Electronic cigarettes are relatively new and finding the right product to suit your needs, as well as succinct answers to questions you may have, can be a minefield. This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions from e-cigarette users:

How do electronic cigarettes work

The e-cigarette consists of 2 parts:

  • The battery which is activated when you inhale for auto batteries or when you press the button on the manual battery option
  • The cartridge (either a cartomiser or tank) which contains the atomiser, wick and the eliquid

When you draw on the cartridge or press the button, the battery is activated causing the atomiser contained within the cartridge to vapourise the eliquid allowing you to inhale it. The 2 part e-cigarette makes things very simple for people new to vaping.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

E-cigarettes contain nicotine; unless buying a 0mg strength pre-filled cart or eliquid. Of course, there are risks associated with using e-cigarettes - nicotine can raise your heart rate and a few other side effects. These side effects are very similar to those associated with caffeine and compared to the harm caused by real cigarettes they present a far lower risk. Real cigarettes contain 600 ingredients which, when combusted, change to over 3000; 76 of which are known carcinogens.

E-cigarettes contain 3 main ingredients, Propylene Glycol or PG as it's known, Vegetable Glycerine (which both contrivute to producing the vapour) and nicotine (which produces the throat hit or feel of smoking).

There are often flavourings included, bringing the total to an average of about 16 ingredients), none of which are known carcinogens. There is no combustion in an e-cigarette, it is an electronic good therefore the ingredients do not change chemically to create other more harmful ingredients.

Although nicotine is very addictive it is relatively harmless on its own, as is Propylene Glycol which is used in many products such as asthma inhalers and smoke machines. Since 2006, when e-cigarettes were brought to market, many tests, studies and reports have been published to prove the safety of e-cigarettes, a simple Google search or a visit to this web link should put your mind at ease.

However, e-cigarettes cannot be considered truly safe due to their nicotine content and the lack of longer term studies (as it is a relatively new product) means there is no long term scientific data to reference, however compared to smoking e-cigarettes offer a large advantage as they do not contain tar, carbon monoxide, and all the other extremely harmful by products of a traditional cigarette.

Are electronic cigarettes regulated?

E-cigarettes are regulated. They are sold as consumer goods throughout the EU. All e-cigarette vendors should have ROHS (The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and CE (Conformité Européene) certification for hardware, and this should be checked by Trading Standards.

Customer safety is of the utmost importance, and all electrical equipment sold in the EU is subject to these regulations so that chargers and batteries are deemed safe for use. An e-cigarette is subject to the same standards and regulations as all electrical devices sold in the EU, from phones to mp3 players.

Eliquid should be CHIP (Chemicals - Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) compliant and tested to confirm its contents.

JAC Vapour comply to all necessary legal regulations. JAC Vapour are audited independently to ensure that all products for sale are safe for public consumption, and meet UK and EU Trading Standards regulations.

Is your eliquid safe?


CHIP (Chemicals - Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply Regulations) compliance refers to the container and labelling used for the safe transport of a product. In the case of JAC Vapour, this means that the bottles used for eliquid comply with EU CHIP regulations.

To meet these standards, JAC Vapour’s bottles feature the relevant safety symbols, and a child safety lid. In addition, the bottles themselves are manufactured using materials that are deemed safe for the storage of eliquids.

CHIP labelling needs to be independently assessed in order to ensure that they comply with all relevant regulation.

At the manufacturing end, nicotine bases and ingredients are tested prior to being used, to ensure that they meet product safety standards and that they are fit for human consumption. Production batches are then also tested to verify contents and percentages are all correct.

All e-liquid is labelled with a production or batch number and expiration date. EC labelling regulation according to ENICS: 200-193-3 is also complied with.

JAC Vapour also performs additional batch testing using independent labs in the UK. Although not currently a legal requirement, this testing is carried out as an extra safety precaution. Batch testing involves a random selection across the full range of flavours, strengths and volumes, which are fully analysed. Percentages and ingredients are all checked to confirm they have been manufactured according to specifications, and the samples are checked for any indication of batch contamination.

JAC Vapour is also bound by Weights and Measurements legislation and as a result test and log eliquids to ensure stated quantities are correct and within the required tolerance.

JAC Vapour is known within the industry for its high quality products and the reputation of the company rests on it carrying out the due diligence listed.

Do electronic cigarettes work?

The short answer is, yes they do. You may have come across various cheaper or less advanced models sold in kiosks, convenience stores, garages or on board aeroplanes, you may have even tried one. Our products are not the same. Technology has advanced and quality e-cigarettes are now very good at mimicking the sensation of a real cigarette. The models we sell are some of the most popular and best on the market because they're very easy to use, produce a large amount of vapour and give a good ‘throat hit’ (the feeling associated with drawing on a traditional cigarette).

Will I experience any side effects?

It is not uncommon for some customers to report having side-effects after using an e-cigarette. In almost all cases, this is down to an intolerance to the main ingredient in most eliquids, Propylene Glycol (PG). This usually manifests itself as tightness in the chest, or sometimes as a rash on the skin. For these customers, we recommend switching to a VG (Vegetable Glycerine) eliquid instead. Our VG eliquids still contain some PG (20% for our Standard Range and 30% in our UK Made Range), so for those with a more severe allergy, we recommend switching to a 100% VG eliquid, available from other suppliers online.

Another common side-effect of using an e-cigarette is dehydration. This is due the PG, which can dehydrate. Simply increasing your water consumption is usually enough to counter-act this.

What is the 'smoke' that is released?

It’s not smoke that is released, it's a vapour made up of a mix of PG and VG which is the delivery method for the nicotine in the eliquid. The vapour gives a sensation very similar to a real cigarette. Full details of the contents contained in the vapour can be found here: http://www.healthnz.co.nz/ECigsExhaledSmoke.htm

Does the e-cigarette vapour smell?

The vapour smells very slightly of which ever flavour you are using, but disappears almost immediately. It does not cling to clothes or cause any discolouration to walls, teeth or fingers. It does not smell on your breath or hair either. Some of the stronger flavours like coffee do have quite an obvious smell, it doesn't linger though.

What is an electronic cigarette not?

Nicotine Replacement Therapy. E-cigarettes are not a product designed to help you quit smoking; they are a safer alternative to smoking that many people choose to use instead. We make no claims to the contrary, though we are always happy to hear that our customers have chosen to move away from tobacco cigarettes completely.

Will my e-cig battery last forever?

No, but you should get a significant amount of use out them before they need to be replaced. The ‘cig-a-like’ V3i batteries will last on average, around 2-3 months. This still represents a significant saving when compared to the cost of tobacco cigarettes.

The larger Vgo2 batteries will last around 4-6 months before they need to be replaced.

In both cases, regular cleaning and care is advised in order to get the most out of your battery. Some customers are still using their batteries after 6+ months if they have been particularly well looked after. For our video guide to cleaning your batteries, check out our JAC Vapour YouTube Channel.

How long will my e-cig battery last between charges?

This is something that really depends on a few different factors. Every user is different and how heavily they use their e-cigarette will have an effect on the battery life, however there are some things that you can control. Using a battery with a larger capacity (mAh) will give you a longer life between charges. it's important to note that this will also increase the size of your battery.

The smallest battery that we sell at present is a 55mm 150mAh V3i, which will give around 1.5 hours of heavy use. The largest battery that we offer is very large 1300mAh Vgo2, which will last most users more than a day before needing to be recharged.

What customers need to work out for themselves is how much importance they place on portability and size, and how valuable a longer life battery is to them. If you would like any advice on a particular battery or kit, get in touch with our customer service team and we’ll be happy to help you make a decision.

Why do people use electronic cigarettes?

Everyone is different, but most people choose to use an e-cigarette so that they can move away from traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes offer a healthier alternative to smoking, which is part of an informed lifestyle choice.

A big factor for a lot of people is the cost. Compared with traditional cigarettes, which can cost more than £240 per month (based on a pack of 20 per day), e-cigarettes offer a much cheaper alternative.

For example:

Our popular V1P starter kit starts at £32.99, and includes a pack of 5 carts. If you choose to only use prefilled carts and the battery that is included in the kit, you would need around 10 packs per month to equal a pack of 20 cigarettes per day. At £6.99 per pack, this still only comes to £69.99 for the month.

Bear in mind that this is the least cost effective option that we offer. If you wish, you can refill any of our carts around 10 times each with any of our eliquids. This will substantially reduce your costs.

Will an e-cigarette help me quit smoking?

While many of our customers tell us that e-cigarettes have helped them move away from traditional cigarettes entirely, it must be remembered that e-cigarettes are still a delivery device for nicotine and are not designed as a quitting aid. E-cigarettes simply allow users to enjoy a healthier alternative to smoking.

Which e-cigarette should i choose?

It is important to note that an electronic cigarette is a piece of technology and as you move from being a beginner to an expert, your preferences and need may change.

Many products, such as our popular V3i range, resemble a traditional cigarette in terms of design and size. Often, these are called 'cig-a-likes' due to their resemblance to traditional cigarettes. These are great for new users who are keen to have a product that is as close as possible to the cigarettes that they are used to smoking. They are portable, with a small profile which is great for those who are self-conscious and want to blend in.

Most customer may start with ‘cig-a-like’ style e-cigarettes, but find that they wish to try something that lasts a bit longer, or offers more power or a bigger throat hit.

Larger profile batteries, such as our Vgo2 or JAC 510 range are more efficient and offer a much longer battery life for those who want to have to recharge as infrequently as possible. The larger batteries also offer a larger amount of flexibility.

Our Vgo2 batteries are compatible with all of our cartomisers and our KR-808 tanks, giving you options you wouldn't have when using the smaller V3i batteries.

The JAC 510 range offer the 510 connection with an ego thread, which is more universally used. This also provides great flexibility when customising your kit to suit your needs as there many products on the market that are compatible with this style connection.

What is the difference between E-Cigarette Carts and Tanks?

While most customers start off by using cartomisers, many choose to move on to using tanks instead.


Cartomisers resemble the filter on a traditional cigarette, and are screwed on to the battery to form the assembled e-cig. Cartomisers contain an atomiser, wick and wadding, which together allow the vaporisation of eliquid. The wadding is saturated by, and acts a storage device for the eliquid. The wick then feeds eliquid into the atomiser, where it is pulled across a heating element, creating the vapour. Our carts are available either pre-filled with eliquid, or as blanks. Each of our carts are able to be refilled around 10 times.

Your cartomiser will start taste a little like burnt cotton when it has run dry – this is your indication that you should either replace it or refill it with your eliquid. For more information on carts, vist our cartomiser help section.


Tanks, on the other hand, are much larger in size and are able to hold at least twice as much eliquid as our standard 35mm carts. Tanks are a large, empty vessel, which contain an atomiser and wick similar to those found in a cartomiser. The wick in a tank is much longer and is submerged in the eliquid. In the same way as the cart, inhalation (or in the case of manual batteries, pressing the button) causes the wick to feed the atomiser, which in turn vaporises the eliquid.

The advantage that carts have over tanks is their portability and ease of use, particularly if you are using the pre-filled versions. Tanks, on the other hand, allow you to go longer between refills and the rebuildable models allow you to use a lower or higher resistance coil instead of the standard 2.4Ohm version that comes supplied. Rebuildable tanks also save you money, as you only need to replace the wick and coil, which can be purchased as a single item. Your tank will still degrade over time as it is a consumable item and the seals do break down with use, however this is still considerably cheaper than purchasing non-rebuildable tanks.

The resistance of the coil will help to determine your e-cig's vapour production and throat hit, as well as how well flavour comes through. A low resistance coil (1.8Ohm in the case of our Crystal Tanks), will produce more vapour and throat hit, though there may be an effect on flavour. A high resistance coil (2.8Ohm in the case of the same Crystal Tanks), will generate less vapour and throat hit, but this does allows flavour to come through more cleanly.

It's best to think of the coil like the filament in a lightbulb, the power delivered by the battery causes it to heat up in just the same way. The resistance of the coil determines how much it will heat up, and as a result, how much vapour will be produced.

If you require further information regarding tanks, see our tanks product support page.

What's the difference between a prefilled cart and a blank cart and a tank? What is eliquid? Help!

Many customers choose to start off using pre-filled carts, due to their simplicity. These are available already filled with a range of our eliquids flavours and can easily be screwed on to your battery for ease of use.

We also offer a range of unfilled (also known as blank) carts which allow the user to fill the cart with their own choice of eliquids. This is great for those who want to mix flavours, or strengths to fine tune the hit that they desire from their e-cigarette. All of our cartomisers can be refilled around 10 times, which is much more cost-effective than using pre-filled carts long-term.

Eliquid is the fluid that is vaped using your e-cigarette. It contains a mixture of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and nicotine, as well as flavouring. We offer a wide variety of flavours to suit every taste, from our tobacco range right through to menthol and our fruity flavours such as Apple, Watermelon or Strawberry Chew. Eliquid is available in a range of strengths so you can select which is right for you.

For instructional videos, visit our JAC Vapour YouTube Channel - we have an instructional video that shows you how to fill your cartomisers with eliquid and many more.

What's the difference between PG and VG eliquids?

While all of our eliquids will contain a mix of both of these ingredients, you can select one that is made up mainly of PG, or one that is primarily VG. We use an 80:20 ratio in both our PG and VG Standard Eliquid Range and a 70:30 ratio in both our VG and PG UK Made Range.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is the ingredient that is found in almost all eliquids and usually is present in the largest quantity. PG is very effective at carrying flavour and producing throat hit, meaning the eliquid produces a satisfying vape.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) on the other hand, is far better at producing vapour which is essential for accurately simulating the act of smoking a tobacco cigarette. VG is much thicker and sweeter than PG which makes it a little more difficult to work with and not as great for conducting flavours.

We use a mix of the two in order to get the best of both worlds and would recommend using a PG eliquid normally. Some users, however, may have an intolerance or an allergy to PG, meaning that they should try a VG eliquid instead.

In the case of severe allergy, we would recommend seeking out a PG-free eliquid online (this isn’t something that we offer at present but you can find other reputable suppliers through a google search).

Which strength of eliquid or cart I need?

This can sometimes be tricky to get right, but based on customer feedback we generally recommend starting at 18mg if you are used to smoking around 20 cigarettes of normal strength per day. If you normally smoke ‘Light’ cigarettes we would recommend you start on 12mg. You can then fine tune how much you use your e-cigarette and mix the various flavours and milligrams to satisfy your cravings.

We also offer eliquids at 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 24mg. Most of our flavours come in 0mg, a nicotine free version – essentially meaning you will be puffing flavoured vapour!

Our tobacco essence based eliquids (Real Tobacco, Real Tobacco Lite and Smooth Cigar) contain trace nicotine content at their lowest milligram, as due to the nature of these products it is impossible to completely remove the nicotine from these eliquids.

There are so many batteries to choose from... I'm confused

Not to worry. For new users, the sheer variety on offer can be a little overwhelming, but we've broken down all of the various things you need to know to choose the best fit for you.


  • Our most popular range. These are similar in style and size to a traditional cigarette and work with our 35mm, 50mm cartomisers and V3i Mini Tanks.
  • *Note that these use a KR-808 connection and are not compatible with our JAC 510 range.


  • Our larger range. These offer a longer life between charges, better efficiency and work with all of our cartomisers, mega-carts and tanks.
  • *Note that these use a KR-808 connection and are not compatible with our JAC 510 range.

JAC 510

  • This range is similar to our Vgo2 range, however comes with a 510 connection and an Ego thread. The 510 connection is used more widely, allowing you to purchase the same JAC quality with greater flexibilty.
  • *Note that these use a 510 connection and are not compatible with our Vgo2 or V3i ranges.


  • Available on both our V3i and Vgo2 models. Automatic batteries work in exactly the way you would expect. Simply attach your cart or tank to the battery and draw as you would a traditional cigarette. The switch in the battery activates automatically in response to a change in the air pressure when you inhale. These are the easiest batteries to use and are great for new users.


  • Available on our V3i, Vgo2 and JAC 510 models. Manual batteries operate slightly differently to their automatic counterparts. Once your cart or tank is attached to the battery, the user presses and holds a button for the duration of the inhale. These are slightly more advanced, but are very easy to get used to. They offer greater power and a slightly increased battery life between charges.

Variable Voltage

  • Only available on selected Vgo2 and JAC 510 models. With our Variable Voltage models, you have much more control over the amount of power (3.3v – 4.8v) that is passed across the coil in the atomiser. Simply put, the more power that is passed across the coil, the hotter it gets and the more vapour is produced.
  • You will also notice an increased throat hit, however running the battery at higher settings can cause a change to the flavour of the eliquid you are using (often noticeable as a burnt note). Many users are happy with this, but it is something for new users to be aware of.

Where can i find more help

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