids actually also contain some VG as well (20% in the case of our standard range). This means that our PG e-liquids offer a good balance of throat hit, flavour and vapour production, while being thin enough to wick easily. Some people may find PG too harsh, however, as it tends to dehydrate and can cause a sore throat for some. It's also possible to experience an intolerance to PG, in which case we would recommend using our VG base e-liquids (which contain much less PG).

    VG: VG is used an alternative base to PG, and produces much more vapour, but with less throat hit, while flavour tends to be a little more muted. It's a good choice for those who may have an intolerance to PG, or who find PG too harsh on the throat. Flavour tends be sweeter overall, and a little more muted when compared to PG. The thicker consistency of VG can also make it slightly harder to work with when using carts, but it's great in tanks and many people prefer it.

    Different flavours or strengths of e-liquid can be mixed to produce strength or flavour mix you like. For example: Vanilla and Apple together create an Apple Crumble type flavour, or mix 24mg and 12mg in equal parts to create 18mg, and so on. You can also mix PG and VG e-liquids together to mix your own perfect balance of taste and vapour production.

    All of our e-liquid is CLP compliant and is tested at source and independtly in UK labs. For more information on JAC safety standards and processes, visit our Safety Information page.

    Please note: E-liquids cannot be returned due to health and safety reasons, even if unopened, so please make sure you know you like a flavour prior to ordering large quantities.


    • E-liquid is not suitable for use while breastfeeding or pregnant
    • Our e-liquid may contain traces of nuts
    • Our e-liquid does not contain any animal based ingredients
  • FAQ

    How many fills of the 35mm cart will a 30ml bottle of e-liquid do?

    As the 35mm carts hold 0.8ml of e-liquid, you should get roughly 37.5 re-fills.

    How many times should I expect a 10ml bottle of e-liquid to fill a 35mm cart?

    From a 10ml bottle of e-liquid, we would expect you to get around 12.5 fills.

    Can I use any e-liquid with the Vgo2 Starter Kit?

    Every e-liquid we have is compatible with every kit that we sell, and that other sell. If you have a favoured e-liquid from a different supplier, this will work fine in our kit.

    Is it possible to be allergic to the e-liquid?

    It is possible to be allergic to the e-liquid, and those who are allergic are normally having a reaction to the PG. If you are one of those allergic to PG, we recommend to swap over to a full, 100%, VG e-liquid.

    Unfortunately, those who are allergic to PG will be unable to use our liquids, as even our VG e-liquid still contains some PG. Our VG e-liquid is 80:20 VG/PG in our Standard Range of e-liquid and 30:70 PG/VG in our UK Made Range. Intellicigs Ecopure e-liquid is one such e-liquid and it works well in our devices, as does just about all e-liquid.

    Does the e-liquid have a use by date?

    The e-liquid does have a use by date and this can be found on the back of the e-liquid bottle. If stored in a cool and dry place, the e-liquid can last for up to a year.

    Am I able to mix and match e-liquid flavours when purchasing three at the discount price?

    When we order bulk of an e-liquid flavour that our customers like, we get a discount for this that allows us to then give our customers a discount. This then means that, unfortunately, you can't mix and match the various flavours to receive the discount on the UK Made E-liquids.

    What is the difference between PG-based and VG-based e-liquid?

    PG e-liquid has more flavour than VG does, however, the VG is always a bit sweeter. VG e-liquid produces more vapour, however, do to this, you will use more e-liquid in the process. VG produces a very smooth vape, whereas the PG based e-liquids provide a stronger throat hit.

    What does e-liquid contain?

    E-liquid has 3 main ingredients and some flavourings:

    • Nicotine: The addictive chemical that provides both the feel, and throat hit that you would expect from smoking. When nicotine content is increased in the e-liquid, it become much stronger and provides a greater throat hit. Nicotine content is written a percentage or in mg on the bottles. For example, you will either see 18mg, or 1.8%.
    • Propylene Glycol (PG): Found in normal cigarettes, and safe to consume. PG can be found in many products from creams and shampoos, to inhales are smoke machines.
    • Vegetable Glycerine (VG): Increases the amount of vapour that is produced and, much like PG, is safe to consume.
    • Flavourings: To achieve the desired taste, various flavourings are use. In our tobacco e-liquids for example, we have genuine tobacco essence, as this allows up to produce an authentic flavour.


    • PG is the ingredient that some people can be allergic to. If you are allergic to PG, you should try out a 100% VG e-liquid. In the Standard Range of e-liquids, our VG consists of 20% PG and 80% VG, while our UK Made VG Range are a 30% PG and 70% VG mix. As we have PG in both of our ranges, these are not suitable for people with a PG allergy.
    • Our e-liquid may also contain traces of nuts, and is unsuitable for those with nut allergies.
    • Our e-liquid is not suitable for pregnant women.

    What is the difference between UK Made and Standard e-liquids?

    Our Standard E-liquid is made in China to JAC Vapours exacting standards. The UK Made range of e-liquid, however, is manufactured in the UK. All e-liquid bottles themselves are produced in china, yet the UK e-liquid is produced in the UK. All of our e-liquid are independently tested in labs in the UK to ensure that it complies with our quality and contents standards.

    For more information on JAC safety standards and processes, visit our Safety Information page.

    When you are mixing e-liquid flavours into the cartomizer do you mix in the cart or into a bottle?

    You are able to do this either way. It’s all based on personal preference as it depends on which method you prefer. To get the most of the flavour, it’s recommend to mix in the bottle, however, it is entirely up to you.

    How does the e-liquid not leak when in the tank?

    All of our tanks have built in seals, that prevent any liquid from leaking.

    Does the vapour have a smell?

    Dependant on the flavour of the e-liquid, there will be a slight smell that is similar to this. This smell then disappears very quickly. Along with disappearing quickly, the smell does not linger or stain.

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  • Troubleshooting

    I am getting a burnt taste from my e-liquid

    This is related to either the tank or battery, opposed to the e-liquid flavour.

    If you are using a VV battery, if the voltage is too high, it can have an effect on the e-liquid. Any setting above 4.2v may have an effect on the flavour. If the voltage is above 4.2v, try turning this down to prevent any burning taste. When using a fresh coil, ensure that the voltage is 4.2v or below, as this will preventing burning.

    If the power setting is fine:

    • See if the coil needs replaced. Coils should last for around 10 refills before needing to be replaced. Dependant on the e-liquid type, power setting and how they are being used, this number can vary.
    • Ensure to keep the wicks fully saturated to prevent them from dry burning. When filling a fresh coil for the time, it is important to leave the e-liquid for 20-30 minutes to soak into the wicking.
    • Lower resistance coils will produce more vapour and throat hit than higher resistance coils, but there can be an impact on flavour, particularly when using sweeter e-liquids. This is why is is important to check the resistance of the coil, as it could be this that is causing the burnt taste.

    If you having trouble after trying the above, please contact customer service.

    The e-liquid flavour tastes strange / different to normal

    If filling the cart or tank from empty/clean:
    Try steeping the e-liquid as this will allow the e-liquid flavour to mature. Steeping can be done by taking off the lid of the e-liquid bottle and leaving in a warm room for 2-3 days. This should allow the flavour to mature, and should be fine after this. If the taste is still off, try steeping a second time.

    If filling on top of a previous flavour:
    When you refill the cart with a different e-liquid flavour, you will notice the previous flavour for the first 2-3 uses of the cart/tank and then this will begin to fade. If you don’t want to have this mix of flavour, you can clean out the tank by washing it in some warm water and leaving to dry. If you need advice on cleaning your tank, refer to the Tanks help section.

    If you are still having trouble after reading the above, please contact customer service.

    My e-liquid is not producing as much vapour

    This is is most likely due to switching from PG to VG e-liquid. VG e-liquid produces considerably more vapour than PG does. The reverse is true if switching from VG to PG. To see which e-liquid you are using, simply refer to the bottle. PG e-liquids contain 80% PG, to 20% VG. Our VG e-liquids on the other hand use 70% VG, to 30% PG.

    I’m using the same e-liquid as I was previously:
    If the e-liquid is the same, this could be caused by using a higher resistance coil than you were previously. The lower the resistance of the coil, the greater the throat hit and vapour production, however, you may also notice less flavour.

    I’m using the same resistance coil as I was previously:
    Your e-liquid may require steeping. If you check out the above information on steeping, this may help.

    If your battery is low on charge, this could also be the cause of the tank not producing vapour as it normally would. We recommend to try your tank on a fully charged battery, or on a different battery, to see if this makes a difference.

    If you are still not getting as much vapour, it may be that the coil in the tank is spent. We expect our coils to last for roughly 10 refills each before the performance and vapour will start to decline. If you have refilled the tank more than 10 times, the coil is the most likely cause, and we recommend to replace this. once replaced, your tank should start producing normal amounts of vapour again.

    If you still have any issues, please contact customer service.