Zero Nicotine / 0mg e-liquids

Is your goal to take in no nicotine while you vape? Luck you, all our best-selling flavours are available in nicotine-free. Our Zero mg e-liquids lose none of the superior flavour profiles that are synonymous with JAC, all made in the UK, we’re convinced you’ll love these as much as our nicotine ranges.

2 Product(s)

2 Product(s)

If you’ve managed to kick the nicotine habit, firstly, well done. Breaking the habit of using your e-cigarette altogether can be the hard part, so we offer a selection of our popular UK-made e-liquids in a 0mg selection so you can enjoy the flavours and the hit that you love, without the nicotine.

Even if you’re not ready to drop nicotine altogether, 0mg vape liquid is a great tool to help you get there. Just add a little 0mg to your current strength of e-liquid to lower the overall nicotine content, and you’ll find it so much easier to drop to lower and lower strengths!

Our range of nicotine-free e-liquids is always expanding so be sure to check back regularly to discover the latest flavours. If you can’t find your preferred flavour/PG/VG combination just yet, our picNIC DIY e-liquid range offers 0mg bases, giving you almost unlimited nicotine-free choices, with 33 flavours available you can mix them together with the 0mg base liquid to create infinite flavour combinations.