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    Our Vgo2 and eGo Batteries come in different sizes and can fit tanks and cartomisers. If you have an eGo battery, these will require an adapter to allow the use of cartomisers.

    As these batteries are larger than the V3i model, the battery life is increased. We expect around 4 hours of vaping time from a single 400mAh battery, and a full day of vaping for our 1300mAh batteries.

    All of our manual batteries have a five-click lock. This is a safety feature which prevents the batteries from overheating. To activate the lock, simply click the manual button five times and repeat the process to unlock.

  • FAQ


    Manual – These batteries have a button switch on them which requires to be pressed and held while inhaling. Once you finish inhaling, release the button. All manual batteries have a five-click lock, which is a safety feature, preventing the batteries from overheating and activating when not in use.

    Automatic – Once you have attached your tank or cart, simply inhale and the battery will work. Automatic batteries are very convenient, and this is the main advantage of these. The manual batteries, however, are easy to get used to and provide slightly more advantages as they are more efficient and robust in comparison to the autos.

    The manual batteries also run on 4.2v, which means that they provide more power than the automatic batteries as these run on 3.7v. Due to this, manual batteries produce a greater throat hit and more vapour. Along with this, manual batteries tend to be smaller than its counterpart as the switch take up less from within the housing.

    If you are wary of size and would prefer something that would fit into your pocket, we would recommend sticking to a 650mAh battery or below. The 650mAh batteries are expected to provide around 6hrs and 30 minutes of use which, for most users, should be enough to last the day. If you have one of the 650mAh starter kits, however, carrying two of these with you should last even the heaviest of vapers a full day.

    Due to their size, the 900mAh and 1300mAh batteries aren’t the best to carry round in pockets as they can bend and break, however, either of these batteries should last most vapers for a full day.


    All of our manual batteries come with a five-click safety lock which, when activated, prevents them from firing on their own and overheating. To activate and deactivate the lock, simply click the manual button 5 times in a row. Once the batteries are unlocked, all you need to do is press and hold the manual button, inhale, and then release the button when finished. To see how the batteries unlock, you can watch our video here.


    This can happen due to taking too long a draw on the battery, or because the battery is low on charge and needs charging. All of our automatic batteries contain a six second safety cut-off, which prevents the batteries from overheating. Therefore, if you notice the battery flashing while taking a long draw, the battery will cut out due to the safety feature. Please note as well, if the battery flashes when you screw the tank in, this normally mean that the tank has been screwed in too tightly. To prevent this from happening, make sure to only connect finger tight.


    The Vgo2 and eGo batteries should last you for around 4-6 months before they will need to be replaced. These batteries can, however, last for 6+ months if they are well looked after cleaner regularly. For full guides on cleaning the Vgo2 and eGo batteries, watch our YouTube video here.


    On all of our manual batteries, there is a five-click lock. This prevents the battery from activating on its own and is the most likely cause for your batteries not firing. To unlock the batteries, simply click the manual button switch five times in a row. Our YouTube video for unlocking the batteries can be found here.

    If your batteries still do not work after trying this, contact customer service.


    The tank or cartomizers can be left connected to the battery when not in use, this is fine. If the e-cigarette will not be used for a long time, we would recommend to disconnect the tank/carts to prevent them from becoming stuck together.


    Our Manual and Variable Voltage (VV) batteries need one of the manual only, 4.2v chargers, whereas our auto batteries require an automatic only, 5v output charger. Make sure to purchase the correct charger which fits your battery connection, as the wrong charger can damage your batteries.


    As a general rule, no. Batteries left unused for extended periods will deplete over time. If the battery depletes entirely, it will no longer function. As warranty period applied to all batteries takes effect from when you receive your order, we will not be able to cover batteries outside of this period – even if they have been left unused.

    Best practice here is to ensure you have enough batteries to keep you going at any one time. Particularly light vapers may get by with a single battery, though heavier users may need two or more in rotation to ensure that they aren’t left without.

    It’s a good idea to have a back-up, just in case, though large numbers of back-ups are not advisable for the reasons laid above.

    If you only use one battery, it’s sensible to have a second on hand. If this battery is to be left unused, however, we recommend making sure it is at least charged periodically. This will help to ensure that it still performs correctly when you do need to use it.


    If you aren’t going to be using your battery for a few days, it should be stored somewhere cool, and away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing multiple loose batteries together, and you should also ensure that they are kept away from any other metal objects.

    Batteries will retain their charge for a considerable period of time, though they will naturally deplete. If you are going to leave a battery unused for longer periods, it’s advisable to leave it fully charged, as well as topping off the charge occasionally.

    Avoid storing batteries with a cart or tank still attached if you know the battery won’t be used for some time. This will remove the risk of the tank leaking onto the battery.

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  • Troubleshooting


    Below is our list to help identify your battery fault:

    Is the battery not charging / turning on?

    The first thing to check is if other batteries are charging up okay in the same charger. Firstly, place a pin between the thread and the centre post of the battery connection and lever the centre battery post higher. By doing this, it will allow the battery to create a better connection.

    Go through the steps below on cleaning the Vgo2 and eGo batteries. Alternatively, you can watch our YouTube video, showing how to clean your Vgo2 Battery.

    • Underneath the battery threading, there are two small air holes which need cleaned out. To clean these, use a pin and poke each hole until they are clean.
    • After cleaning the air holes, the next step is to run the pin around the inside of the battery connection, making sure to remove all dirt and debris.
    • Use a paper towel to clear away and black marks that may be on the threading or connection point of the battery.

    If the battery still isn't working:

    • Find out the age of you battery and if this is still within its warranty period. The warranty for our Vgo2 and JAC 510 batteries is 60 days and we expect these batteries to last for around 4-6 months.
    • If your battery is out with its warranty period, or has stopped working, you will need to purchase a new battery. If you are still inside the warranty period, make sure to contact customer service.

    If your other batteries are not charging:

    Find out if your charger is getting power and ensure the connections are clean.

    If you're charger is clean and you are getting power:

    Check to see how old your charger is and if it’s still within warranty. All of our chargers have a warranty period of 4 months.

    • If the charger is out with its warranty period / lifespan: You will need to purchase a new charger.
    • If your charger is still within the 4 month warranty period, please contact customer service.
    • If you are getting power, yet the charger has dirt or debris in it, we recommend to clean out the charging connection.


    For our standard non-rebuildable Crystal and V3i Tanks:

    Is the tank less than two weeks old? How many times have you refilled the tank?

    We expect these tanks to last for roughly 10 refills before the wick and coil is spent and will need to be replaced.

    • If you have refilled the tank less than ten times: contact customer service.
    • If the tank has been refilled more than ten times: your tank will need replacing as it has reached the end of its lifespan.
    • If your tank is out with the two week warranty period, you will need to replace it.

    For the rebuildable Nova, Vox, Evod 2, Protank etc.:

    Is the take less than two weeks old?

    Our rebuildable tanks are expected to last for around 10 refills before the coil will need to be replaced.

    • If the tank has had less than 10 refills: contact customer support.
    • If you have refilled over 10 times: you will need to purchase a new wick and coil as this will have reached the end of its life span.
    • If your tank is older than two weeks, it is unfortunately no longer covered under our warranty period for tanks.


    If possible, try using your tank on a different battery to see if this works:

    • Yes: The fault is most likely to be with the battery instead of the tank. As this is the case, we would recommend trying our battery troubleshooting.
    • No: The problem most likely lies with the coil. If you haven’t already, we recommend to replace the coil.

    After you have changed the wick and coil, if you are still having issues, please contact customer service.

    If you have refilled you tank less than 10 times and the wick seems to be faulty, get in touch with our customer service team regarding the faulty wick and coils.


    We rarely see faults with chargers, however, on the occasion where there is a fault, there is no fix for these. All of our chargers have a 4 month warranty, however, cleaning the connection will normally fix this all issues. If your charger is still not working after cleaning, as long as it is within the warranty period, please contact customer service.


    When this happens, it means that the switch within the battery has become stuck in the on position. This can happen over time from general use and it classed as wear and tear. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is no way to fix this. If you are still within the two month warranty period, we recommend to get in touch with our contact customer service team. If the battery is out with the warranty, the best thing to do is dispose of it.

    If this does happen to your battery, we suggest to stop using the battery right away and allow it to discharge while also disconnecting the tank/cart connected.


    When the battery fails to fire, and the LED is flashing, this is normally caused by the tank being screwed in too tightly to the battery. This then causes the battery to short circuit and stop working. To fix this, simply make sure to connect the battery and tank together only finger tight.

    If the tank is now too loose to be used safely, we recommend trying to raise the centre post in the battery. By doing this, it will allow the battery to create a better connection with the tank. This can be done by placing a pin between the thread and the centre post of the tank and levering the centre post higher.

    If you continue to have trouble after checking the above, and your battery is still within warranty, contact customer service.