Cartomizers Help Guide

Cartomizers are mainly used with smaller cig-a-like style e-cigarettes, such as our V3i kits. They resemble the filter part of a cigarette both in shape and size, consisting of a coil mounted below a chamber which is filled with a wadding material. This wadding surrounds the coil, helping to wick or soak up e-liquid which is then vaporised.

The V3i cartomizers we offer are the most advanced version available and are fitted with an integrated, bottom-mounted coil (as opposed to separate atomiser component found in some cart systems). They can be refilled around 8-10 times on average, even those which come pre-filled with e-liquid, making them exceptionally good value. With good care a cartomizer may even last for as many as 20 refills in some cases.

To keep them in good condition, never allow the carts to run completely dry by making sure to keep them topped up with e-liquid.

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Quick Info

Pre-filled cartomizers are supplied ready to use straight from the pack, and are filled with our standard e-liquid flavours. Our pre-filled carts are only available in 35mm, or around the same size as the filter on a tobacco cigarette. Each cartomizer holds approx. 0.8ml of e-liquid, which roughly equates to 10-15 cigarettes in terms of number of puffs.

Once you have used a pre-filled cartomizer, it is then possible refill it and use it again and again. Some users may get as many as 20 refills from each cart, though an average of around 8-10 is more common. You can refill your carts with any e-liquid you like (not just ours), though when filling with one flavour on top of another, there may be some flavour transference or mixing.

Our carts are fitted with an 808 connection and are designed for use with our V3i range of batteries.

If you are having trouble filling your cartomizers, check out our video guide.

Quick Info

Blank cartomizers come empty, ready to be filled with e-liquid. Filling cartomizers is very easy and they can be refilled around 8-10 times on average with any eliquid you fancy. Some customers find they can refill a cartomizer up to 20 times if they are careful to keep the wadding moist with e-liquid and don't let it dry out.

Blank cartomizers come in 3 sizes: 35mm (standard), 50mm (longer) and the Megacart (our largest cart). The Megacart is designed for the Vgo2 batteries and should not be used with the smaller V3i batteries.

When filling a cartomizer for the first time, you need to fill with at least 70% of the total capacity, so in the case of the Megacart that holds 2.4ml you need to fill it with at least 1.8ml for gravity to take over and the wicking process to start.