Batteries Help Guide

Batteries are the main engine of the e-cigarette and come in many shapes and sizes. Despite this, they all generally function in the same way and perform the same job.

Some batteries, such our cig-a-like V3i models, operate using an automatic switch, firing automatically in response to simply inhaling on your device. Others, such as our JAC 510 range, are operated by manually pushing a button to fire the battery.

More advanced batteries, such as the SERIES-E, may offer Variable Voltage, and in the case of the most advanced devices, like the SERIES-B Tilt, which are sub-ohm capable or offer Variable Wattage modes, they can even use removable IMR battery cells.

Batteries can hold various amounts of charge, or run at different voltages (which has an impact on vapour production and throat hit) but no matter what they battery looks like, in essence they are all very similar.

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Quick Info

Our V3i Batteries come in three different sizes, all of which fit the blank and prefilled cartomisers and our V3i Mini Tanks.

These batteries can all be charged in our Portable Charging Case (PCC). The 55mm batteries and 65mm batteries can fit into the PCC with a cartomizer attached, however, the 78mm batteries are unable to do so due to their length.

Quick Info

Our Vgo2 and eGo Batteries come in different sizes and can fit tanks and cartomisers. If you have an eGo battery, these will require an adapter to allow the use of cartomisers.

As these batteries are larger than the V3i model, the battery life is increased. We expect around 4 hours of vaping time from a single 400mAh battery, and a full day of vaping for our 1300mAh batteries.

All of our manual batteries have a five-click lock. This is a safety feature which prevents the batteries from overheating. To activate the lock, simply click the manual button five times and repeat the process to unlock.

Quick Info

Our Variable Voltage (VV) & Twist batteries all have a small dial on the bottom of the battery. This dial allows you to alter the voltage output your battery provides. The higher the voltage, the more throat hit and vapour you will get. There may, however, be an effect on flavour due to the coil burning at a greater heat.

The lower you set the voltage, the less vapour and throat hit you’ll get, but you will not damage the flavour by burning the e-liquid. Each e-liquid is different, and has an optimum voltage.

Just like our Vgo2 & eGo batteries, these VV & Twist batteries fit both our tanks and cartomizers. Note that if you plan to use our cartomizers with a Twist battery, you will need an adapter as our carts utilise a KR-808 connection, while our Twist batteries are a 510 connection.

Unlike our other batteries, the VV & Twist batteries are only available with manual switches. Both the Vgo2 and JAC 510 eGo ranges have a button switch which operates the battery. To use, all you need to do is hold down the manual button, inhale, and release the button when you finish.

If you still have any questions you would like answered, our customer service team would be more than happy to help you out.