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    Various strengths and flavours of our Standard Range of e-liquid are available for use with our cartomizers or tanks and clearomizers.

    PG (Propylene Glycol): PG is the standard base used in e-liquids and produces a bigger throat hit, slightly less vapour and lasts longer. Flavour also comes through more prominently. This is the e-liquid we use in our prefilled carts, and it's a base of 80% PG and 20% VG which produces plenty of throat hit and vapour, and wicks easily. Some people can find PG too harsh as it tends to dehydrate and can cause a sore throat for some. Users can also have an intolerance to PG, in which case we would recommend they use VG.

    VG (Vegetable Glycerine): VG is an alternative to the PG and produces more vapour, but with less throat hit and vaping. It also uses more e-liquid. It's a good alternative for those that may have an intolerance to PG or find PG too harsh. The taste will be sweeter and not a full as PG, and the thicker consistency can make it slightly hard to work with in carts, but it's great in tanks and many people prefer it. Our Standard Range of VG base is 80% VG and 20% PG, so it's not suitable for people allergic to PG.

    The e-liquid strength and flavours can all be mixed to produce whatever strength or flavour mix you prefer. For example: Vanilla and Apple together create an Apple Crumble type flavour, or mix 24mg and 12mg to get 18mg, and so on. You can also mix PG and VG versions, to get your perfect balance of taste and vapour production.

    All of our e-liquid is CLP compliant and is tested at source and further independently in UK labs. For more information on JAC safety standards and processes, visit our Safety Information page.

    Please note: E-liquid cannot be returned due to health and safety reasons, even if unopened so please make sure you know you like a flavour prior to ordering large quantities.


    • E-liquid is not suitable if breast feeding or pregnant
    • Our e-liquid may contain traces of nuts
    • Our e-liquid does not contain any animal based ingredients
  • FAQ

    10ml of e-liquid – how many times will it fill a cartomizer?

    A 10ml bottle of e-liquid will allow you to fill a standard 35mm cartomizer (0.8ml) 12.5 times.

    Are all e-liquids compatible with our starter kits?

    The e-liquid is fully compatible with any of our kits, you can in fact use just about any e-liquid, and this also includes other products not provided by us. We have many customers who mix their own e-liquid or buy from their own preferred supplier. Please note that very thick specialist liquids will usually not perform well (the liquid is too thick to wick properly) in cartomizers, you should also be aware that thicker liquids also tend to reduce the life span of a cart or tanks atomiser.

    Can the user be allergic to the ingredients in the e-liquid?

    Yes the user can, there are some people who can be allergic or intolerant to the PG in the e-liquid. If you find that it’s an intolerance, try switching to a VG base to stop any reaction – this normally works. However, if the user has a full blown allergic reaction you will need to move to a pure VG e-liquid, an e-liquid that contains no PG at all.

    Many e-liquids listed as VG, will still contain PG, the VG normally means a VG base, which is a percentage split of VG/PG with VG as the predominant ingredient. Our VG e-liquid is 80:20 VG/PG in our Standard Range of e-liquid and 30:70 PG/VG in our UK Made Range. Intellicigs Ecopure e-liquid is one such e-liquid that works well in our devices, as do many e-liquids.

    Does my e-liquid have a sell by or expiry date?

    Yes it does, the best before date is written on the bottle. Your e-liquid will last for at least a year if you store it in a cool place away - please do not leave it exposed to direct sunlight.

    I'd like to take advantage of the discount when ordering three e-liquids to save money. Can I mix the varieties available?

    When we order large amounts of a particular flavour from our supplier, we receive a special discount. The more popular that the flavour is with our customers, the better the discount, which in turn means we can then pass discount onto you, the customer. Unfortunately this means that you cannot mix and match the various flavours to receive the discount. If you would prefer to mix and match flavours and strengths then you can do this by purchasing five or more of our standard 10ml bottles of e-liquid. This offer is exclusive to the 10ml Standard E-liquid range – it does not include the 20ml bottle range.

    Understanding the differences between PG-based and VG-based e-liquids - flavour, vapour and throat hit.

    The PG e-liquid has more flavour than the VG e-liquid. The VG e-liquid is always a bit sweeter and produces more vapour. As the VG produces more vapour, you will go through more e-liquid. The PG has a stronger throat hit, but the VG is a smoother experience. You can of course also mix some VG in with PG to get a balance just right for you.

    What are the ingredients in the e-liquid?

    Our e-liquid contains 3 main ingredients plus additional flavourings:

    • Nicotine: This is the addictive element of the 3 main ingredients, it is responsible for delivering the “throat hit” or “feel of smoking” that you would experience when smoking a real cigarette. The higher the nicotine content, the stronger the e-liquid experience. The amount of e-liquid content is measured as 'mg' which means milligram. It can also be listed as a percentage. As an example - 12mg is equivalent 1.2%, 18mg is 1.8%. The health risks of inhaling nicotine are well known due to the use of cigarettes, it can be responsible for an increased heart rate.
    • Propylene Glycol (PG): This element is found in normal cigarettes as well as e-cigarettes, it is considered safe for consumption. It is also present in many products from creams to shampoo that are used by consumer’s every day. PG is also used in other devices such as smoke machines and inhalers. The effects of inhaling PG are well documented by the medical research market and no risks have been associated with its use.
    • Vegetable Glycerine (VG): This element increases vapour volume, it is present in most e-liquid mixes and again is well documented and considered safe to consume. It is used in many every day products - much like PG.
    • Flavourings: There are many varieties of flavouring used in the e-liquid to achieve the desired taste for the individual user. Tobacco flavours mainly use tobacco essence to give an authentic tobacco taste. Please note that we use no animal based products in the production of our e-liquid.


    In some cases people can be allergic or have a bad reaction to PG, if this occurs then you should use a pure VG e-liquid. Within the Standard Range of e-liquids, our VG consists of 20% PG and 80% VG, while our UK Made VG Range is 30% PG and 70% VG mix. This means that neither of the “Standard” or the “UK Range” is suitable for those people that have a PG allergy.

    NUT ALLERGY - our e-liquid may also contain traces of nuts, and is not suitable for people who have nut allergies.

    • Our e-liquid is not suitable for pregnant women.

    If you require any further advice, or are not sure about anything, please feel free to contact customer support.

    How do I mix different flavours of e-liquid - into a cart ...or into a bottle?

    You can mix flavours either way. Whether you prefer to mix it directly into a tank or cartomizer, or into a bottle first is up to you. To help you achieve a more even flavour, then we would recommend that you pre-mix your e-liquid flavours into a bottle first.

    What are the differences between the various tobacco flavours?

    • Tobacco - This is a generic tobacco, with a slight sweetness to it
    • Tobacco Reds USA - This is based on a popular US tobacco, this again has a slight sweetness to it
    • Tobacco Desert Ship - This flavour is based on Turkish tobacco and is not sweet, it does has a nutty flavour to it
    • Tobacco Virgin - This is based on a rolling tobacco, this has no sweetness.
    • Tobacco DKTAB - This is a caramel tobacco, very sweet.

    What are the main differences between the Standard E-liquid ranges compared to the UK Made E-liquid range?

    The Standard E-liquid range is produced in China to JAC Vapour’s rigorous quality standards. Our UK Made Range of e-liquid is manufactured in the UK to UK rigorous quality standards.

    The bottles for both standards are produced in China. All our e-liquid is independently tested in labs in the UK to make sure it complies with our quality and contents standards.

    For more information on JAC Vapour safety standards and processes, please visit our Safety Information page.

    When using a tank will the e-liquid leak out?

    The tanks or clearomizers have built in seals to prevent leaks.

    Does the vapour have any smell?

    The vapour smells very slightly of the flavour that you use, but the smell disappears almost immediately. The smell does not cling to clothes or cause any discolouration to walls, teeth or fingers. It also does not smell on your breath or hair. Some of the stronger flavours - like coffee - do have quite an obvious smell due to the aroma, although this does not linger.

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  • Troubleshooting

    My e-liquid seems to be producing a burnt taste

    The most likely causes of a burnt taste usually stem from the tank or battery you are using - rather than the e-liquid itself.

    If using a VV battery, the first thing to check is whether the voltage is set too high. Higher voltage settings (4.2v and above) can have an effect on the flavour of the e-liquid, this is usually noticeable as a burnt taste. If the voltage is too high, try turning it down to below 4.2v. This is particularly noticeable when a coil is fresh, so try to avoid turning the power to max immediately after replacing the coil.

    If you feel the power setting is fine:

    • Check to see if the coil in the tank is alright and not in need of replacement (if you are using one of our rebuildable models). Coils should last for somewhere around 10 fills each before they need to be replaced, though this can vary from user to user. Variables such as the type of e-liquid and the power setting of the battery will both have an effect.
    • Ensure to keep the wicks in the tank fully saturated, do not allow them to dry burn. This is important when filling the tank with a new coil. When using a fresh coil, you should always leave at least twenty minutes for the wicks to saturate before using the tank.
    • Find out the resistance of your coil (if you are using one of our rebuildable models). Low resistance coils produce more vapour and throat hit than higher resistance coils; however, there can be an impact on flavour, particularly when using sweeter e-liquids.

    If you are still having some issues, please contact customer service.

    The e-liquid flavour does not taste the same / tastes different from what it normally does

    When filling the cart/tank from empty or clean:

    Steeping may help the flavour of the e-liquid mature and taste as you would usually expect. To steep a bottle of e-liquid, this can be done by taking off the lid of the e-liquid bottle and placing the bottle in a warm room for 2-3 days. This will allow the e-liquid to mature and the flavour to become to what you normally expect.

    If filling on top of a previous flavour:

    You will notice the previous flavour while using the tank/cart for the first few times, however, this will soon fades. If you don’t want to persevere with the taste of two flavours, you can clean out the tank in warm water to clear away the previous e-liquid taste.

    If you need advice on cleaning your tank, refer to the Tanks help section.

    If you continue to have trouble, please contact customer service.

    The e-liquid has more / less vapour than before

    The most common reason for this is due to switching from PG to VG e-liquid. As VG produces more vapour than PG does, this is most likely the cause. Alternatively, if swapping from VG to PG, you will notice less vapour production.

    Check the e-liquid bottle you are using, as it state whether they are PG or VG next to the flavour and strength.

    I’m using the same e-liquid as I was previously:

    If the e-liquid is the same, check to see if you are using a different resistance coil. The lower the resistance of the coil, the more vapour and throat hit will be produced, whereas, a higher resistance the coil will produce less vapour and throat hit, but flavour will be better.

    I’m using the same resistance coil as I was previously:

    Check to see if the e-liquid needs to be steeped. The above information on steeping may help.

    If you battery is low on charge, it could be preventing the batter from working as expected, and cause less vapour. Try charging the battery fully, or using a different battery to see if this makes any difference.

    Finally, if the coil in the tank has been re-filled more than 10 times, this could be the cause for poor vapour production. Coils are expected to last for around 10 re-fills and will then start to produce less vapour and performance will become poor. By changing the coil, this should solve the issue.

    If you continue to have trouble, please contact customer service.