510 eGo & Twist Batteries

These are larger e-cigarette batteries about the width of a cigar. They are referred to as 'Second Generation' and are what most people progress to from the smaller V3i batteries (similar in style to a traditional cigarette).

They vary in length and can be very compact or reach pocket-busting lengths. The larger the battery the greater its capacity (mAh), meaning that it will last longer between charges.

An average vaper will use the equivalent of around 800mAh in a day (so 2 x 400mAh batteries or 1x 900mAh). These batteries come in auto and manual styles and can be used with cartomisers or tanks.

Manual batteries operate slightly differently to their automatic counterparts. Once your cart or tank is attached to the battery, the user presses and holds a button for the duration of the inhale. These are slightly more advanced, but are very easy to get used to.

Twist batteries operate in a similar fashion to the manual model but also offer the ability to adjust the power output of your battery from 3.3v to 4.8v.

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